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Stargate Atlantis

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Stargate Atlantis
Stargate Atlantis

1:04 Stargate Atlantis


  • 2008 - People's Choice Awards - Favorite Sci-Fi Show - winner
  • 2006 - Emmy - Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Original Dramatic Score) - nominated
  • 2005 - Emmy - Outstanding Main Title Theme Music - nominated

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Mitch Pileggi
Col. Steven Caldwell
Joe Flanigan
Maj. John Sheppard
Torri Higginson
Dr. Elizabeth Weir

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When a series of cargo ships vanish into the open waters of the Bermuda Triangle, a team of determined specialists attempt to uncover the mystery of the planet's most perplexing phenomenon in Storm of the Century and Rose Red director Craig R. Baxley's spooky sci-fi miniseries. Billionaire Eric Benirall's (Sam Neill) ships have gone missing at an alarming rate, and it's high time to find out if there's a human factor behind the strange disappearances. With each surprising revelation the plot surrounding the Bermuda Triangle only seems to deepen, though, and as the bizarre stories about the cursed waters slowly begin adding up to a bigger picture, Benirall and his fearless crew are about to discover that the truth is most certainly always stranger than any work of fiction.
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Steven Spielberg Presents 'Taken'

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Executive-produced by Steven Spielberg, the ten-episode, 20-hour miniseries Taken was one of the most ambitious projects undertaken by cable TV's Sci-Fi Network, ultimately costing 40 million dollars -- a price that proved well worth it, inasmuch as the series posted the network's highest-ever ratings. Covering a period from 1947 to the present, the story focused on three different families, each of whom was profoundly affected by extraterrestrial visitation. The Keys family was headed by WWII bomber pilot Russell Keys (Steve Burton), who spent virtually his entire adult life haunted by his "close encounter" with aliens. The Clarkes were originally represented by lonely Texas waitress Sally Clarke (Catherine Dent), who was impregnated by a charming stranger (Eric Close) who turned out to be an alien survivor of the Roswell crash. And the lives of the Crawfords were dictated by ruthless Army officer Owen Crawford (Joel Gretsch), who was determined to prove that the government had covered up the truth about Roswell by dedicating his life to tracking down all space aliens and their half-human descendants. The story was narrated by Allie Keys (Dakota Fanning), a "hybrid" child of the present day, whose story determined the outcome of the final episodes. Boasting impressive computer-generated special effects and eye-popping facial makeup, Taken was seen over a two-week period, beginning December 2, 2002, and ending on December 13.
2002 TVPG Drama, Other, Science Fiction

Channel Zero: No-End House

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The story of a young woman whose life is forever changed after she visits a bizarre house of horrors that consists of a series of increasingly disturbing rooms.
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