It's been a tangled web of fate, family and former lovers for the Mikaelsons in Season 3 of The Originals. The Mikaelson sires arrived in New Orleans with a prophecy that could mean the end of the most powerful vampire family - but it's now been revealed that the Mikaelsons should fear their "offspring" as much as they fear fate.

Heading into Thursday's winter finale (9/8c, The CW), Lucien (Andrew Lees), Tristan (Oliver Ackland) and Aurora (Rebecca Breeds) have hundreds of reasons to want the Mikaelsons put away. And even though the family is closer than ever before, is it enough to save them from the impending forces that mean to tear them apart?

Executive producer Michael Narducci explains to what's in store for the family and those closest to them in the upcoming episode and the New Year below:

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Finn is back! Is he going to be an asset or a problem for the Mikaelsons going to this fall finale?

Michael Narducci: That's the big question coming out of last week's episode. Freya (Riley Voelkel), who thinks that she may be able to get some information about these people who have come to town, has called forth the spirit of her brother Finn (Casper Zafer), and they need to talk.

It's beginning from a place of, "You're my brother. I love you. You went a little off the deep end last season and I needed to give you a time out while I reconciled with our other siblings, but now I need to talk to you and I need to know what your advice is. How will you counsel me?" It's reintroducing this long-standing relationship. Freya is the estranged sister but the one sibling she was closest to is Finn and now we're going to have Finn make another appearance on the show, and maybe we'll be seeing more of him.

What are the chances of a Mikaelson sibling reunion, at least with the alive(ish) ones?

Narducci: Let me put it to you this way: one of my favorite characters on this show is Freya Mikaelson, and she has come back after 1,000 years hellbent on reconnecting with her family and reestablishing a relationship with these people she lost when she was 5 years old. She's connected to all of them. Before too long, if one of her drives is to see a return of the united Mikaelson family, we're really excited to see where that drive pays off.

The Trinity in town has brought the Mikaelsons closer together, especially considering how far apart they were at the end of Season 2. Will we continue to see that bond grow or will there will always something that will make them turn on each other again?

Narducci: That is the big thing this season is about. They were at a low point at the end of the season. Now, we're picking up later and this Trinity of Enemies, these sire line vampires, have returned.

It's forcing the Mikaelsons to examine their relationships with one another. Even Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), who was so furious at Klaus (Joseph Morgan) for everything that he did and the part that he played in cursing her and turning her into a wolf, is saying, "If it means protecting the people that I love and it means the best protection for my daughter...Granted, these enemies are showing up on our doorstep; I think I may need to forgive Klaus and find a way to stand with him against this threat."

Klaus is going to have to say, "I need you guys. I can't do this on my own." I don't know if he's mature enough and complicated enough of a person to make that humble request. That's part of our journey this season to get him there.

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This fight has shown a new side of Elijah. How much is this battle with the Trinity going to affect his position as the moral compass of the group?

Narducci: What we're going to try to do is unpack some of Elijah's (Daniel Gilles) history and show you that this nobleman has this pretty interesting fatal flaw.

Yes, he has ethics, principles and a code that he follows but you understand that he has a very strict hierarchy where anything can be thrown out the window if it is in service of family. He's done some bad things that he had no reason to do bad things to, but he did it in service of family. Going forward, particularly in one of the first episodes of the new year we're going to see some of Elijah's back story. We're going to examine his relationship with The Strix. We're going to understand that he believes very much in always and forever, and in doing so he may have condemned himself to a very difficult immortal existence.

How confident should we feel in Marcel's loyalty to the Mikaelsons or is there a chance that The Strix can compel him to their side?

Narducci: The Strix aren't even going to have to convince him. The Strix think that he is on their side. He's done a great job of inserting himself into The Strix. We've talked a lot about Marcel's (Charles Michael Davis) journey this season as the Federal agent who goes undercover into an organization and slowly starts to realize that this organization is making a lot of good points. They have some reasonable ideas. In fact, we have a lot of commonalities and a lot of similar interests.

So the great conflict for Marcel is, "Given I've had access to this great new world of The Strix and they're talking and making a lot of sense, do I ever really want to consider benefiting from my allegiance to them if it means betraying the family that I have been with for 200 years that sometimes isn't so great to me? Sometimes [the Mikaelsons] put me on the outer circle in regards to my connection to them. If the Mikaelsons don't trust me but The Strix do trust me, maybe I need to consider it's time to roll a different way."

That's his big, big challenge to figure out how to use The Strix to benefit himself and wonder whether or not he should betray the Mikaelsons.

How much is Klaus going to regret not killing Aurora when he had the chance?

Narducci: He's a vicious and reprehensible monster who kills his enemies and has no problem slaughtering people. Yet, over the course of his existence there have been many times where he has chosen to keep his enemies alive so that they could suffer further.

With Aurora, I think there's a part of him that's fascinated by her return. Her beauty beguiles him. He can't believe that the truth of their breakup 1,000 years ago was not that she rejected him. It was that Elijah had compelled her.

There's a part of him that has sincere feelings for her and at the same time recognizes that she is a threat to Cami (Leah Pipes) and maybe a threat to the rest of his family. In the same way that you may be reluctant to sever ties with an ex who you're still interested in, he did keep her alive. That is definitely going to be something he may come to regret.

Aurora forced him and Cami, in a way, to force their feelings for each other. Is that going to come up again?

Narducci: Absolutely. That's one of the things that Aurora's existence on this show is putting into focus: Klaus' relationship with everyone else. Aurora took a good, close look at Cami and had a reaction. Aurora took a good, close look at Hayley and had a reaction. I don't think Aurora is ever going to be particularly happy with Klaus having a relationship with Elijah, because more than anybody, Elijah is the one who betrayed Aurora. We know at the core of this family is the connection between Klaus and Elijah. If Aurora is hellbent on destroying that connection, she really is an enemy to this family in a lot of ways.

From her own perspective, she just wants the man that she loves. If it requires severing his ties with others so that he can devote himself to her, she's only too happy to do that. In a complicated way, this is a very messed up love story focused on the damage that family can do to romance and that romance can do to family.

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The prophecy of how the Mikaelsons will be killed has been looming over head all season. How much of that is going to come to a head in the fall finale?

Narducci: You are going to continue to get a sense of imminent catastrophe. There is something coming that is just around the corner and you cannot stop it. First, it was the arrival of Lucien (Andrew Lees) warning them. Then it was the arrival of Tristan, who is also concerned. He doesn't want to die. Now, these very people that have shown up warning us of this prophecy, have been revealed to be working together. They want to take the Mikaelsons off the table before the prophecy comes marching down the road and destroys the Mikaelsons and destroys all of the vampires who were sired to them. That has to reach a conclusion and it's coming sooner than you think.

Something is going to happen very early in the New Year that will change the playing field and force us to go off in the different directions.

Lucien obviously wants Aurora's affections away from Klaus, but is there a danger in turning her against the one that sired him?Narducci: Lucien is one of those characters who thinks the only way to tell a convincing lie is to believe it partially yourself. Lucien really does love Klaus and Lucien really does consider Klaus his friend. At the same time, Lucien is incredibly jealous of Klaus and know that his own continued existence is dependent on certain factors now that he realizes that if Klaus dies, he would die as well.

He's a survivor. He's a manipulator. He's a guy with a giant chip on his shoulder. Even now, he's telling one person one thing and then doing something else behind their back. Is he a hero or a villain? Is he just interested in himself and his own psychological needs? That's the story that we're hoping to tell.

Who should fans be the most worried about in the winter finale?

Narducci: Given what we have been talking about in the writer's room just in the past few days, no one is safe. Last season, our heroes were victorious but they were more divided than ever before. The story we're telling this season is the story of them coming together to face a threat they just cannot defeat. They have to come together if they are going to defeat that threat, but what if there is no way just to defeat it? Along the way, I think some people we love might not make it through to the end.

The Originals airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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