It might be time to cancel Lethal Weapon.

In the wake of Clayne Crawford's firing in May, many fans wondered whether the Fox drama could survive without Martin Riggs. Crawford and the character were both fan favorites, and many viewers were predictably upset when it was revealed Riggs didn't survive surgery in the Season 3 premiere, a development that completely eliminated the possibility that Crawford could one day return. (He was never going to return, but let's let the fans have their anger, OK?).

Now that Damon Wayans has announced he's leaving the Fox series after he's finished filming the initial 13 episodes of Season 3, we have to wonder: Is there a world in which a version of Lethal Weapon without both Riggs and Murtaugh can not only survive, but also sustain itself longterm? Seann William Scott just joined the series as Murtaugh's new partner, and the series recently cast a female version of Riggs. There are also other characters who populate this world that we love, but Lethal Weapon without the beloved, iconic characters of Riggs and Murtaugh is also just another cop procedural, something that's not exactly lacking on TV.

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We may never know exactly what went down between the two men on what was clearly a dysfunctional set — there's a lot of he said/he said going on, with Wayans calling Crawford an emotional terrorist and Crawford saying Wayans never wanted to do the show, which made him impossible to work with — but perhaps it's time to stop trying to force something that clearly isn't working, at least behind the scenes.

Of course, canceling the series would mean a number of hard-working, innocent folks would be out of jobs, and no one is advocating for that. But the Lethal Weapon set sounds like a nightmare, and if Crawford's comments are to be believed, it's been that way nearly from the start. Even if removing Crawford and Wayans from the set eliminates most of those issues, it's still possible that the show will never recover from this publicity disaster.

So, what do you think? Should Fox cancel Lethal Weapon? Or do you want the network to stick it out and see what happens after Wayans' exits later this year?

Lethal Weapon airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fox.