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Gunsmoke Season 20 Episodes

24 Episodes 1974 - 1975

Episode 1

Matt Dillon Must Die

Mon, Sep 9, 1974 60 mins

Matt is captured by a crazed killer who is planning to avenge his son's death. Abraham: Morgan Woodward. Jacob: Joseph Hindy. Esau: Bill Lucking.

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Episode 2

A Town in Chains

Mon, Sep 16, 1974 60 mins

Brazen bank robbers take over a town for one last heist. Matt: James Arness. Big Thicket: Ramon Bieri. Pryor: Russell Wiggins. Arlene: Gretchen Corbett.

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Episode 3

The Guns of Cibola Blanca

Mon, Sep 23, 1974 60 mins

Doc and a woman are held by outlaws at a desert stronghold. First of two parts. Doc: Milburn Stone. Shindrow: Harold Gould. Lyla: Dorothy Tristan. Coltraine: Richard Anderson.

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Episode 4

The Guns of Cibola Blanca

Mon, Sep 30, 1974 60 mins

Conclusion of a story about outlaws' capture of Doc and a friend (Dorothy Tristan). Matt: James Arness. Shindrow: Harold Gould.

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Episode 5

Thirty a Month and Found

Mon, Oct 7, 1974 60 mins

Three drovers find that the railroad is dooming their way of life. Will: Gene Evans. Quincy: Van Williams. Doak: Nicholas Hammond. Matt: James Arness. Cavanaugh: David Brian.

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Episode 6

The Wiving

Mon, Oct 14, 1974 60 mins

A farmer orders his sons into town to rustle up some brides. Jed: Harry Morgan. Matt: James Arness. Hannah: Fran Ryan. Fran: Karen Grassle. Ike: John Reilly.

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Episode 7

The Iron Men

Mon, Oct 21, 1974 60 mins

Matt undertakes the rehabilitation of an ex-lawman who is completely given to drink. Matt: James Arness. Ryker: John Russell. Kathy: Barbara Colby.

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Episode 8

The Fourth Victim

Mon, Nov 4, 1974 60 mins

A mysterious killer is loose. Matt: James Arness. Doc: Milburn Stone. Potter: Biff McGuire. Price: Leonard Stone.

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Episode 9

The Tarnished Badge

Mon, Nov 11, 1974 60 mins

Matt tangles with a sheriff who rules a town like a feudal despot. Matt: James Arness. Jenny: Pamela McMyler. Barney: Nick Nolte. Gramma: Ruth McDevitt.

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Episode 10

In Performance of Duty

Mon, Nov 18, 1974 60 mins

Members of an outlaw family stay beyond the law by killing all witnesses to their crimes. Matt: James Arness. Judge: Eduard Franz. Emmett: David Huddleston.

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Episode 11

Island in the Desert

Mon, Dec 2, 1974 60 mins

Festus is rescued by a half-loco hermit (Strother Martin). Part 1 of two. Festus: Ken Curtis. Dixon: William C. Watson. Matt: James Arness.

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Episode 12

Island in the Desert

Mon, Dec 9, 1974 60 mins

A half-crazed hermit forces Festus to pack gold across the desert in the conclusion of a story. Festus: Ken Curtis. Dixon: William C. Watson.

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Episode 13

The Colonel

Mon, Dec 16, 1974 60 mins

An ex-Army officer-turned-town drunk faces the impending marriage of his daughter. Carl: Dan Travanty. Matt: James Arness.

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Episode 14

The Squaw

Mon, Jan 6, 1975 60 mins

A fleeing outlaw's survival in the badlands depends on the help of an Indian woman who is unwanted by her tribe. John Saxon. Quanah: Arlene Martel. Matt: James Arness. Charlie Dent: Tom Reese.

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Episode 15


Mon, Jan 13, 1975 60 mins

Festus urges a teenager to leave a scurrilous band of hiders, men who cut skins from dead range cattle. Karp: Ned Beatty. Festus: Ken Curtis. Matt: James Arness. Quincannon: Lee de Broux. Martha: Sierra Bandit.

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Episode 16


Mon, Jan 20, 1975 60 mins

Trailed by bounty hunters, Newly attempts to take a killer to Dodge. Newly: Buck Taylor. Lon: Anthony Caruso. Angus: Jack Rader.

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Episode 17

The Fires of Ignorance

Mon, Jan 27, 1975 60 mins

A teacher defies a student's father in a story about children's right to education. Decory: Allen Garfield. Harker: John Vernon. Tommy: Lance Kerwin. Doc: Milburn Stone. Matt: James Arness.

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Episode 18

The Angry Land

Mon, Feb 3, 1975 60 mins

An orphaned girl is rejected by her only relative. Bessie: Eileen McDonough. Matt: James Arness.

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Episode 19

Brides and Grooms

Mon, Feb 10, 1975 60 mins

Many a hitch upsets a farmer's plans to get his sons married. Jed: Harry Morgan. Hannah: Fran Ryan. Luke: Herman Poppe. Shep: Dennis Redfield. Ike: David Soul. Fran: Amanda McBroom.

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Episode 20

Hard Labor

Mon, Feb 24, 1975 60 mins

An illegally convicted Matt is sentenced to life at hard labor in the judge's silver mine. Flood: John Colicos. Matt: James Arness. Widge: Hal Williams.

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Episode 21

I Have Promises to Keep

Mon, Mar 3, 1975 60 mins

An ailing preacher resolves to build a church for the Comanches despite strong opposition from both whites and Indians. Festus: Ken Curtis. Atkins: Tom Lacy. Dunbar: Ken Swofford.

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Episode 22

The Busters

Mon, Mar 10, 1975 60 mins

A broncobuster vows to show his partner a time he'll remember "two days after he's dead." Harve: Gary Busey. Mitch: John Beck. Zoe: Lynn Benesch. Doc: Milburn Stone. Matt: James Arness.

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Episode 23


Mon, Mar 17, 1975 60 mins

A Basque sheepherder flouts custom by refusing to fight his father to prove his manhood. Alejo: Nehemiah Persoff. Manolo: Robert Urich. Joachim: Mark Shera.

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Episode 24

The Sharecroppers

Mon, Mar 31, 1975 60 mins

In a comedy of errors, Festus lands behind a plow. Av Marie: Susanne Benton. Dibble: Victor French. Abel: Terry Williams. Linder: Jacques Aubuchon.

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