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Gunsmoke Season 16 Episodes

24 Episodes 1970 - 1971

Episode 1


Mon, Sep 14, 1970 60 mins

Marshal Dillon travels to New Mexico to track down a wily killer who specializes in murdering lawmen. Chato: Ricardo Montalban. Dillon: James Arness. Mora: Miriam Colon. Mrs. Cooter: Peggy McKay. Marshal Cooter: William Bryant.

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Episode 2

The Noose

Mon, Sep 21, 1970 60 mins

A stranger arrives to settle an old score. Matt: James Arness. Doc: Milburn Stone. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Festus: Ken Curtis. Garth: Tom Skerritt.

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Episode 3


Mon, Sep 28, 1970 60 mins

Richard Kiley plays a bounty hunter who has struck it rich. His prisoner is the son of a wealthy rancher; his plans involve blackmail. Matt: James Arness. Doc: Milburn Stone. Kitty: Amanda Blake.

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Episode 4

Sam McTavish, M.D.

Mon, Oct 5, 1970 60 mins

Vera Miles plays a doctor who distresses and ultimately charms Doc when she answers his ad for a temporary replacement. Barnaby: Arch Johnson. Ellen: Dee Carroll. Christina: Lisa Gerritsen. Matt: James Arness. Festus: Ken Curtis. Frank: Glenn Redding.

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Episode 5

Gentry's Law

Mon, Oct 12, 1970 60 mins

John Payne plays a land baron who considers his family above the law. Claire Gentry: Louise Latham. Orly Grimes: Shug Fisher. Matt: James Arness. Colt Gentry: Peter Jason. Ben Gentry: Robert Pine. Floyd Babcock: Don Keefer. Leelah Case: Darlene Conley. Buel: John Flinn.

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Episode 6

Snow Train

Mon, Oct 19, 1970 60 mins

Part 1 of two. The Sioux are out to get the white man who sold poison whisky. Sam Wickes: Clifton James. Billy: Gene Evans. Matt: James Arness. Doc: Milburn Stone. Festus: Ken Curtis. Lucas: Ken Lynch. Ada Coleman: Pamela Dunlap. Tibbett: Roy Engel. Little Nose: Richard Lapp. Mae: Doreen Lang.

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Episode 7

Snow Train

Mon, Oct 26, 1970 60 mins

Conclusion. With Indians holding a trainload of passengers hostage, Matt tries to find out who sold them poison whisky. Sam Wickes: Clifton James. Doc: Milburn Stone. Festus: Ken Curtis. Billy: Gene Evans. Lucas: Ken Lynch. Tibbett: Roy Engel. Scott Coleman: Tim Considine. Donna: Loretta Swit.

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Episode 8


Mon, Nov 2, 1970 60 mins

A drama about an outlaw's dying wish to see his daughter. Luke: Morgan Woodward. Doris: Katherine Justice. Austin Keep: Anthony Costello. Moses Reedy: Rex Holman. Matt: James Arness. Doc: Milburn Stone. Bull: Victor Izay. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Festus: Ken Curtis. Newly: Buck Taylor.

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Gunsmoke, Season 16 Episode 8 image

Episode 9

The Gun

Mon, Nov 9, 1970 60 mins

Character actor L.Q. Jones plays an exploiting newspaperman. Gogan: Keven Coughlin. Matt: James Arness. Stella Felton: Patricia Morrow. Vance Jessop: Robert Phillips. Wade Pasco: Sam Melville. Doc: Milburn Stone. Burke: Ted Jordan. Greenwood: Ken Mayer. Ed Jacobi: Stanley Clements.

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Episode 10

The Scavengers

Mon, Nov 16, 1970 60 mins

Yaphet Kotto and Slim Pickens in an episode involving a reward for Indians. Matt: James Arness. Rachel Biggs: Cicely Tyson. Rath: Roy Jenson. Logan: Link Wyler. Doc: Milburn Stone. Festus: Ken Curtis. Newly: Buck Taylor. Sam: Glenn Strange. Kitty: Amanda Blake.

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Episode 11

The Witness

Mon, Nov 23, 1970 60 mins

Harry Morgan and Dack Rambo as a father-son team: the father silences witnesses against his killer son. Matt: James Arness. Arnie Sprague: Tim O'Connors. Jared Sprague: Barry Brown. Edda Sprague: Annette O'Toole. Martha Sprague: June Dayton. Beecher: I. Stanford Jolley. Doc: Milburn Stone.

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Episode 12


Mon, Nov 30, 1970 60 mins

Matt's prisoner faces a lynch mob. McCabe: Dan Kemp. Dobie: Mitch Vogel. Matt: James Arness. Sheriff Shackwood: Jim Davis. Clay White: David Brian. Judge Clairborne: Jon Lormer. J.W. Hicks: Robert Sorrells. Amy: Tani Phelps.

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Episode 13

The Noon Day Devil

Mon, Dec 7, 1970 60 mins

Anthony Zerbe playing a murderer and his brother, a priest trying to save the killer's soul. Quito Vega: Ernest Sarracino. Matt: James Arness. Bones Cunningham: Warren Vanders. Rita: Annette Cardona. Diego: Natividad Vacio. Carlos: Bert Madrid.

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Episode 14

Sergeant Holly

Mon, Dec 14, 1970 60 mins

Forrest Tucker as Sgt. Holly, out to get who stole an Army payroll and framed him for the heist. Willis Jeeter: Albert Salmi. Luke Pinero: Victor Eberg. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Festus: Ken Curtis. Sam: Glenn Strange. Matt: James Arness.

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Episode 15


Mon, Dec 28, 1970 60 mins

Newly runs afoul of the law when he releases a dangerous outlaw to visit his 10-year-old daughter.

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Episode 16

Captain Sligo

Mon, Jan 4, 1971 60 mins

Richard Basehart plays a retired whaler who drops anchor in Kansas and begins a courtship with a widow. Josephine Burney: Salome Jens. Watney: Royal Dano. Matt: James Arness. Tim Burney: Bobby Eilbacher. Leonard: Stacy Harris. Anne Burney: Geri Reischl. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Festus: Ken Curtis. Tanner: Boyd Red Morgan.

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Episode 17


Mon, Jan 11, 1971 60 mins

Festus returns from a desert shootout with a clouded memory and jumbled story. Lemuel: John Anderson. Tom: Gary Wood. Elsie: Mary Rings. Matt: James Arness. Adam: Kevin Burchett. Maddox: Harry Raybould. Stocker: Daniel M. White.

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Episode 18

The Tycoon

Mon, Jan 25, 1971 60 mins

Festus comes into money and falls prey to a husband-hunter. Titus: Shug Fisher. Ma Fowler: Nora Marlowe. Dora Lou: Gwynne Gilford. Moody Fowler: John Beck. Amos Fowler: James Minotto. Matt: James Arness. Doc: Milburn Stone. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Clarence Carver: Herman Poppe.

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Episode 19


Mon, Feb 1, 1971 60 mins

Eric Braeden plays a pardoned convict who returns to claim the woman he killed for. Beth Wilson: Julie Gregg. Penny Wilson: Mia Bendixsen. Matt: James Arness. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Festus: Ken Curtis. Doc: Milburn Stone. Norman Wilson: John Crawford. Dirks: Victor Tayback.

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Episode 20


Mon, Feb 8, 1971 60 mins

Jack Elam plays an aging lawman out to get the Carver gang---unaware that his son rides with them. Carver: Jim Davis. Matt: James Arness. Townsend: Anthony Caruso. Burke: Ted Jordan. Scott Murdoch: Bob Random. Festus: Ken Curtis. Newly: Buck Taylor.

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Episode 21


Mon, Feb 15, 1971 60 mins

A change of fortune for an unlucky fellow: he jumps a dead miner's claim and starts to court Kitty. Cleavus Lukens: Robert Totten. Uriah: Arthur Hunnicutt. Festus: Ken Curtis. Doc: Milburn Stone. Baylock: William Challee. Clerk: Robert Cornthwaite. Woody: Robert B. Williams.

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Episode 22


Mon, Feb 22, 1971 60 mins

Out on probation, Lavery joins up with his old troublemaking friends. Lavery: Anthony Costello. April: Judi West. Clint: David Carradine. Hubert: Karl Swenson. Harry: Ken Swofford. Arno: David Huddleston. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Matt: James Arness.

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Episode 23


Mon, Mar 1, 1971 60 mins

Part 1 of 2. Jeanette Nolan plays a crusty old woman and Dack Rambo a young outlaw. Doc: Milburn Stone. Festus: Ken Curtis. Matt: James Arness. Tom Macomb: Cliff Osmond. Sutro: Jim Boles. Loomis: William Murphy. Lathrop: Woodrow Chambliss.

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Episode 24


Mon, Mar 8, 1971 60 mins

Conclusion of a character study with Jeanette Nolan and Dack Rambo.

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