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Gunsmoke Season 19 Episodes

24 Episodes 1973 - 1974

Episode 1

Women for Sale

Mon, Sep 10, 1973 60 mins

James Whitmore plays a white-slave trader in the first of a two-part drama. Matt: James Arness. Stella: Shani Wallis. Britt: Nicholas Hammond. Cynthia: Kathleen Cody.

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Episode 2

Women for Sale

Mon, Sep 17, 1973 60 mins

Conclusion of a story about Matt's pursuit of white-slave traders. Fitzpatrick: James Whitmore. Matt: James Arness. Stella: Shani Wallis. Britt: Nicholas Hammond. Cynthia: Kathleen Cody. Marcy: Dawn Lyn.

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Episode 3

Matt's Love Story

Mon, Sep 24, 1973 60 mins

A love story for Matt, a victim of amnesia. Matt: James Arness. Mike: Michael Learned. Les Dean: Victor French. Starcourt: Keith Andes. Monte: Jonathan Lippe. Cordelius: William Schallert.

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Episode 4

The Boy and the Sinner

Mon, Oct 1, 1973 60 mins

Ron Moody as a man willing to trade his honor for booze; Vincent Van Patten as a farm boy who cares enough to stop him. Matt: James Arness. Miller: Warren Vanders. Eaton: John Crawford.

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Episode 5

The Widowmaker

Mon, Oct 8, 1973 60 mins

A former gunman finds it difficult to live down his reputation. Matt: James Arness. Teresa: Barra Grant. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Goodpastor: David Huddleston. Kid Chama: Randolph Sierra.

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Episode 6

Kitty's Love Affair

Mon, Oct 22, 1973 60 mins

Richard Kiley stars as a reformed gunfighter who stirs a romantic interest in Kitty. Matt: James Arness. Corley: Leonard Stone. Sheb: Christopher Connelly.

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Episode 7

The Widow and the Rogue

Mon, Oct 29, 1973 60 mins

Festus's prisoner is a roguish thief who is long on charm but short on ethics. Festus: Ken Curtis. Martha: Beth Brickell. Caleb: Clay O'Brien. Matt: James Arness. Doc: Milburn Stone.

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Episode 8

A Game of Death...An Act of Love

Mon, Nov 5, 1973 60 mins

Part 1 of 2. A cattleman seeks revenge against the Indians he thinks murdered his wife. Cora: Donna Mills. Wolfe: Paul Stevens. Lavinia: Whitney Blake.

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Episode 9

A Game of Death...An Act of Love

Mon, Nov 12, 1973 60 mins

A murder trial concludes a drama about frontier justice. Bear: Morgan Woodward. Matt: James Arness. Cora: Donna Mills. Wolfe: Paul Stevens. May: Michael Learned. Dekker: Garry Walberg.

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Episode 10

Lynch Town

Mon, Nov 19, 1973 60 mins

David Wayne as an alcoholic judge content to play puppet for the town boss. Rob: Mitch Vogel. Matt: James Arness. Sheriff: Warren Kemmerling.

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Episode 11

The Hanging of Newly O'Brien

Mon, Nov 26, 1973 60 mins

A noose awaits Newly in a backwoods community where he performed an unsuccessful emergency operation. Kermit: Billy Green Bush. Tim: Jimmy Van Patten. Grandma: Jessamine Milner.

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Episode 12

Susan Was Evil

Mon, Dec 3, 1973 60 mins

A morality drama about a wounded outlaw and two women asked to take care of him. Nellie: Kathleen Nolan. Susan: Kathy Cannon. Matt: James Arness. Newt: George DiCenzo. Sam: Henry Olek.

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Episode 13

The Deadly Innocent

Mon, Dec 17, 1973 60 mins

A powerful young man with the mind of a child faces a dim future in the adult world. Festus: Ken Curtis. Doc: Milburn Stone. Barnett: Charles Dierkop.

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Episode 14

A Child Between

Mon, Dec 24, 1973 60 mins

Care for a sick baby involves Newly with a wanted man and his distrustful Indian wife (Alexandra Morgan). Dahoma: John Dierkes.

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Episode 15

A Family of Killers

Mon, Jan 14, 1974 60 mins

A U.S. marshal conducts a vendetta against a family of killers. Matt: James Arness. Elton: Anthony Caruso. Crazy Harley: Mills Watson. Ham: Morgan Paull. Jonnalee: Zina Bethune.

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Episode 16

Like Old Times

Mon, Jan 21, 1974 60 mins

Nehemiah Persoff plays a reformed safecracker trying to start a new life. Carrie: Gloria De Haven. Matt: James Arness. Barker: Dan Travanty. Hargis: Charles Haid.

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Episode 17

The Town Tamers

Mon, Jan 28, 1974 60 mins

Matt and a fellow marshal try to bring law and order to a frontier town. Martha: Jean Allison. Caleb: Ike Eisenmann. Badger: Leo Gordon. Aikens: Rex Holman.

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Episode 18

The Foundling

Mon, Feb 11, 1974 60 mins

Matt tries to find a home for an abandoned baby girl. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Lettie: Kay Lenz. Maylee: Bonnie Bartlett. Joseph: Donald Moffat. Agnes: Dran Hamilton. Doc: Milburn Stone.

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Episode 19

The Iron Blood of Courage

Mon, Feb 18, 1974 60 mins

A gunman is hired to settle a dispute over water rights. Anderson: Gene Evans. Matt: James Arness. Burdette: Lloyd Bochner. Mignon: Mariam Colon. Ellie: Mariette Hartley.

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Episode 20

The Schoolmarm

Mon, Feb 25, 1974 60 mins

An unwed rape victim fears for her reputation after discovering that she is pregnant. Carl: Lin McCarthy. Lester: Todd Lookinland. Matt: James Arness. Doc: Milburn Stone. Stokes: Scott Walker.

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Episode 21

A Trail of Bloodshed

Mon, Mar 4, 1974 60 mins

A farm youth sets out in pursuit of his father's killer. Gambler: Craig Stevens. Festus: Ken Curtis. Joanie: Janit Baldwin.

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Episode 22

Cowtown Hustler

Mon, Mar 11, 1974 60 mins

Jack Albertson as a has-been pool hustler on a comeback trail. Rope: Jonathan Lippe. Matt: James Arness. Sally: Nellie Bellflower. Willie: John Davis Chandler.

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Gunsmoke, Season 19 Episode 22 image

Episode 23

To Ride a Yellow Horse

Mon, Mar 18, 1974 60 mins

A story about a mother's dreams for her children. Joan: Louise Latham. Anna May: Kathleen Cody. Chester: Thomas Leopold. Matt: James Arness. Orlo: John Reilly. Doc: Milburn Stone.

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Episode 24

The Disciple

Mon, Apr 1, 1974 60 mins

A badly wounded gun arm drastically alters the life of Matt Dillon. Lem: Dennis Redfield. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Loveday: Frank Marth.

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