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Amanda Warren and Elizabeth Rodriguez, East New York

CBS Fall 2022 New Shows and Trailers

CBS just dropped trailers for its intriguing new shows, as well as for some old favorites

CBS just released a bunch of trailers for all the brand new shows in its 2022 lineup, and with the fall TV season officially underway, it's not a moment too soon. The network also posted teasers for a handful of its returning hits, including popular procedurals CSI: VegasNCIS, and NCIS: Hawaii, as well as sophomore comedy Ghosts

Canceling several favorite shows earlier this year made room in CBS's fall 2022 schedule for some interesting new additions. New on the roster are two procedurals, though they differ widely in tone. So Help Me Todd is more on the lighthearted side, with Marcia Gay Harden and Skylar Astin starring as a stringent lawyer and her lackadaisical private investigator son who end up working together and potentially repairing their fraught relationship. Meanwhile, East New York stars Amanda Warren as the new head of the NYPD's 74th Precinct in her old neighborhood. She wants to bring change to her community but finds that easier said than done when she encounters a staff that isn't on board with her recent promotion or her progressive ideas to improve the neighborhood. CBS is also betting that its new drama Fire Country will heat up the ratings. The show centers on a young convict who is trying to earn his second chance by fighting fires in Northern California. 

It remains to be seen whether these shows can fill the gap left by Magnum P.I., which was canceled by CBS and then subsequently saved and picked up for two more seasons by NBCGood Sam and comedies United States of AlB Positive, and How We Roll were also canceled this spring.

CBS didn't pick up any new comedies for the 2022-23 season, so veterans Young SheldonGhostsBob Hearts Abishola, and The Neighborhood will have to hold down the CBS comedy block.

Find out more about what's coming to CBS during the 2022-23 season below, including descriptions and trailers for the new shows. Also, be sure to check out what we know about the fall TV lineups over on FoxNBCABC, and The CW.



East New York

Description: Amanda Warren stars as Deputy Inspector Regina Haywood, the newly promoted head of NYPD's 74th Precinct in the neighborhood of East New York. Haywood wants to help her community but first has to prove to her staff that she's up for the job. 

Richard Kind and Amanda Warren, East New York

Richard Kind and Amanda Warren, East New York

Peter Kramer/CBS

Fire Country

Description: Bode Donovan (Max Thieriot) is a convict looking for a second chance after his prison sentence is reduced in exchange for him joining a firefighting program in Northern California. He and his team are paired with elite firefighters to extinguish big fires. Drama ensues when Bode is assigned to a unit in his hometown, where everyone knows him as the golden-boy-turned-bad. 

Jordan Calloway and Jules Latimer, Fire Country

Jordan Calloway and Jules Latimer, Fire Country

Bettina Strauss/CBS

So Help Me Todd

Description: Marcia Gay Harden and Skylar Astin star as estranged mother and son. Astin is the eponymous Todd, a private investigator who isn't living up to his potential when he comes to work at his mother's (Harden) law firm. The two are opposites, with Todd using unconventional methods to solve cases and Margaret being a stickler for the rules, but teaming up to solve crimes could be the first step to fixing their dysfunctional relationship.

Skylar Astin and Marcia Gay Harden, So Help Me Todd

Skylar Astin and Marcia Gay Harden, So Help Me Todd

Michael Courtney/CBS

True Lies (Midseason)

Description: An action-comedy series inspired by the '90s James Cameron movie of the same name. Ginger Gonzaga stars as a language professor who makes the shocking discovery that her boring husband, Henry (Steve Howey), is a spy. When Helen (Gonzaga) impresses Henry's team with her Tae Bo and Yoga skills, the heat reenters their marriage as they team up to take down bad guys around the world.


The Real Love Boat 

Description: This new "romance adventure" reality series is inspired by the classic sitcom. Singles will board the boat to try and find love with the help of the captain and crew who will matchmake and then test the couples' chemistry with destination dates, challenges, and surprises. After a month at sea, the winning couple will get a cash prize and a "once in a lifetime trip" from Princess Cruises.

Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn, The Real Love Boat

Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn, The Real Love Boat

Sara Mally/CBS


Here are the trailers that CBS has released so far to promote its new and returning shows.

Trailers for New CBS Shows

East New York Trailers

Fire Country Trailers

So Help Me Todd Trailer

The Real Love Boat Clip and Trailer

Trailers for Returning CBS Shows

CSI: Vegas Season 2 Trailer

Ghosts Season 2 Trailers

NCIS Season 21 and NCIS: Hawaii Season 2 Trailer


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