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Hill Street Blues Season 6 Episodes

22 Episodes 1985 - 1986

Episode 1

Blues in the Night

Thu, Sep 26, 1985 60 mins

The leader of a radical tenant group threatens to blow up a tenement---with Henry in it; a duty-bound Renko arrests his country-singing idol (Billy Green Bush); Bates is attracted to a married ceramics teacher. Joe Spano, Charles Haid, Bruce Weitz. Bates: Betty Thomas.

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Episode 2

Hacked to Pieces

Thu, Oct 3, 1985 60 mins

Furillo mediates between the strict mayor and his lenient wife after their son (Hilly Hicks) is busted; Garibaldi's bookie (Stuart Margolin) wants a favor; a merchant (Soon-Teck Oh) is targeted for being a racist. Furillo: Daniel J. Travanti. Garibaldi: Ken Olin. Daniels: Jon Cypher. Buntz: Dennis Franz.

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Episode 3

Seoul on Ice

Thu, Oct 17, 1985 60 mins

LaRue and Washington try to get a lead on Garibaldi's attacker; a cancer victim on a cross-country charity run is robbed; the mayor (J.A. Preston) wants Furillo to find and arrest his fugitive son; Buntz thinks he recognizes Howard's new woman friend (Lee Garlington). McDonague: Greg Mullavey. LaRue: Kiel Martin.

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Episode 4

In the Belly of the Bus

Thu, Oct 24, 1985 60 mins

Furillo's commission lucks upon a star witness, who is granted immunity---a move the commission soon regrets; Belker (Bruce Weitz) gets trapped in the baggage compartment of a bus; Howard considers buying a pedigreed Shar-Pei pup. Russ: Stan Shaw. Bernstein: George Wyner. Howard: James B. Sikking.

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Episode 5

Somewhere over the Rambo

Thu, Oct 31, 1985 60 mins

The commission's findings all but ask the Chief to resign; a cop (Frank McCarthy) kills a black student in a questionable shooting; a crazed man (Martin Ferrero) dressed up like Rambo stalks the Hill while preaching about MIAs. Chief: Jon Cypher. Jonelle: Tyra Ferrell.

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Episode 6

Oh, You Kid

Thu, Nov 7, 1985 60 mins

Washington tries to adjust to domesticity with a friend and her son; Buntz may face a brutality lawsuit; Belker is the bait for preppies who have been killing bums; an artist (Felton Perry) threatens to throw himself off his unappreciated "work of art." Belker: Bruce Weitz.

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Episode 7

An Oy for an Oy

Thu, Nov 14, 1985 60 mins

Jablonski uses his own money to front a sting operation---and loses it; Hill and Renko care for a vagrant (Jeffrey Alan Chandler) who's lost on the Hill; Capts. Furillo and Calletano argue over a jurisdictional problem; Belker (Bruce Weitz) seethes when twins make their business rivalry a police problem. Furillo: Daniel J. Travanti.

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Episode 8

Fathers and Huns

Thu, Nov 21, 1985 60 mins

Drug crimes soar when a dealer cuts off heroin to the Hill on the eve of his trial because Furillo won't negotiate a lesser charge; Henry protects a neo-Nazi group on parade; Hill's father (James McEachin) feigns illness to get a loan; a priest (Ray Reinhardt) roughs up a merchant he feels shortchanged a charity. Henry: Joe Spano.

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Episode 9

What Are Friends For?

Thu, Dec 5, 1985 60 mins

A mental patient whom Buntz put away escapes, and has Buntz right where he wants him---with a gun to his head; a former pro-baseball player (James Whitmore Jr.) is busted for drunken driving and cocaine possession; Belker investigates a shelter selling stray dogs to research labs. Steele: Steve Eastin. Robin Tataglia: Lisa Sutton. Buntz: Dennis Franz.

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Episode 10

The Virgin and the Turkey

Thu, Dec 12, 1985 60 mins

Furillo returns home to introduce Joyce to his parents; Buntz makes a turkey of a drug bust; a man (Daniel Faraldo) finds an unusual water stain in his apartment; LaRue promises to deliver a ringer (Mickey Morton) in time for the charity athletics. Mr. Furillo: Richard Bull. Joyce: Veronica Hamel.

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Episode 11

Two Easy Pieces

Thu, Jan 9, 1986 60 mins

A rookie cop (Mykelti Williamson) lands in the hot seat when his partner plants a gun on a pimp the rookie shot; Belker's work may cause him to miss his own wedding; Furillo makes a public appeal for the heart that was stolen in transit to a hospital; Bates runs into Fabian's junkie mother (Beverly Hope Atkinson). Belker: Bruce Weitz.

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Episode 12

Say It as It Plays

Thu, Jan 16, 1986 60 mins

Garfield feels he doesn't stand a chance at the hearing as it's his word against that of a white 27-year veteran; a health-department strike has Hill and Renko working for the city morgue; Belker is caught in the crossfire between rival PCP dealers. Belker: Bruce Weitz. Steger: Sandy Ward.

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Episode 13

Das Blues

Thu, Jan 23, 1986 60 mins

A businessman tries to interest Furillo in a political career; Renko busts his country singing idol (Billy Green Bush) again; LaRue charms a snake lady (Grace Zabriskie); Howard suffers a concussion and hallucinates that he's being held prisoner on a Soviet freighter. Howard: James B. Sikking

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Episode 14

Scales of Justice

Thu, Jan 30, 1986 60 mins

Some Blues are fuming over the smoking ban; Fabian's mother (Beverly Hope Atkinson) offers to sell her son to Bates; the brother of a man who nearly OD'd blows Buntz's drug buy; at his father's funeral, Hill runs into the girl next door, who's grown up. Renee: Fay Hauser. Bates: Betty Thomas. Buntz: Dennis Franz.

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Episode 15

I Want My Hill Street Blues

Thu, Feb 6, 1986 60 mins

Jablonski is annoyed by the people filming a rock video in the squad room; the leader (David Fresco) of an elderly tenants group takes action against a ruthless land developer (Joe Mascolo); Belker poses as a parolee to nab a crooked parole officer (Hal Williams).

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Episode 16

Remembrance of Hits Past

Thu, Feb 13, 1986 60 mins

Furillo is gunned down and, as he fights for his life, Joyce (Veronica Hamel) recalls how she met him. Meanwhile, Daniels (Jon Cypher) suspects Furillo was hit to prevent him from testifying against a Mafia kingpin; the Blues mobilize to find the assailant; a benefit talent show goes on as planned.

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Episode 17

Larry of Arabia

Thu, Feb 27, 1986 60 mins

Buntz makes a boob of himself on a courtroom TV show; LaRue and Renko try to swing a drug buy with evidence money found on a dead courier; an elderly woman (Frances Bay) threatens to blow Belker's cover at a pawnshop. Scherholtz: Michael Pasternak. LaRue: Kiel Martin. Renko: Charles Haid.

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Episode 18

Iced Coffey

Thu, Mar 6, 1986 60 mins

Bates isn't sure she can identify a suspect in the cop killing; Jesus is busted for bribing a judge; Howard nabs an unlikely culprit in a string of station-house thefts. Jesus: Trinidad Silva. Howard: James B. Sikking. Chick Turner: Jeff Doucette.

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Episode 19

Jagga the Hunk

Thu, Mar 13, 1986 60 mins

LaRue and Washington arrest Jesus after overhearing Joyce tell Frank his hiding place; Buntz agrees to do a favor for an ex-partner (David Crowley); a man (Manu Tupou) claims to be married to Howard's friend Prunella; Henry is pressured to sell his rental property. LaRue: Kiel Martin. Jesus: Trinidad Silva. Henry: Joe Spano.

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Episode 20

Look Homeward Ninja

Thu, Mar 20, 1986 60 mins

Bates' new partner is accused of sexual harassment by a prostitute she arrested; Buntz suspects his ex-partner (David Crowley) murdered a cop from his own precinct; a young cop's attempt at reverse psychology on a suicide attempt backfires. Lipsky: Christopher Noth. Buntz: Dennis Franz. Bates: Betty Thomas.

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Episode 21

Slum Enchanted Evening

Thu, Mar 27, 1986 60 mins

Buntz's killing of the Heights cop could affect Furillo's mayoral candidacy; a slum lord (H. Richard Greene) is sentenced to live in one of his buildings; Belker comforts a friend (Charles Levin) dying of AIDS. Judge Wachtel: Jeffrey Tambor. Belker: Bruce Weitz. Buntz: Dennis Franz.

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Episode 22

Come and Get It

Thu, Apr 3, 1986 60 mins

The station becomes a circus after locals help arrest a killer (Paul McCrane); a famous lawyer (Jordan Charney) claims the suspect's father retained him; the Chief promises the moon to one of the captors. Chief Daniels: Jon Cypher. Robin: Lisa Sutton. Joyce: Veronica Hamel. Belker: Bruce Weitz.

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