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The Week in Superlatives: Gnarliest Cliffhanger, Best Binge, and the Most Important Hook-Up

Here are the stand-out moments of the week

Amanda Bell

It's been another busy week on the TV front as the Television Critics Association tour continued on with more networks bringing out their buzziest news items ahead of the fall season. In the weeks to come, TV Guide will continue to roll out tons of interviews and fun features from our time with these talented stars, so stay tuned for a lot more cool content to come. In the meantime, here's our weekly dish of the stand-out moments from the small screen this week.

Gnarliest cliffhanger: The 100's season finale left the fate of one major character up in the air. After Octavia's (Marie Avgeropoulos) back tattoo was revealed to contain the key to the Anomaly, our heroes were introduced to a grown-up version of Hope who welcomed her with open arms ... until she stabbed Olivia in the gut. That's about how some fans felt upon learning that the show's seventh season will be its last, but if you want to know what's ahead for her and the rest of the crew, check out our interview with Jason Rothenberg.

The bummer cancellation: The OA was an odd and divisive little series, but there's no doubt that it at least evoked some kind of reaction out of everyone who watched it. For those of us that loved it, the second season was a rip-roaring good time, especially at the end when it literally opened up a new dimension for the characters to explore, but there was a lot more story to tell. So, to see the show end way sooner than it was supposed to is an incredible disappointment. Especially after reading the gutting goodbye letters written by its cast and creator.

Most anxiety-inducing envelope: We didn't get to visit Love Island USAfor long, but America's favorite couple has now been chosen. In this week's finale, Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber beat out the others in the show's popularity contest, and if that wasn't stressful enough, that's when the real drama set in. Only one of the two would end up with the $100k check, and it was up to them whether to share with their new partner. In the end, our new friend Elizabeth wasn't greedy and decided to share her winnings with Zac, and if you're curious how their relationship will continue outside of its tropical origins, we've got you covered.

Most cathartic tribute: That Beverly Hills, 90210 meta-revival you've been waiting for finally premiered this week, and BH90210is every bit as entertaining as you might expect. The new take features (most of) the original cast members playing fictional versions of themselves as they reunite for a reunion and revival effort. As fun and unexpected as the concept is, though, the premiere still got pretty heavy and emotional when it came to paying tribute to the late Luke Perry. Between the gutting toast and that shot of Perry and Jason Priestley in the car, our hearts were in our throats for the rest of the night.

Weirdest awards show flex: If the Oscars could get away with not paying a host, why should the Emmys? That's not exactly the logic Fox's executive used to explain the network's decision to go host-free for the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards, but it had to be at least somewhat of a consideration. The last time the Emmys went without a host was in 2003, and it's only happened a few times in history, so we'll have to wait and see how it'll work this time. But hey, at least we'll get lots of more time to talk about Game of Thrones again apparently!

Most important hook-up: What happened between Pray Tell (Billy Porter) and Ricky (Dyllon Burnside) on the latest episode of Pose may have fractured the family, but it also represented a pivotal moment of representation, since it featured two black, gay, and HIV positive men engaging in an intimate moment on-screen. Read more about what the moment meant to the cast and creators here.

Best binge: GLOW's third season is finally here, and the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling's Las Vegas residency is well worth your time. At this point, they're all seasoned pros in the ring, but that doesn't mean they don't still have a lot to grapple with in their new digs -- from the strain of long-distance parenting to the temptations of Sin City to their own personal efforts to grow and adapt, the ensemble covers a lot of ground in the new season. As serious as some of the issues are, though, the new season is still a facebuster of fun.


​Betty Gilpin, GLOW

Betty Gilpin, GLOW