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Hill Street Blues Season 4 Episodes

22 Episodes 1983 - 1984

Episode 1

Here's Adventure, Here's Romance

Thu, Oct 13, 1983 60 mins

Furillo has two brutal mass murders on his hands and an eyewitness who's unwilling to testify; Coffey and Bates collar a horse thief (Martin Ferrero) who thinks he's the Cisco Kid. Daniel J. Travanti, Eugene Butler. Bernstein: George Wyner. Bates: Betty Thomas.

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Episode 2

Ba-Bing, Ba-Bing

Thu, Oct 20, 1983 60 mins

Chief Daniels' opponent in the mayoral race takes up residence in the projects during a gang war; Hill wins $100,000 in a lottery; Belker is suspended for roughing up the deputy police chief. Babette: Dian Gallup. Betty: Denise Gallup. Hill: Michael Warren. Belker: Bruce Weitz. Daniels: Jon Cypher.

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Episode 3

The Long Law of the Arm

Thu, Oct 27, 1983 60 mins

Mayoral candidate Fisk is taken hostage by Hector; Hill has problems dealing with his instant wealth and popularity; Joyce defends an immigrant accused of murder. Michael Warren, Veronica Hamel. Fisk: George Coe. Daniels: Jon Cypher.

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Episode 4

Death by Kiki

Thu, Nov 3, 1983 60 mins

Daniels' opponent "drops out" of the mayoral race; Furillo makes a deal with Daniels (Jon Cypher) to call off Assistant Police Chief Mahoney (Ron Parady); Fay gives birth to a daughter. Fisk: George Coe. Furillo: Daniel J. Travanti. Hill: Michael Warren. Fay: Barbara Bosson.

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Episode 5

Doris in Wonderland

Thu, Nov 10, 1983 60 mins

A black precinct captain declares his candidacy for mayor, dividing political loyalties on the Hill; Perez (Tony Perez) shoots a child holding a toy gun; Bates (Betty Thomas) is injured by a man on PCP. Robson: Alfre Woodard. Murray: Milton Selzer.

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Episode 6

Praise Dilaudid

Thu, Nov 17, 1983 60 mins

Ozzie Cleveland and Chief Daniels square off in a televised debate; a drug bust at Murray's Wonderland results in a shoot-out; Henry negotiates with a strung-out addict (Michael Horton). Joe Spano, Veronica Hamel. Horton: Sam Groom.

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Episode 7

Goodbye, Mr. Scripps

Thu, Nov 24, 1983 60 mins

On election day, Chief Daniels suggests that his election could benefit Furillo; a vengeful Mahoney (Ron Parady) vows to ruin the Chief. Scripps: Kenneth Tigar. Wachtel: Jeffrey Tambor. Ozzie Cleveland: J.A. Preston. Furillo: Daniel J. Travanti.

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Episode 8

Midway to What?

Thu, Dec 1, 1983 60 mins

Suspecting that cops are on the take, Furillo orders a raid on a bookie joint; Belker (Bruce Weitz) befriends a bitter man (Gary Frank) in a wheelchair; Hill is unsure about representing the precinct in a boxing match. Shields: Guy Boyd. Lubov: Michael Durrell. Furillo: Daniel J. Travanti.

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Episode 9

Honk if You're a Goose

Thu, Dec 8, 1983 60 mins

Seltzer the bookie wants to cut a deal, claiming he has proof of widespread corruption; Bates and Coffey (Ed Marinaro, Betty Thomas) take on a vicious goose; Belker goes after a thief who preys on automatic-teller patrons. Gaffney: Gary Frank. Shields: Guy Boyd. Belker: Bruce Weitz.

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Episode 10

The Russians Are Coming

Thu, Dec 15, 1983 60 mins

Howard gives Soviets a tour of the precinct; Belker poses as an ambulance attendant; LaRue's brother-in-law (Louis Giambalvo) is busted for soliciting. James B. Sikking, Bruce Weitz. Tcherchenko: Allan Kolman. Nichols: Lynne Moody. LaRue: Kiel Martin.

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Episode 11

Ratman and Bobbin

Thu, Jan 12, 1984 60 mins

The Chief approves Furillo's plan to investigate corruption in the new mayor's former precinct; a cop killer is on the loose; the precinct hires an exterminator; Henry is sensitive about his relationship with Fay (Barbara Bosson). Marino: Vincent Baggetta. Daryl Ann: Debi Richter. Furillo: Daniel J. Travanti.

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Episode 12

Nichols from Heaven

Thu, Jan 19, 1984 60 mins

A suspect in the cop killings emerges after one of the shootings hits home for the officers on the Hill; Orsini (Joe Pantoliano) reluctantly consents to set up Marino (Vincent Baggetta); Joyce urges a battered wife to press charges. Daniel J. Travanti, Veronica Hamel.

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Episode 13

Fuchs Me? Fuchs You!

Thu, Jan 26, 1984 60 mins

Marino is arrested and paints an ugly picture of an out-of-control precinct for Capt. Jerry Fuchs (Vincent Lucchesi); the real cop killer strikes again and wants to turn himself in. Daniel J. Travanti, Betty Thomas, Ed Marinaro, Michael Warren.

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Episode 14

Grace Under Pressure

Thu, Feb 2, 1984 60 mins

Furillo breaks the news of Phil's death; Coffey's girlfriend (Linda Hamilton) is raped; a hijacker is terrorizing local truckers; Leo (Robert Hirschfeld) gets bad news; Fay is arrested for soliciting. Grace: Barbara Babcock. Peyser: Barry Tubb. Jesus: Trinidad Silva. Furillo: Daniel J. Travanti.

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Episode 15

The Other Side of Oneness

Thu, Feb 9, 1984 60 mins

Henry takes interest in the prostitute involved in the killing of the state assemblyman, while the Chief is concerned about videotapes made of her "sessions." Jon Cypher, Joe Spano.

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Episode 16

Parting Is Such Sweep Sorrow

Thu, Feb 16, 1984 60 mins

The station is overrun with prisoners when Judge Cruz declares a jail overcrowded; a nervous Sgt. Bates (Betty Thomas) assumes roll-call duties; Furillo executes Phil's final request. Furillo: Daniel J. Travanti.

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Episode 17

The End of Logan's Run

Thu, Mar 1, 1984 60 mins

Furillo's comments on the drug crackdown land him in hot water; a man (Scatman Crothers) is threatened by the brother (Fritz Turner) of a homicide suspect he identified; Howard (James B. Sikking) takes a romantic interest in Bates. Bates: Betty Thomas.

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Episode 18

The Count of Monty Tasco

Thu, Mar 8, 1984 60 mins

Furillo is in a sullen mood after a press conference to retract his statements about the drug crackdown; Daryl Ann (Debi Richter) has surprising news for Renko (Charles Haid). Daniel J. Travanti, Veronica Hamel.

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Episode 19

Nutcracker Suite

Thu, Mar 15, 1984 60 mins

Henry puts a tail on the man who threatened Joyce; Furillo is tempted to take a drink; Ray (Rene Enriquez) goes to bat for Furillo by playing hardball with the "Big Cheese"; Stop'n Cop finally yields a big bust but at a high price. Furillo: Daniel J. Travanti.

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Episode 20

Hair Apparent

Thu, May 3, 1984 60 mins

Belker's undercover operation is nearly blown by another agency; the mayor's appointee (Randy Brooks) to the Youth Corps comes under fire for giving jobs only to friends. Belker: Bruce Weitz. Brandon: Michael Alldredge.

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Episode 21

Lucky Ducks

Thu, May 10, 1984 60 mins

The gang violence erupts into a bloody war; Peabody (Randy Brooks) goes to the loan shark Franco to finance a drug deal; Joyce tells Frank she needs some time alone; Ray (Rene Enriquez) competes on a game show. Daniel J. Travanti, Charles Haid. Joyce: Veronica Hamel.

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Episode 22

Eva's Brawn

Thu, May 17, 1984 60 mins

The loan sharks Belker busted commandeer a jail bus and want to exchange their hostages for Belker; Renko (Charles Haid) has second thoughts about his impending nuptials; Henry tries a video-dating service. Henry: Joe Spano.

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