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The Masked Singer Season 3: Why We're Sure Kitty Is This Former Reality Competition Contestant

We're "feline" confident about this one

Malcolm Venable

One of the hardest cases to crack on The Masked SingerSeason 3, Kitty is quite the conundrum.

She's strong enough to be an actual, real-deal singer, and yet, several clues throughout her time on the season have pointed to her being an actress. Of course, plenty of people are both, and as the weeks have rolled on it's seemed increasingly possible that this purring pussycat has feet in both worlds. Who could she be? Let's dig into all the "pawsabilities" from the clues.

Kitty has multi-colored eyes, which has led people to think she's Mila Kunis. But Kitty's first song out of the gate was Ariana Grande's "Dangerous Woman," and Grande just happens to be friends with actress-singer Elizabeth Gillies. Her second week performance kept the theory it's Gillies alive, and when she brought out Tree in Episode 10, many saw that as a gesture to recording "Santa Baby" on Ariana Grande's album Christmas Kisses. More than likely though, this is classical pop performer Jackie Evancho.

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Kitty's clues have been hard to milk for answers, but some sleuthing makes it purrty clear this is Evancho, who some may remember from her second-place finish on Season 5 of America's Got Talent.

One week, Kitty's clues included opera glasses, and Evancho is an opera singer. We saw a glass rose in a package too -- and that could be a nod towards her performance of "La Vie en Rose" with Jumaane Smith. Another week, Kitty admitted that she's always struggled with her self-image, something Evancho has been vocal about. The cameo with Tree mentioned above could be a reference to her several Christmas albums, and Kitty's mention that she got her first role with an assist from Robert Redford sure does look like it's a reference to The Company You Keep, the movie she starred in with the film icon.

Lastly, Kitty once gave Robin Thicke a bracelet that read "Fireworks" after a performance, with her mentioning that they'd met before: Evancho and Thicke both performed at The Grove Tree Lighting & Fireworks event in 2011, a sure sign that Evancho is indeed the fabulous feline in question.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox.

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