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The Masked Singer's Kitty Wasn't Purr-Fect Enough to Stick Around

She's revealed to be the reality star we predicted!

Malcolm Venable

Fresh off the news of its renewal, The Masked Singer came back Wednesday on some '90s Diddy vibes (can't stop, won't stop!) with its quarterfinals episode. This prerecorded episode showed fashion plate Nick Cannon recycling one of this season's more subdued looks -- a very flattering, simple tuxedo paired with, obviously, some sparkly shoes -- and we're starting to miss the more flamboyant Nick. Here's hoping he gets his rhinestone gun out of storage for the finale! As for the competition itself, the herd thinned out a little bit more as Kitty was "whiskered" away. Here's how it all happened, and the latest clues.

Frog has done rap songs throughout most of the competition, but his rendition of "Bust a Move" by Young MC showed that rapping is just as hard as singing; he had admirable breath control, stamina and verve. And don't forget those dance moves! Frog is not here to play around.
This week's clues: We saw Frog calling "little Frog" on his car phone -- a person we assume to be a kid. He said that the kid helped him straighten his life out, as he was moving too fast in life, and we saw him hop over some French bread and then some hay. He recreated scenes from Footloose and then said "Everybody cut!" a few times. His last clue was a model airplane -- a private jet -- which seemed very much like a reference to this. See some previous clues here.
The guesses: Jenny McCarthy thought it was Anthony Mackie. Ken Jeong said Derek Hough. Guest judge and comedian Jeff Dye said Sir Mix-a-lot, while voice of reason Robin Thicke said the name we're pretty sure it is too.

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This one had the boldness to take on "Back to Black" by the legendary Amy Winehouse. It wasn't fantastic, but it wasn't a cat-astrophe either. As Jenny noted, she's comfortable on stage.
This week's clues: We saw her in a hot air balloon, cruising over what looked like Moscow, Japan, and Niagara Falls. She mentioned being somewhere over the rainbow. Her last clue was a bow and arrow. Check out some other clues here.
The guesses: Jenny guessed Lea Michele. Nicole Scherzinger said Vanessa Hudgens. We're still convinced that it's her.

Putting a seductive spin on "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" by The Righteous Brothers, Rhino sounded confident and in the zone. That country twang came through too.
This week's clues: Rhino talked again about his wife, who helped him through major professional and personal hurdles. We saw a sign that read "Hill Ahead" with the numbers 15 and 30 on it. A sign showed three kids. We saw ballerina slippers. We also saw a turkey hand drawing, like the kind kids make in school. His last clue was a Navy hat, which he said holds special meaning. Check out some other clues here.
he guesses: NicoleJenny guessed Jason Aldean, cause he has a kid named Navy. Jeff Dye said Trace Adkins. Ken guessed David James Elliott of the show JAG.Jenny guessed Jason Aldean, cause he has a kid named Navy. Jeff Dye said Trace Adkins. Ken guessed David James Elliott of the show JAG.

Night Angel
She turned "Last Dance" from Donna Summer into a showstopper that would make the late disco diva proud.
This week's clues: We saw a map of Colombia. We saw a stack of letters including one that read "Say Baby, I Love You" -- a lyric from a Destiny's Child song. She said we haven't always known her from music, and saw a red light (a possible reference to the TLC song "Red Light Special"). She said she's from the South, again. Inside her box was a ski mask and snow boots, which she said would help judges get warmer since they were so cold.
The guesses: Ken said T-Boz of TLC. Nicole guessed T.I.'s wife Tiny, from Xscape. Jeff Dye said Alicia Keys and they're all wrong because we know who this is!

Singing Coldplay's Fix You," Turtle sounded absolutely gorgeous and haunting.
This week's clues: Being Turtle makes him feel like a superhero, he said. We saw him with a wrench over a Jeep. We saw a wanted poster with a $1,999 reward, and a green mop. He looked like he was driving towards a wedding. We saw guys tied up, and some poker chips. His last clue was a creepy dead body/zombie inside a crate.
The guesses: Jeff Dye said Norman Reedus because of the zombie/walker connection. Ken said Howie D of Backstreet Boys while Nicole said Jesse McCartney, the only sensible guess at this point!

In the end, it was Kitty who couldn't claw her way to a spot in the finals. The mask came off, and it was Jackie Evancho, just as we thought!

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The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays 8/7c on Fox.