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Scrubs Season 5 Episodes

24 Episodes 2006 - 2006

"Scrubs" hits its 100th episode milestone in a fifth season that brings about significant changes for the Sacred Heart gang. J.D. (Zach Braff) tries to adapt to a new living situation and dabbles with the idea of home ownership. He also dates Julie Quinn (guest star Mandy Moore) after being set up by a patient. Turk (Donald Faison) and Carla (Judy Reyes) try to have a baby, and Elliot (Sarah Chalke) enters a relationship with the lovable-but-dull intern Keith Dudemesiter (Travis Schuldt).

Episode 1

My Intern's Eyes

Tue, Jan 3, 2006 30 mins

Sacred Heart is seen through the eyes of a new intern, who's trying to muster the courage to speak up. Meanwhile, J.D. survives his first day as an attending physician and moves back in with Turk, but without Carla knowing it; and Elliot has difficulty adjusting to life at County Hospital.

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Episode 2

My Rite of Passage

Tue, Jan 3, 2006 30 mins

The truth hurts when J.D. comes to the realization that his interns aren't laughing at his jokes because they are funny, but rather because he is their boss. Meanwhile, Elliot gets a rather unflattering nickname from her new colleagues---thanks to Carla; and Dr. Cox lets Jordan fall for a con artist's sob story. Sam: Alexander Chaplin. Charlie: J.P. Manoux. Fellowship Director: Tom Schmid.

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Episode 3

My Day at the Races

Tue, Jan 10, 2006 30 mins

As J.D.'s 30th birthday approaches, he sets out to accomplish one item on his "Things to Do By Thirty" list: complete a triathlon. Meanwhile, Elliot urges Jake (Josh Randall) to open up about his wants and needs, but immediately regrets it when he does; Turk lets Carla believe she's responsible for his decision to perform hypnosis surgery, but he's really doing it to impress Dr. Kelso. Jordan: Christa Miller.

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Episode 4

My Jiggly Ball

Tue, Jan 10, 2006 30 mins

J.D. is given the undesirable job of having to think up some nice words to say about Dr. Kelso at an awards function. The task is made even more difficult by Kelso's seemingly unfair treatment of a deserving patient. Meanwhile, after it becomes public knowledge that Elliot has been working at a free clinic, the gang tries to get her old job back. Keith: Travis Schuldt.

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Episode 5

My New God

Tue, Jan 17, 2006 30 mins

Dr. Cox's born-again sister (Cheryl Hines) tests her brother's faith when she visits for her nephew's baptism. Meanwhile, Turk and Carla try to conceive a child---but Carla's overly technical approach turns off Turk; and J.D. tries to connect with the Janitor by helping him move.

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Episode 6

My Missed Perception

Tue, Jan 17, 2006 30 mins

A seriously ill senior (Michael Learned) decides to drop J.D. as her doctor and switch to Dr. Cox after J.D. wrongly concludes that she's at peace with dying. Elsewhere, Turk and Elliot are at a loss to find any medical reason for a man's chronic pain; and Carla will stop at nothing to get a staff picture, but she receives a less than enthusiastic response from her Sacred Heart colleagues, especially the Janitor. Keith: Travis Schuldt.

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Episode 7

My Way Home

Tue, Jan 24, 2006 30 mins

There are allusions to "The Wizard of Oz" galore when J.D. realizes there's no place like home after he's pulled into work on his day off. Meanwhile, Carla thinks she lacks the courage to have a child; and Elliot doesn't believe she's smart enough to hold an intensive Q&A lecture on endocrinology. Zach Braff directed.

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Episode 8

My Big Bird

Tue, Jan 24, 2006 30 mins

During a morbidity-and-mortality conference to determine who should be held responsible for a patient's death, J.D. and Turk recall leaving Sacred Heart to track down a cured patient (Jason Bateman) who owed J.D. a thank-you. Also, Elliot reveals how she got mixed up with a married man and his vengeful wife; and Carla explains how she organized a lottery pool. Mrs. Wilk: Michael Learned. Millie: Allison Smith.

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Episode 9

My Half-Acre

Tue, Feb 7, 2006 30 mins

Mandy Moore plays someone who has the potential to be J.D.'s perfect love match; Elliot offers J.D. relationship advice and tries to help break his bad habit of ruining romantic moments by uttering really inappropriate things. Elsewhere, Turk lip-synchs in an "air band" made up of Sacred Heart regulars; and Carla encourages Dr. Cox to treat a Jehovah's Witness patient. Jordan: Christa Miller. Ted: Sam Lloyd. Lonnie: Michael Hobert.

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Episode 10

Her Story II

Tue, Feb 7, 2006 30 mins

J.D.'s friends and colleagues meet Julie (Mandy Moore) and absolutely adore her. Therefore, they worry that "commit-a-phobe" J.D. is going to ruin the relationship, especially after he begins saying his thoughts out loud. Meanwhile, Carla is fuming inside over not being pregnant after two months of trying with Turk. Billy Dee Williams. Jordan: Christa Miller. Mrs. Wilk: Michael Learned. Dr. Matthews: Jay Kenneth Johnson.

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Episode 11

My Buddy's Booty

Tue, Feb 28, 2006 30 mins

The Sacred Heart staffers each try different ways to take their minds off the fact that a favorite patient (Michael Learned) has to undergo an extremely risky procedure. While J.D. and Elliot try to get lucky in love, Dr. Cox finds a new drinking buddy in the Janitor, and Carla encourages Turk to fight for a female-friendly hospital gym. Keith: Travis Schuldt.

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Episode 12

My Cabbage

Tue, Feb 28, 2006 30 mins

J.D.'s dislike for and resentment toward intern Keith (Travis Schuldt) increase to the point where J.D. tries to get him dismissed from Sacred Heart, but the plan backfires. Elsewhere, Elliot and Turk misplace their patient's deathbed statement to his children; and the Janitor attempts to keep a pet bird in the hospital without Dr. Kelso knowing it. Mrs. Wilk: Michael Learned. Jason: Shaughn Buchholz.

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Episode 13

My Five Stages

Tue, Mar 7, 2006 30 mins

Grief counseling is offered to Mrs. Wilk (Michael Learned), whose condition has worsened considerably. As she comes to accept her fate with help from a quirky therapist (Dave Foley), J.D. and Dr. Cox---surprisingly---turn to each other for support as they face losing their favorite patient. Elsewhere, Ted and the Janitor team up to give bitter Kelso a taste of his own medicine; and Elliot's relationship with Keith changes.

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Episode 14

My Own Personal Hell

Tue, Mar 14, 2006 30 mins

Dr. Cox is stuck caring for one of Dr. Kelso's old---and rather miserable and demanding---friends; Elliot gets upset with J.D. when he doesn't defend her after she's accused by the other interns of giving preferential treatment to Keith (Travis Schuldt); and Carla resorts to sneaky means to find out if Turk is sterile. Jordan: Christa Miller. Nurse Roberts: Aloma Wright. Lonnie: Michael Hobert.

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Episode 15

My Extra Mile

Tue, Mar 21, 2006 30 mins

J.D. lectures his colleagues, especially Dr. Cox, telling them to "go the extra mile" for their patients, but then he's forced to reconsider his stance when he's asked to shave his head in solidarity with a woman who is going to lose her hair to chemo. Elsewhere, Carla and Turk are having a hard time following their fertility specialist's advice to eliminate stress from their lives. Carol: Mary Kate Schellhardt.

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Episode 16

My Bright Idea

Tue, Mar 28, 2006 30 mins

Turk has some wonderful news for Carla---she's finally pregnant. However, Turk decides to hold off on telling Carla after J.D. persuades him to take advantage of this opportunity to pull off the "world's greatest surprise." But their plan, which involves the entire hospital, runs into a bit of trouble. Jordan: Christa Miller. Nurse Roberts: Aloma Wright. Keith: Travis Schuldt. Gloria: Christina Miles. Stanley: Sabin Rich.

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Episode 17

My Chopped Liver

Tue, Apr 4, 2006 30 mins

Turk is secretly unhappy that J.D. has changed his work schedule so the two of them can spend more time hanging out together; Carla takes heat from her coworkers after she does a favor for Dr. Kelso; and Dr. Cox regrets revealing his nicer side to Keith. Travis Schuldt. Jordan: Christa Miller. Dr. Wen: Charles Chun. Frank: Jeffrey Stubblefield. Marc: Paul Hipp.

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Episode 18

My New Suit

Tue, Apr 11, 2006 30 mins

J.D.'s brother Dan (Tom Cavanagh) pays a surprise visit, during which he's disappointed to learn that Elliot isn't into him like J.D. had suggested. Elsewhere, Turk slips up when he confides to J.D. the top-secret baby names Carla has chosen; and Dr. Kelso sticks Dr. Cox with the highly undesirable job of assisting Ted. Sam Lloyd. Jordan: Christa Miller. Doug: Johnny Kastl. Keith: Travis Schuldt.

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Episode 19

His Story III

Tue, Apr 18, 2006 30 mins

The hospital is seen from the perspective of the Janitor, who's out to prove he can make a difference after getting rid of J.D. for the day. Also, Turk has his "blackness" called into question by Dr. Cox; and Carla tries to keep Elliot from finding out which intern messed up a patient's medicine dosage. Lily Reid: Markie Post. Keith: Travis Schuldt. Lisa: Jordan Zucker. Mr. McNair: Henry LeBlanc.

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Episode 20

My Lunch

Tue, Apr 25, 2006 30 mins

The Sacred Heart staff, under the leadership of Dr. Cox, works to keep three patients who need transplants alive; J.D. runs into Jill Tracy (Nicole Sullivan), someone he finds unbelievably annoying; and Elliot and Carla start to wonder about Todd's sexuality after discovering that he has been lying about his many female conquests. Robert Maschio. Dr. Mickhead: Frank Cameron. Lisa: Jordan Zucker.

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Episode 21

My Fallen Idol

Tue, May 2, 2006 30 mins

Dr. Cox, full of guilt over the deaths of several patients he treated, shows up to work drunk and is forced to take a leave of absence, and everyone but J.D. is quick to rally around Cox in his time of need. Meanwhile, Turk has issues with a surgeon's odd touchy-feely approach to medicine. Todd: Robert Maschio. Jordan: Christa Miller. Keith: Travis Schuldt.

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Episode 22

My Deja Vu My Deja Vu

Tue, May 9, 2006 30 mins

Elliot works to rebuild Dr. Cox's confidence when he returns to Sacred Heart; Turk pays for being insensitive to Carla during her pregnancy; and J.D. has feelings of déjà vu. Todd: Robert Maschio. Nurse Roberts: Aloma Wright. Troy: Joe Rose. Lonnie: Michael Hobert. Mrs. Goldstein: Carole Goldman.

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Episode 23

My Urologist

Tue, May 16, 2006 30 mins

Part 1 of two. J.D. finds himself smitten with Dr. Kim Briggs (Elizabeth Banks), a pretty and personable urologist who has worked at Sacred Heart---undetected by J.D.---for five years. Meanwhile, Elliot considers dumping Keith (Travis Schuldt) and gets an earful about it from an overly emotional Carla. Jordan: Christa Miller. Lisa: Jordan Zucker. Gloria: Christina Miles.

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Episode 24

My Transition

Tue, May 16, 2006 30 mins

Conclusion. A surprise pregnancy is revealed. In other happenings, J.D. looks forward to his first date with his urologist crush (Elizabeth Banks); Dr. Cox and Jordan are brought together by a milestone in their son's life; and Turk and Carla consider possibilities for their baby's name.

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