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A '90s girl group reunites to recapture the glory days in this buoyant Tina Fey-produced sitcom. Bring your glitter eyeshadow.
2020 · Music, Comedy

The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness

Did the Son of Sam really act alone? Check out this docuseries that attempts to find out, and then sleep with the lights on.
2021 · Documentary

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

May the force be with this new animated series about an elite group of clones with a particular set of skills.
2021 · Action & Adventure


The groundbreaking drama is back for one last legendary run.
2018 · Drama

Grey's Anatomy

Some of you weren't born when this show started.
2005 · Drama

Legends of Tomorrow

The Legends track down time-traveling aliens and test the theory that in space, no one can hear you scream.
2016 · Drama, Action & Adventure, Science Fiction


Class is back in session at the Salvatore School.
2018 · Drama, Action & Adventure

The Handmaid's Tale

Who needs escapism when you can have the least escapist show on TV?
2017 · Drama, Science Fiction