In the satisfying series finale of Game of Thrones — aptly titled "The Iron Throne" — Jon Snow made the choice to murder lover, aunt, and queen Daenerys Targaryen to protect his family and the Seven Kingdoms.

It might not have been the most exciting episode in the eight seasons of the HBO show, but Game of Thronesfinished strong.

After decimating King's Landing in "The Bells," the Queen of the Ashes' rule didn't last long. In what turned out to be her final act of power, the Mother of Dragons ordered Tyrion Lannister to be imprisoned after he discarded his Hand of the King pin and admitted to betraying her. While in captivity, the imp finally convinced Jon Snow that Dany was unfit to rule Westeros. And as Daenerys was about to take the Iron Throne for herself, Jon Snow stuck a dagger through her heart. For some reason, Drogon didn't exact revenge on Jon. Instead, the dragon melted down the Iron Throne and flew away with Dany's body in its claws.

The surviving members of the Seven Kingdoms then convened to figure out what to do next. And Tyrion — who, yes, was still a prisoner — came up with the idea to make Bran Stark the next King... of the Six Kingdoms; Sansa Stark declared that the North will regain its independence.

As for Jon Snow, the rightful heir to the throne was sentenced to the Night's Watch, where he truly belongs.

In our final glimpse, Jon Snow — after finally embracing Ghost at Castle Black — joined the Free Folk and headed out beyond the wall.

And now, sadly, our watch has ended.

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