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Amazon Prime Video Top 10 Shows and Movies: New and Trending Today, September 28

One ring to rule the whole Top 10 list

Tim Surette
Morfydd Clark, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

Morfydd Clark, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

Matt Grace/Amazon Studios

Part of the reason why The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is so dominant on Amazon Prime Video's Top 10 Shows and Movies list is because the episodes are each about 70 minutes long. A lot of people are watching it, of course, but they're also watching it for longer than they watch a normal TV show. Just something to think about when you're halfway through an episode and you realize there are still 35 minutes left! There's nothing new on Wednesday, Sept. 28's list, just a shuffle of the same titles from yesterday. 

Prime Video's most popular new movies and shows on Prime Video are listed below, but we're not just telling you what's on the list; we're also putting our opinions on there to help you figure out which are worth watching. And to help you plan what you'll watch next, we've added the new shows and movies coming to Prime Video, too.

Recent Releases on Prime Video:

  • Our Idiot Brother - 2011 film starring Paul Rudd as a slacker imposing on his sisters. (Sept. 27)

New shows and movies coming soon to Prime Video:

  • Jungle - British crime drama series set in the near future and vibing to a hip-hop soundtrack. (Sept. 30) 
  • My Best Friend's Exorcism - Horror-comedy film about a teenager who gets possessed. (Sept. 30)
  • Ambulance - Michael Bay's silly 2022 thriller about bank robbers who hijack an ambulance in Los Angeles. (Sept. 30)
  • Un Extraño Enemigo 2 - Mexican political thriller set in the late 1960s. (Sept. 30)

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Top 10 TV Shows and Movies on Amazon Prime Video

Channing Tatum, Dog

Channing Tatum, Dog

1. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

For fans of: Elves, orcs, dwarves, hobbits, etc.
Is it good?: It lives up to the high expectations placed on it [Review]
Trailer | Yesterday's rank: 1

2. Memory

For fans of: Liam Neeson doing his thing, boomer assassins
Is it good?: This action thriller is far from Neeson's best
Trailer | Yesterday's rank: 3

3. Dog

For fans of: Channing Tatum, dogs
Is it good?: The heart-tugging comedy is a solid buddy movie
Trailer | Yesterday's rank: 2

4. Reacher

For fans of: Huge dudes kicking butt and doing detective work
Is it good?: Amazon's hit action show is great and will be around for a long time [Review]
Trailer | Yesterday's rank: 4

5. The Terminal List

For fans of: Chris Pratt, military thrillers, tough guys 
Is it good?: It's a solid shoot 'em up adaptation of Jack Carr's book [Review]
Trailer | Yesterday's rank: 6

More on Amazon:

Chris Pratt, The Terminal List

Chris Pratt, The Terminal List

Amazon Studios

6. The Boys

For fans of: Superheroes, superjerks, superviolence
Is it good?: It's one of TV's best, and certainly the best satirical superhero series
Trailer | Yesterday's rank: 7

7. A Private Affair

For fans of: Thrillers, 1940s chic, Spanish-language dramas
Is it good?: Zippy serial-killer drama is a decent diversion
Trailer | Yesterday's rank: 5

8. The Summer I Turned Pretty

For fans of: Teen romance, beach vacations, love triangles, Abercrombie vibes
Is it good?: For a page-turning YA drama, it delivers the goods
Trailer | Yesterday's rank: 8

9. Samaritan

For fans of: Superheroes, Sylvester Stallone beating up Robocop-type street crooks
Is it good?: It's just an OK dark superhero film [Review]
Trailer | Yesterday's rank: 10

10. The Outfit

For fans of: Mob movies, regular guys outsmarting criminals
Is it good?: It's a pretty good suspense thriller set in 1950s Chicago
Trailer | Yesterday's rank: 9

Based on Amazon Prime Video's Top 10 Movies and TV Shows list for Wednesday, Sept. 28