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Hill Street Blues Season 5 Episodes

23 Episodes 1984 - 1985

Episode 1

Mayo, Hold the Pickle

Thu, Sep 27, 1984 60 mins

Sgt. Stan Jablonski brings a colorful past to his position as roll-call sergeant; a new detective (Mimi Kuzyk) takes an interest in Furillo; Joyce (Veronica Hamel) seeks a last-minute stay for a death-row inmate. Garibaldi: Ken Olin. Furillo: Daniel J. Travanti.

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Episode 2

Watt a Way to Go

Thu, Oct 4, 1984 60 mins

Henry takes the law into his own hands after his ex-wife (Rosanna Huffman) is assaulted and won't file a complaint; Ray (Rene Enriquez) volunteers for a dangerous assignment to prove he's still a vital cop. Sarah: Jill Eikenberry. Dave: Michael Tucker. Henry: Joe Spano.

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Episode 3

Rookie Nookie

Thu, Oct 18, 1984 60 mins

An office clerk barricades herself in the men's room; Bates and Coffey are assigned to ride with rookies; Belker's latest undercover assignment puts him in a bird costume. Belker: Bruce Weitz. Coffey: Ed Marinaro. Bates: Betty Thomas.

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Episode 4

Fowl Play

Thu, Oct 25, 1984 60 mins

The rookie victimized at the hazing party takes a drastic step; LaRue (Kiel Martin) admits he was with a woman the night her husband was murdered; Renko and Hill are followed by a TV news team. Buttman: Michael Biehn. Hill: Michael Warren. Renko: Charles Haid.

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Episode 5

Bangladesh Slowly

Thu, Nov 1, 1984 60 mins

Washington resigns over the firing of the rookie cop he encouraged to provide information against Buttman; LaRue is investigated for his personal connection with the intruder he shot; Hill and Renko confront a weighty problem. Caroline: Kristen Meadows. Hill: Michael Warren.

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Episode 6

Ewe and Me, Babe

Thu, Nov 8, 1984 60 mins

A drug war develops when Colombians dealing bad dope set up shop on the Hill; Chief Daniels (Jon Cypher) pressures Furillo to find the murderer of a popular community leader; Jesus (Trinidad Silva) resurfaces with a new surname and a new career---as a paralegal. Furillo: Daniel J. Travanti.

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Episode 7

Blues for Mr. Green

Thu, Nov 15, 1984 60 mins

Hill sweats out a tax audit; after wangling six airline tickets, LaRue (Kiel Martin) invites his fellow officers on a junket to Las Vegas at a modest profit for himself; Bates wants to take home a street urchin (Zero Hubbard). Bates: Betty Thomas. Floyd Green: Forest Whitaker.

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Episode 8

Fuched Again

Thu, Nov 22, 1984 60 mins

Furillo worries about the mayor's safety during the dedication of a project; in Las Vegas, Belker (Bruce Weitz) wins a jackpot and loses a prisoner; Hill and Renko dispense some street justice with tragic results. Biff Low: Paul Gleason. Bitar: Saul Rubinek. Furillo: Daniel J. Travanti.

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Episode 9

Low Blow

Thu, Nov 29, 1984 60 mins

Furillo pressures one of the conspirators to wear a wire when he meets with his associates; LaRue's bad check strands the gamblers in Las Vegas while Furillo impatiently awaits their return; Jablonski (Robert Prosky) confronts his obscene caller. Renko: Charles Haid. Furillo: Daniel J. Travanti.

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Episode 10

The Rise and Fall of Paul the Wall

Thu, Dec 6, 1984 60 mins

A councilman's mother (Fran Ryan) kills a burglar, but evidence suggests she may have set a trap for the victim; Belker is beaten and humiliated by street bums; a deranged man (Paul Lieber) sets his wife on fire. Jablonski: Robert Prosky.

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Episode 11

Last Chance Salon

Thu, Dec 13, 1984 60 mins

Cutbacks force Furillo to ask his officers to volunteer their time to prevent a gang war; Belker's preoccupation over his breakup with Robin (Lisa Sutton) affects his performance on the job. Furillo: Daniel J. Travanti. Belker: Bruce Weitz.

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Episode 12

Intestinale Fortitude

Thu, Jan 10, 1985 60 mins

A suspect arrested for assaulting elderly women is released because his rights were not read to him in Spanish; Belker, Washington and LaRue go undercover as garbagemen; the Blues elect a new union representative. LaRue: Kiel Martin.

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Episode 13

Of Human Garbage

Thu, Jan 17, 1985 60 mins

The Chief honors Perez for heroism during a fire that a junkie claims Perez paid him to set; Mayo investigates a dentist (Sandy McPeak) Fay claims groped her; Joyce makes a decision on Bernstein's job offer. Mayo: Mimi Kuzyk. Joyce: Veronica Hamel.

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Episode 14

Dr. Hoof and Mouth

Thu, Jan 24, 1985 60 mins

The Blues put the clamps on the dentist with the kinky technique; a man who lost his family in a hit-and-run accident identifies a suspect and then recants; Bates considers a custody fight for Fabian (Zero Hubbard). Bates: Betty Thomas.

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Episode 15

Davenport in a Storm

Thu, Jan 31, 1985 60 mins

Joyce's first case as assistant DA is a weak one against three boys who attacked and disabled a youth (Derrick Brice) with a promising athletic career; Belker (Bruce Weitz) tangles with a pro wrestler (Jerry Porter). Joyce: Veronica Hamel.

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Episode 16

Washington Deceased

Thu, Feb 7, 1985 60 mins

The Chief and Mayo have an ugly public scene; the search intensifies for the maniac who's dismembering prostitutes; LaRue (Kiel Martin) pulls a practical joke with potentially tragic consequences. Taber: Dana Elcar.

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Episode 17

Passage to Libya

Thu, Feb 14, 1985 60 mins

Fay pushes a mother to press robbery charges against the man she lives with; Gina Sgrignoli (Jennifer Tilly) agrees to help nail DiPiano if the Justice Department will release part of her husband's estate. Fay: Barbara Bosson. DiPiano: Charles Tyner. Belker: Bruce Weitz.

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Episode 18

El Capitan

Thu, Feb 21, 1985 60 mins

Furillo attends a retreat where the verbal exchanges become heated and personal; Howard (James B. Sikking) negotiates a hostage situation with the man (Michael MacRae) who stole his RV; Henry is all smiles after his encounter with Gina (Jennifer Tilly). Henry: Joe Spano. Furillo: Daniel J. Travanti.

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Episode 19

The Life and Times of Domenic Florio, Jr.

Thu, Mar 21, 1985 60 mins

During a protest at an abortion clinic, a pro-life activist accidentally injures a pregnant woman (Patricia Wettig)---who gives birth prematurely; LaRue ponders an offer to act in a porno flick. LaRue: Kiel Martin. Jablonski: Robert Prosky.

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Episode 20


Thu, Mar 28, 1985 60 mins

Joyce upsets a plea bargain---and her superiors---by trying to prove a defendant was framed; Coffey and Bates must make a derelict presentable to testify in court; rumors of Renko's cowardice may destroy his partnership with Hill. Renko: Charles Haid. Goff: Jeffrey DeMunn. Bates: Betty Thomas. Hill: Michael Warren.

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Episode 21

Queen for a Day

Thu, Apr 11, 1985 60 mins

Posing as a prostitute, Coffey is propositioned by his old coach (James Tolkan); Renko (Charles Haid) is teamed with Belker for undercover work; Furillo buys Joyce an expensive gift for their anniversary, which he almost forgot. Daniel J. Travanti, Bruce Weitz. Coffey: Ed Marinaro.

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Episode 22

You're in Alice's

Thu, May 9, 1985 60 mins

A drug urinalysis makes Garibaldi, Washington and Coffey nervous; Henry (Joe Spano) harasses the Midtown detectives investigating Gina's murder; a rusty Jablonski hits the streets with Coffey. Jablonski: Robert Prosky. Dugan: Stephen Macht. Coffey: Ed Marinaro.

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Episode 23

Grin and Bear It

Thu, May 16, 1985 60 mins

Dugan pumps Mayo for information on a bust that could net his former partners from Midtown; results from the departmentwide urinalysis are in and Furillo tested positive for alcohol; Ray moves up to No. 2 on the list for promotion to captain. Mayo: Mimi Kuzyk. Ray: Rene Enriquez.

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