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The Originals Season 3: Klaus Faces His Biggest Enemy Yet - His Own Sire Line!

Is "always and forever" enough for Klaus' siblings to forgive him?

Robyn Ross

The Originals' Klaus might've alienated his siblings at the end of Season 2, but he's got a whole new family -- the line of vampires he sired -- coming to town.

"We talked a lot about how the Mikaelsons have been around for 1,000 years and somewhere along the way, they probably turned a bunch of people into vampires," executive producer Michael Narducci previously teased at Comic-Con. "Those vampires know that if an Original dies, as we saw with Finn and we saw with Kol, an entire sire line would be wiped out. So what perspective do those sired vampires have? What do they think about the continued existence of the Mikaelson family? That's the seed for Season 3."

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Of course, in order to fight off the new villains aboard, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) will need the help of those around him who are pissed off after he cursed Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) into werewolf form, among other things. But will "always and forever" be enough to reunite the siblings to take on The Trinity? And will Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and Davina (Danielle Campbell) side with the Mikaelsons? We spoke with Narducci about the upcoming season.

Where is Klaus' mindset when we pick up six months later?
Michael Narducci: Klaus is such an arrogant, egocentric monster of a guy who is such a narcissist that he is offended everyone is still mad at him. Hayley is still suffering in the woods trapped in wolf form, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) is not talking to him, Rebekah (Claire Holt) skipped town, Freya (Riley Voelkel) is rolling her eyes, and Klaus is like, "How dare you? I'm the life of the party, and you're being a bunch of jerks." So when we meet him, he says, alright, I'm going to have my own good times. In the premiere, he's trying to throw a bit of a party for himself, and nobody shows up. So he knows he may have gone a step too far in this instance, but from his point of view, he saved his family and he probably saved Hayley's life by turning her into a wolf instead of allowing Dahlia to deal with her. So in his warped way, he feels perfectly justified. I love that about him; he's always who he is and very defensive of his actions.

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But when Elijah, the moral compass, won't forgive him, is that enough to reconsider
Narducci: There's a really great moment early in the season where Klaus makes about the closest thing you could imagine to an apology to Elijah. It's a tiny moment of growth, a tiny moment where Klaus is worried. It's not like, "I'm sorry I did what I did," it's more like, "You're my brother, and despite all of my BS I care about you and I'll be there for you." Elijah has the opportunity to respond the way we all want him to respond in that moment and it's pretty spectacular.

How is Hayley holding up?
Hayley is about as messed up as we've ever seen her. She's trapped in wolf form, she's half vampire, so she's off balance, cursed, and misses her baby and husband, friends and family who[m] she can't interact with except once a month. I think she knows damn well this is Klaus' fault.

But I can't imagine she'll remain cursed too long.
Phoebe is a big part of the show, and what we want to see is the moment of those two coming back together and Hayley making very clear her opinion on all of this. Now at the same time, as angry as she is, these two people are linked forever by the life of this child, so that complicates things. If our characters in Season 3 are going to find themselves in jeopardy facing new enemies, then Hayley is smart enough to know and Klaus is smart enough to know they'll do a better job of protecting their child if they have each other's backs. So that's something I'm excited to build towards, not immediately, but they share a family bond so there has to be some form of "we're in this together."

You said you were hoping to explore more romance in Season 3. Is that still true?
Narducci: Well, complicating matters is that we have a whole new group of vampires arriving onto our show and any one of them can be a romantic interest for someone else.

What side will Davina and Marcel take in all of this?
I love Davina's story of trying to be a young witch and still be in power, making mistakes and trying to recover from those mistakes, and trying to lead a group of witches who don't have the best morals or integrity. They're capable of betrayals and rising up against her, and she also has a reputation of having proximity to vampires, and those witches hate vampires so she's going to have to decide where her loyalties lie. Meanwhile, Marcel is back in charge of New Orleans while Klaus is taking a time out to raise his daughter. So Marcel is the king, and yet all of these other vampires are showing up into town and will have a perspective on Marcel because he, like them, is one of Klaus' sired vampires. So what kind of a relationship will they have with Marcel? It will put him in a very interesting position.

And is he still thinking about Rebekah?
He is, but [she] is way out of town looking for a way to resuscitate or revive Kol. But we will see her again, and her fate or the jeopardy she's in will definitely impact Marcel.

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The Originals returns on Thursday, Oct. 8 at 9/8c on The CW.

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