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Here's How Lethal Weapon Wrote Out Clayne Crawford

Sayonara, Riggs!

Lindsay MacDonald

After it became clear that Clayne Crawford would not be returning to Lethal Weapon in any way when the Fox show returned for Season 3, fans had a few good guesses about how his character, Martin Riggs, would be written out. And now we finally know!

The Season 2 cliffhanger conveniently (or was it?) left Riggs bleeding out with a bullet wound to the chest, and as you can imagine... it didn't end well for him. After a chaotic scene in which Murtaugh (Damon Wayans) rushed a comatose Riggs to the emergency room, the doctors delivered the heartbreaking news that Riggs had not survived surgery. And in case you were wondering, that wasn't Crawford on the stretcher. Crawford confirmed last month that he hadn't been back to shoot anything for Season 3, so creative camera angles (and what was most likely a fake mustache) were obviously used to helped create that scene.

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​Clayne Crawford and Damon Wayans, Lethal Weapon

Clayne Crawford and Damon Wayans, Lethal Weapon

Even though we, as the audience, knew Riggs' brother was the one to shoot him, a grieving Murtaugh was not convinced that was the end of the story. His wild conspiracy theories regarding Riggs' death (and his brother's eventual suicide) ended up dropping him right in the middle of a mob plot to blow up a subway train in order to rob a bank vault. That's where he met the newest member of the LAPD, detective William Cole (Seann William Scott), who caught on to the plot thanks to a right time, right place, right set of CIA-caliber observational skills kind of situation.

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Murtaugh and Cole managed to subvert the heist (though the train did blow up), which turned out to be just what Murtaugh needed to get his life back on track. He put his investigation into Riggs' death to bed at last, and he even requested that Cole be his new partner, to which Cole replied, "I can't ever replace him, so I won't even try. But I want to make this work."

Can Lethal Weapon make this work without Riggs? Only time will tell!

Lethal Weapon will airs Tuesday at 9/8c on Fox.