Let's start with the good news: Grey's Anatomy has been renewed by ABC for two more seasons. To make things better, Link (Chris Carmack), Koracick (Gregg Germann), and Schmitt (Jake Borelli) will be sticking around at least for Season 16. Yay, celebrate!

Now we go on to the bad news: There's one episode left in Season 15, and some characters are going to die. We know this because it's a Grey's Anatomydisaster. After surviving a windstorm, a boat crash, a fire, a mass shooting, and more horrific events, the good doctors at Grey Sloan must now tackle ominous fog! It's also an odd-numbered season, which hardcore fans know is a curse for any doctor that was caught outside the hospital when the fog set in at the end of the penultimate episode.

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The best way to prepare for the impending trauma might be to go ahead and assess the worst-case scenarios. TV Guide has no insider knowledge of the storyline, just 15 years of experience watching this show and some cold hard logic. There's no way every doctor is making it through this disaster, so who is going to be taken out by the fog, and who is going to make it to Season 16? Let's discuss.



<p>Kevin McKidd, <em>Grey's Anatomy</em> </p>

Kevin McKidd, Grey's Anatomy

Where he was when the fog set in: Owen (Kevin McKidd) left Grey Sloan to go help Schmitt bring in an agoraphobic patient with the magic blood needed to save Teddy's (Kim Raver) and Karev's (Justin Chambers) young patient. They managed to get the woman in the car to get to the hospital, but that's when the fog set in, and Owen opened the car door to realize that cars were crashing into each other all over the road, and they were basically stuck waiting to be struck by some other vehicle.

But why?!: Blame Teddy, folks. Before we found out where Owen was, Teddy arrived at his house to tell him that she is still in love with him (shocker!). However, her water broke just as she started to make the confession to Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and felt the need to emphasize it with, "I just needed to get that out before my daughter arrives." Well, that's a confession that is never going to make it to Owen, just because you said that, woman. She didn't even knock on wood! Thanks to the casting news, we know that Schmitt is going to make it out of Owen's car alive, and why would Koracick stick around for a season if Teddy is meant to get her happy ending with Owen? He wouldn't. Owen's a dead man, and McKidd will use his free time to hang out behind the scenes and direct more episodes. His death is a shame because that confession would have officially broken him out of the "I want kids, but no one wants them with me" rut he's been in since Cristina (Sandra O) left.

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<p>Kim Raver, <em>Grey's Anatomy</em> </p>

Kim Raver, Grey's Anatomy

Where she was when the fog set in: Please read above. She was starting labor in the backseat of Amelia's car.

They wouldn't, would they?: Oh, but they would. If Owen miraculously survives this situation, Teddy is definitely going down. "But they wouldn't kill her right as she becomes a mom!!" Tell that to April's (Sarah Drew) husband, Matthew, whose first wife died right after giving birth to their child. Grey's is really reluctant to kill small children, but moms have gotten some very tragic endings on that show. The fact that Koracick is sticking around helps improve Teddy's odds, but there's no way both she and Owen are going to make it through this finale.


<p>Jesse Williams, <em>Grey's Anatomy</em> </p>

Jesse Williams, Grey's Anatomy

Where was he when the fog set in: Jackson (Jesse Williams) and Maggie (Kelly McCreary) spent most of the penultimate episode out in the wilderness on a camping trip. They were starting to pack up and planning how to get Maggie back to the car on her broken ankle (long story) when they unzipped their tent and saw the fog and thunder coming in.

Oh, come on: You'll be glad to know I was "How dare you"-ed by everyone in the TV Guide office when I even brought this up, but logic must prevail! We spent too much time with Jackson and Maggie on this camping trip for it not to turn into something significant. Maggie is already hurt, which makes it too easy for her to go. Trust she will get a lot worse before the fog clears up, but she won't be the one to die. Also, she's insanely close to Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), and I don't think the show is going to risk putting Meredith through another death of someone so close to her. If Maggie is safe for plot reasons, that means that Jackson is extremely vulnerable, if only to allow Williams more time to pursue his directorial ambitions and social justice work outside of the show.

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At least one intern

<p>Jaicy Elliot, <em>Grey's Anatomy</em> </p>

Jaicy Elliot, Grey's Anatomy

Where they were when the fog set in: At the hospital, we think.

I don't need to explain this to you: But I will. Please name an intern that isn't Schmitt, and describe a significant storyline that they've had this season. Can't do it? They're fog bait.



<p>Jake Borelli, Grey's Anatomy </p>

Jake Borelli, Grey's Anatomy

Where were they when the fog set in: In the car where Owen is going to die.

Really?: Yes, even before Borelli's promotion news came in, Schmitt wasn't going to die because Grey's can't kill off one of their two gay male characters just weeks after initiating that relationship. Plus, Schmitt being in imminent danger is just the thing to get Nico (Alex Landi) to snap out of his funk.

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<p>Giacomo Gianniotti, <em>Grey's Anatomy</em> </p>

Giacomo Gianniotti, Grey's Anatomy

Where he was when the fog set in: Heading to the police station to turn himself in for insurance fraud in order to protect Meredith.

So that makes him invincible: It wasn't 100 percent clear whether DeLuca and Catherine (Debbie Allen) actually made it out of the hospital before the fog set in. If he's still in the hospital, then Meredith's love interest who has given us the most butterflies since McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) is definitely safe. Even if he and Catherine got stuck in the fog madness, it's hard to believe that Grey's would kill off a character that is bringing in so much delicious tension and romance for the leading lady. He just needs to be in a little bit of danger for Meredith to realize she wants to give him that "I love you" back.


<p>Caterina Scorsone, <em>Grey's Anatomy</em> </p>

Caterina Scorsone, Grey's Anatomy

Where she was when the fog set in: Taking Teddy to the hospital to deliver her baby.

Are you serious?: Yes, which is shocking to me as well, because if you had asked me who was at the top of my death pool list a few months ago, Amelia would have been No. 1. Killing her seemed like a convenient way to allow Owen and Teddy to be together without anyone being screwed over — but Amelia self-ejected from that love triangle and got herself a really nice thing going on with Link. Since Link just signed himself up for at least another year in Seattle, the TV Gods seem to be saying that Amelia is going to be the one who pulls through and gets her happy ending. You know, if she doesn't completely self-destruct over Owen's inevitable death.

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The Season 15 finale of Grey's Anatomy airs Thursday, May 16 at 8/7c.