The Originals' Klaus and Cami are definitely getting closer this season — but it just might not be in the way you'd imagine.

"When we begin the season, Klaus and Cami have a very professional relationship. He has been so awful and diabolical to his family and he's begun to see Cami professionally, as if to tell Elijah, 'See, I'm turning over a new leaf; I'm working through my issues with a therapist!'" executive producer Michael Narducci tells

If anyone can get Klaus (Joseph Morgan) to share his feelings it's Cami (Leah Pipes), but how does she feel about helping him? "Cami, for her part, now as a licensed practitioner, wants to help this guy, if for no other reason than she knows as a member of the O'Connell family legacy she can do some small bit of good by helping Klaus rein in his temper and avoid killing innocent people," Narducci adds. "She feels a moral obligation to get involved in his life and be someone he can vent to and open up to and help him work through some of his anger. And where that relationship goes from there I think is very interesting."

Are you hoping the Season 2 finale's almost-kiss will really happen?