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Best Free Streaming Services of 2023

Wondering what free streaming services are out there? Here are the best ones we think you should know about.

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Best all-around:  Peacock Best for hit movies: IMDb TVBest for live TV: Pluto TV
  • 20,000+ hours of TV and movies available with free account
  • Live NBC News channels and sports
  • Three simultaneous streams
  • Watch The King of Staten Island, Madagascar, and Bride Wars for free
  • Movie selection changes frequently
  • Growing list of originals like Bosch: Legacy
  • 250+ live TV channels
  • Thousands of on-demand movies and TV shows
  • No sign in or account required to watch
  • When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.  

    It seems like there are new major streaming services coming out all the time, and getting access to all those movies and TV shows is really starting to take a toll on people's pocketbooks — especially when some services like Netflix regularly raise their rates. With all these services available, you'd be well within your right to think that you're going to have to fork over an amount similar to the cost of a standard cable package to keep up with all of it.

    Luckily, there are alternatives out there that don't cost a penny. While the streaming era has given us more paywalled subscription services, it's also opened it up to new, free alternatives that utilize ad-supported models to bring lots of great titles. We don't just mean free trials, either — we mean totally free to you to view. Even better, you can find familiar favorites and new originals on these platforms. There is collectively more to watch than you could possibly consume in a lifetime available for free right now if you know where to look.

    We've tracked down the best free streaming services around, including options with great TV and movies, whether it is live or on-demand. We've avoided services that are locked to specific platforms and ones that require outside memberships like Kanopy and Hoopla. These are services you can use to start watching TV and movies for free right now.

    What are the Best Free Video Streaming Services?

    Compare Top Free Streaming Services

    PeacockFreeveePluto TVTubiCrackleThe Roku Channel
    Requires sign up YesYesNoNoNoYes
    Premium (paid) account offered Yes, two premium tiersNoNoNoNoPremium subscriptions
    Live channels 30+Yes250+NoNoYes
    On-demand library 20,000+ hours of TV and moviesThousands of hours of movies and TVThousands of hours of on-demand titles40,000+ shows and movies38,000+ hours of TV and movies40,000+ shows and movies
    Popular titles Downton Abbey, Yellowstone, The OfficeDeadpool, Mad Men, LostJames Bond movies, NFL Channel, CBSN, Star Trek channelBone Tomahawk, Coraline, The-40-Year-Old VirginSherlock, Resident Evil, News RadReno 911: Defunded, 2 Broke Girls, House, This Old Housioe
    Number of account users Three streamsNo limit on simultaneous streamsNo account requiredNo account requiredNo account requiredNo limit on simultaneous streams
    Offline viewing Yes, premium onlyNoNoNoNoNo

    Choosing the Right Free Streaming Service

    All of the services listed here are free, so we recommend trying out a few different ones until you find one you like. Some focus on live TV, while others are great for watching titles on-demand.

    These streaming services should all work on your web browser, and most of them also have mobile apps you can download for Android, as well as Apple iOS and Apple iPadOS. The services work with most of the popular streaming devices like Roku. You'll need an internet connection that can handle video streaming to tune in. Generally, 25Mbps (Megabytes per second) is fast enough for streaming.

    Best All-Around: Peacock

    Price (Free, $5/mo., $10/mo.)


    NBC's Peacock is the best all-around option for free streaming because this service includes a solid on-demand library, live channels, and you can even catch live sports without paying for the service. And if you use Xfinity or Cox for your internet service, you might be able to get the lower premium tier for free. The free tier supports three simultaneous streams. 


    Even to access the free tier, signing up for an account is required. And you won't be able to download any movie or TV show unless you upgrade to one of the paid tiers. The lower paid tier, which costs $5/mo., still comes with ads. To remove ads from the service, you'll have to pay $10/mo. 

    What to Watch on Peacock 

    The popular movies on Peacock include How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Nutty Professor, and Neighbors. Popular TV shows on Peacock include Downton Abbey, Law & Order, and Saturday Night Live. Sports you can watch free include golf, tennis and the NBC Sports channel.

    Best for Hit Movies: Freevee

    Price (Free)


    IMDb is a well-known website for everything you need to know about movies, so it makes sense that Freevee (previously IMDb TV) is a great place to check out blockbuster movies for free. The slick interface makes searching for movies quick and easy, and the platform is loaded with both familiar favorites and new originals. Freevee also has 60 "Fast" (free, ad-supported television) channels that you can tune into live at any time and watch your favorite shows.


    Although Freevee includes many big-name movies, this service doesn't have quite as many TV shows that are available to watch. You'll also need an account to watch Freevee. Since this service is owned by Amazon, you can sign in with your Prime account, which makes things a little easier. 

    What to Watch on Freevee

    The movies on Freevee change quite a bit. Right now you can watch Deadpool, How To Train Your Dragon, Ghost Rider, Cats, Emma, District 9, and more. There are also a few big shows you can check out, like Mad Men and Lost, as well as Amazon originals like Bosch: Legacy.

    Best for Live TV: Pluto TV

    Price (Free)


    Pluto TV is a welcome addition to free streaming, because this service includes over 250 channels that you can watch live using web browsers, smartphones, or a number of different streaming devices. The offerings include many genre-specific channels, like comedy, horror, western.

    There are also channels dedicated to specific shows like the Degrassi channel and the Star Trek channel. There's no account required, but if you sign up for a free membership, you can customize which channels you see, so you don't have to scroll through every time. There's also a good selection of movies and shows to watch on-demand. 


    Pluto TV is mainly focused on streaming TV channels live, so the service doesn't offer offline viewing options. And if you're mainly interested in watching on-demand titles, you might be better off using one of the other free options on our list. Most of the channels are specific to Pluto TV, so you won't find as many traditional TV networks on this service. 

    What to Watch on Pluto TV

    Aside from the many genre channels that are available, Pluto TV has their own versions of MTV, BET, Fuse, as well as People TV. You can also watch movies on-demand like Snowpierceer and most of the old James Bond movies. There are also shows on-demand like Dawson's Creek and Beverly Hills 90210.

    Best for Mobile App: Tubi

    Price (Free)


    Tubi's giant on-demand library makes it one of the best free streaming services. You don't need an account to start watching, but if you create a free account you can save your preferences and continue where you left off watching even if you switch to a different device. The mobile app has an easy-to-use interface. The movies and shows are separated into categories that are easy to navigate so you don't get lost. 


    Although Tubi features some titles in HD, many of their movies and shows are older and stream in lower resolution. Even if you sign up for an account, you won't be able to watch movies and TV shows offline, and there is currently no ad-free option available. 

    What to Watch on Tubi

    The popular movies on Tubi include The Mask, A Few Dollars More, Miss Congeniality, Jupiter Ascending, Coraline, and Bone Tomahawk. You can also watch shows like Alias, Unsolved Mysteries, Firefly, and Deal or No Deal.

    Best for Original Shows: Crackle

    Price (Free)


    Sony's Crackle allows you to watch for free without signing up for an account. If you want to sign up for free, you can save your preferences and where you left off in shows. Although the movies and shows you can watch are a little light on big names, this is one of the few free streaming services that features a lot of original titles made just for the platform, such as StartUp and The Oath. So if you want to try something new, Crackle might have your new favorite series. 


    Compared to other free services like Peacock or Freevee, Crackle doesn't have as many popular movies and shows to choose from. They make up for this by offering original series, some of which are critically acclaimed. Crackle also does not offer live TV streaming--this service is on-demand only. 

    What to Watch on Crackle

    Check out original series on Crackle like Sequestered, StartUp, or The Oath. Popular movies you can watch include Air Force One and 13 Ghosts. You can also check out TV shows like Black Books and Charlie's Angels.

    Best for Big On-Demand Library: The Roku Channel

    Price (Free, Rentals)


    The Roku Channel is an increasingly growing collection of titles from Roku, including lots of old favorites that you're surely familiar with and some new original titles like Reno 911: Defunded. No longer limited to just Roku players, you can watch The Roku Channel on a browser. It is a curated collection that you can add to with premium subscriptions or enjoy as is at no cost. It contains more than 40,000 hours of TV and movies, including some live channels that you can tune into at any time.


    There is some confusion about the Roku Channel, which is really more like a library of movies and TV shows than it is a singular channel. The confusion comes through in the interface, which can leave something to be desired. Some of the shows you're looking for might be stuck behind a paywall that you'll have to subscribe to access. You cannot watch The Roku Channel offline, and you can't access it directly on competing set top services like Apple TV or Google Chromecast.

    What to Watch on The Roku Channel

    Popular movies on The Roku Channel include Fury, Eyes Wide Shut, Hitch, Sucker Punch, and Space Jam. There are also a number of popular TV shows that you can watch on The Roku Channel including Friday Night Lights, Malcolm in the Middle, 2 Broke Girls, and 24. The Roku Channel has some originals as well, including Reno 911: Defunded

    Our Recommendation

    Streaming services like Hulu and Disney+ are big names in the streaming world, but subscription fees can start to add up. If you're looking for some new free TV shows and movies, the services mentioned above all have plenty. 

    However, we recommend trying Peacock first, because it's a well-balanced free service with some popular movies and shows. But, if you're looking for live TV channels, Pluto TV is probably your best bet. And luckily, none of these services require any fees, so feel free to mix and match to your heart's desire.