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Gunsmoke Season 18 Episodes

24 Episodes 1972 - 1973

Episode 1

The River

Mon, Sep 11, 1972 60 mins

A chase down Oregon's Rogue River. First of two parts. Matt: James Arness. Pierre: Jack Elam. Paulette: Miriam Colon. Charlie: Slim Pickens. Hanna: Patti Cohoon.

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Episode 2

The River

Mon, Sep 18, 1972 60 mins

Conclusion of a two-part adventure on Oregon's Rogue River. Matt: James Arness. Pierre: Jack Elam. Paulette: Miriam Colon. Charlie: Slim Pickens. Hanna: Patti Cohoon. Tuttle: Clay O'Brien.

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Episode 3


Mon, Sep 25, 1972 60 mins

Richard Kiley as a faith healer asked to cure a terminally ill boy. Lydia: Linda Marsh. Matt: James Arness. Dorcas: Helen Kleeb.

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Episode 4

The Judgment

Mon, Oct 2, 1972 60 mins

William Windom as a pawn in a gunman's revenge plan. Musgrove: Ramon Bieri. Doc: Milburn Stone. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Gideon: Tim O'Connor. Fiona: Mariette Hartley. Newly: Buck Taylor.

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Episode 5

The Drummer

Mon, Oct 9, 1972 60 mins

Victor French as a salesman forced to face a past he'd rather forget. Matt: James Arness. Sarah: Fionnuala Flanagan. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Jimmy Morgan: Brandon Cruz. Doc: Milburn Stone. Enoch Brandt: Bruce Glover. Festus: Ken Curtis. Sayers: Herb Armstrong.

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Episode 6


Mon, Oct 16, 1972 60 mins

Anne Francis as an old flame who involves Matt with stage robbers. Matt: James Arness. Pappy: Anthony Caruso. Newly: Buck Taylor. Sonny: Jonathan Lippe. Digby: Michael Lane.

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Episode 7

The Fugitives

Mon, Oct 23, 1972 60 mins

A kidnapped Doc must choose between saving an outlaw's life or losing his own. Festus: Ken Curtis. Bede: James Olson. Danny: Darrell Larson.

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Episode 8

Eleven Dollars

Mon, Oct 30, 1972 60 mins

An adventure to settle an $11 estate. Festus: Ken Curtis. Sarah: Susan Oliver. Chad: Josh Albee. Clay: Ike Eisenmann. Charity: Diane Shalet. Matt: James Arness.

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Episode 9


Mon, Nov 6, 1972 60 mins

Harry Morgan as a farmer accused of shooting someone in the back. Matt: James Arness. Norcross: Joseph Campanella. Doc: Milburn Stone.

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Episode 10


Mon, Nov 13, 1972 60 mins

A long, sad journey for a dying gunman trying to reach his estranged daughters. Matt: James Arness. Maddy: Sandra Smith. Marion: Sheila Larken. Gwenn: Jay MacIntosh. Doc: Milburn Stone.

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Episode 11

The Sodbusters

Mon, Nov 20, 1972 60 mins

Determined sodbuster vs. unyielding cattle baron (Alex Cord, Morgan Woodward). Matt: James Arness. Clarabelle: Katherine Justice. John: Leif Garrett. Maria: Dawn Lyn.

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Episode 12

The Brothers

Mon, Nov 27, 1972 60 mins

After Miss Kitty shoots a menacing outlaw, his brother seeks revenge. Jay Wrenchen: Angus Duncan. Cord Wrechen: Steve Forrest. Burke: Ted Jordan. Miss Kitty: Amanda Blake.

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Episode 13


Mon, Dec 11, 1972 60 mins

The Dog Soldiers gang takes revenge on Matt for killing one of their members by shooting Miss Kitty. Jude Bonner: William Smith. Gov. Martinson: James Chandler. Lafitte: Jeffrey Lewis. Amy Lee: Nina Roman. Virgil Bonner: Marco St. John. Toke: Hal Baylor.

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Episode 14


Mon, Dec 18, 1972 60 mins

Horse fever strikes Dodge...an affliction that makes a poor sodbuster desert his farm to race his prized quarter horse. Frye: Tom Skerritt. Festus: Ken Curtis. Bess Frye: Collin Wilcox-Horne. Matt: James Arness. Ed Wells: Scott Brady. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Doc: Milburn Stone.

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Episode 15

Arizona Midnight

Mon, Jan 1, 1973 60 mins

Billy Curtis as a midget who claims he'll turn into an elephant at midnight. Festus: Ken Curtis. Matt: James Arness.

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Episode 16


Mon, Jan 8, 1973 60 mins

Kitty and Doc are taken hostage by two outlaws who've returned to Dodge City to visit their dying mother. Rick Wilson: Richard Kelton. Raymond Wilson: Robert Pratt. John Mophet: Stuart Margolin. Martha Beal: Ivy Jones. Mrs. Bronson: Claudia Bryar. Anna Wilson: Lurene Tuttle.

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Episode 17


Mon, Jan 15, 1973 60 mins

Earl Holliman as a condemned man posing as a priest and forced to help a stricken town. Newly: Buck Taylor. Dallas: Diana Hyland. Cyrus: Denver Pyle.

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Episode 18


Mon, Jan 22, 1973 60 mins

A sad love story centering on Newly. He's preparing to wed a leukemia victim. Johnny: Ike Eisenmann. Doc: Milburn Stone. Matt: James Arness.

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Episode 19

Quiet Day in Dodge

Mon, Jan 29, 1973 60 mins

A hectic day in the life of a lawman...with no sleep for 36 hours, Matt deals with a vicious prisoner, a brawl at the Long Branch, a 9-year-old thief and the silent treatment from Kitty. Andy Ballou: Willie Ames. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Job Snelling: Leo Gordon. Doc: Milburn Stone. Dobie Crimps: Shug Fisher. Festus: Ken Curtis.

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Episode 20

Whelan's Men

Mon, Feb 5, 1973 60 mins

A show pegged to Kitty's poker prowess. Whelan: Robert Burr. Loomis: William Bramley. Hobey: Harrison Ford. Tuck: Noble Willingham. Matt: James Arness.

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Episode 21


Mon, Feb 12, 1973 60 mins

John Anderson as Matt's mentor, an ex-lawman now on the skids. Matt: James Arness. Peak: Michael Strong.

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Episode 22


Mon, Feb 19, 1973 60 mins

Duty clashes with friendship as Festus runs into a friend who has escaped from prison. Festus: Ken Curtis. Jesse: Brock Peters. Carpenter: Jim Davis.

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Episode 23


Mon, Feb 26, 1973 60 mins

Anthony Zerbe as an outlaw sidetracked by love. His growing attraction for the woman he widowed is upsetting his plans to rob the Dodge City Bank. Matt: James Arness. Katherine: Salome Jens. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Bob Pope: Peter Jason. Festus: Ken Curtis. Red Yeager: Bill Williams. Sam: Glenn Strange. Dofeny: Charles Macauley. Doc: Milburn Stone. Sally: Chanin Hale. Newly: Buck Taylor. Eli Snider: Robert Totten.

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Episode 24

This Golden Land

Mon, Mar 5, 1973 60 mins

The pointless death of a son tests a Jewish family's faith. Moshe: Paul Stevens. Ruxton: Victor French. Gershon: Richard Dreyfuss. Matt: James Arness.

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