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She's one of the most powerful characters on TV. Here are the Mother of Dragons' best moments in Game of Thrones.

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When She Straight-Up Roasted the Khals

Daenerys Targaryen might just be the most powerful person in all of the seven kingdoms. With the blood of the dragons coursing through her veins, Dany is immune to fire and is the Mother of Dragons. Those powers (not to mention some serious ambition) have led to one badass moment after another for the girl at the top of the pyramid.

Let's start with one of our favorites: When she straight-up cooked (roasted? broiled?) every khal in temple of the dosh khaleen.

In Season 6, Dany showed she didn't need her winged beasts for respect or power when she lit the Dothraki temple (and the Khals inside) on fire. In a moment eerily reminiscent of the end of Season 1, Dany emerged from the flames unscathed, with thousands of Dothraki kneeling before her.

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When She Snacked On That Horse’s Heart

This is one of the most stomach-churning scenes in Game of Thrones, which is saying a lot. But Dany's face-first attack of a horse heart was important to show her transformation into one of the most powerful forces in Westeros.

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When She Ubered a Dragon

Yes, she's the Mother of Dragons. But we didn't know Daenerys was the Rider of Dragons until Season 5, when she mounted Drogon to escape Daznak's Pit.

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When She Treated a Slave Master Like the Top of a Creme Brûlée

Daenerys used slave master Kraznys to illustrate just how powerful her growing dragons could be. As the two were negotiating over the use of the Unsullied, Dany offered her biggest dragon, Drogon. Once Dany was given the golden whip, she commanded Drogon to burn Kraznys alive.

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When She Strolled Into Drogo’s Pyre All "NBD"

After commanding Mirri to be burned alive, Daenerys shows no fear by strutting into the burning pyre to join her moon and stars, Khal Drogo.

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When She Lost One Child and Spawned Three In the Span of 24 Hours

The highlight of Season 1 came after Daenerys stepped onto Drogo's burning pyre and survived ... after having just lost her stillborn son.

But that wasn't even the coolest part: Dany's three dragon eggs hatched ... and she became the Mother of Dragons. The dragons were the first creatures born in Westeros in a century and a half.

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When She Threatened to Cut Off Viserys’ Hands

Before she was the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen was dealing with her maniacal brother, Viserys. After a not-so-nice exchange of words and a slap to the face, Dany responded to Viserys by saying, "The next time you raise a hand to me will be the last time you have hands." BURN.

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When She Told Mirri Exactly What She Wanted... Then Took It

Once Mirri Maz Duur admitted that she deliberately left Khal Drogo in a vegetative state as revenge for her village getting pillaged, it was over. Dany didn't hesitate to exact revenge by forcing Mirri Maz Duur to burn alive in Khal Drogo's pyre. As Daenerys put it: "It is not your screams I want, only your life."

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When She Sent Khal Drogo to the Night Lands

With Drogo in a vegetative state, Daenerys decided to take matters into her own hands. Literally. She did so by smothering the Khal with a pillow.

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When She Commanded Her Dragon to Cook a Warlock

Daenerys goes from captive to escapee with one word: dracarys. That command is the code word for Dany's dragons to shoot fire. And it's used to burn Pyat Pree to a crisp.

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When She Reminded Everyone Who Really Rules the World

After Missandei says the High Valyrian phrase "valar morghulis," which means "all men must die," Daenerys responds with one of her best quotes: "We are not men."

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When She Broke the Chains

Once Dany gained control of the Unsullied, her first order was for the army to kill all the slave masters. She really is the breaker of chains.

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When She Dropped the Mic -- Er, Whip

After taking control of the Unsullied, Daenerys dropped the golden whip to symbolize that the slave army was free. Dany sees your mic drop, and raises you a whip drop.

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When She Grounded Daxos... Permanently

Lesson No. 27: Don't betray Daenerys. Xaro Xhoan Daxos learned that the hard way, as he was locked inside his empty vault in Qarth.

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Anytime She's Recited All Her Titles

In case you forgot, it's (in no particular order): Stormborn of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons. Got all that?

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When She Refused a Free Peek At Her Dragons

In the city of Qarth, the Thirteen denied entry to Daenerys and her people unless she revealed her dragons. The Mother of Dragons vehemently refused, only for Xaro Xhoan Daxos to vouch for her. Clearly, Dany stands up for what she believes in.

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When She Earned the Mhysa Nickname

In Season 3, Daenerys continued her slave-freeing mission by saving the downtrodden of Yunkai. She earned the name "Mhysa," which means "mother" in Ghiscari. The newly-freed slaves believed that Dany was their "glimmer of hope."

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When She Answered “Injustice with Justice”

After seizing Meereen, Daenerys ordered that 163 Great Masters be killed in the same manner as the slave children they'd murdered. As she put it, she was "answering injustice with justice."

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When She Spared Jorah’s Life and Then Kicked Him Out

Daenerys Targaryen proved she's open minded when it comes to leading, after Tyrion Lannister advised her to banish Ser Jorah, instead of killing him.

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When She Said She Was Going to Break the Wheel

In a crucial conversation with Tyrion, Daenerys compared Westeros' Game of Thrones to a spinning wheel. She then revealed her true intentions: to break the wheel, not just stop it.

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When She Told Daario to Take Off His Clothes

Hats off, Dany. That was a boss move.

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When She Locked Up Her Own Dragons

With her dragons becoming bigger and more and more out of control, Daenerys decided to lock up Rhaegal and Viserion in the catacombs ... even though she hated every second of it.

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When She Put Khal Moro In His Place

In Season 6, Daenerys refused Khal Moro's threat to make her his bed slave. Instead, she didn't just reveal that she was the widow of Khal Drogo. She cut Moro down, saying, "I will not lie with you. And I will bear no children, for you or anyone else. Not until the sun rises in the west and sets in the east."

Needless to say, Moro reversed his tone and said no one would touch her.