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Check out These Romantic Lego Flower Sets Ahead of Valentine's Day

Nothing says "I love you" like Lego's impressively detailed faux-floral arrangements

Phil Owen

If you're looking for a gift for your crush or your significant other this Valentine's Day and don't want to do the usual flowers and candy, we've got a really interesting alternative: Lego flowers! That's right, Lego actually has kind of a lot of these buildable floral arrangements that can help you put a new spin on an old classic during this year's romance season. Any of the sets shown below would make for a great gift for the Lego lover in your life--and you can build these eye-catching arrangements together!

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What's cool about these Lego sets is you can combine several different small flower sets to create a big bouquet with some variety to it — or you can just get a single big set that covers everything you're looking for. It's nice to have options.

Lego Icons Bouquet of Roses


This bouquet includes 12 roses with long stems in varying stages of bloom as well as four sprigs of baby's breath mixed in. This 822-piece set will help you win the heart of any Lego fan.

Lego Roses


This 120-piece set will build two roses with adjustable stems, and since it's very low-cost for a Lego set, you can buy a few more without breaking the bank if you want to build a bouquet with different types of flowers.

Lego Lotus Flowers


Get two lotus flowers in full bloom plus another in bud in this 220-piece set. Since it's similarly affordable to the pair of roses, these two sets would be nice choices if you and your partner each want to build some flowers. 

Lego Cherry Blossoms


This pair of Cherry Blossom cuttings is another relatively cheap set that goes well with the Lotus Flowers and Roses for a low price. With 430 pieces, this set will keep you occupied for a bit longer than the other low-priced flower sets.

Lego Sunflowers


Another set to consider if you want to build your own bouquet, this 191-piece Lego set includes two large sunflowers that are also pretty great just on their own.

Lego Super Mario Piranha Plant


This plumber-eating plant (540 pieces) may not be the most romantic imagery for Valentine's Day--unless you're shopping for a gamer, that is--but you can't deny its unique charm.

Lego Icons Wildflower Bouquet


This bouquet building kit includes 8 different wildflowers, such as lavender, poppies, daisies, cornflowers and more. It's great for Valentine's Day, but this 939-piece selection of flowers is an excellent home decoration any time of year.

Lego Icons Mixed Flower Bouquet


This is the closest thing we've got to an everything bouquet of Lego flowers. This 756-piece set includes a multi-colored variety of roses, daisies, poppies, asters and more, giving you a unique mix of flowers and colors you won't find in any of the other sets here.

Lego Icons Tiny Plants


If your love language involves a bunch of very small individual plants in very small flower pots, this 758-piece set is the one you should pick up.

Lego Icons Succulents


This 771-piece arrangement includes nine different varieties of succulents for a striking array of color. Each plant has a modular base, meaning you can rearrange them as you please.

Lego Icons Orchid


With flexible stems that you can arrange however you like, this 608-piece Lego Orchid plant is much more customizable than a lot of these other flower sets. 

Lego Valentine's Lovebirds


Not a plant, exactly, but if all these fake buildable flowers are still too much of a cliche for you, this pair of lovebirds could be a better option.

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