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1:26 Veep


  • 2020 - Writers Guild Awards - Comedy Series - nominated
  • 2020 - Producers Guild Awards - Danny Thomas Award for Outstanding Producer of Episodic Television, Comedy - nominated
  • 2019 - Emmy - Outstanding Comedy Series - nominated
  • 2019 - Emmy - Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series - nominated

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Sen. Selina Meyer
Anna Chlumsky
Tony Hale

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1 Season
It is the 1970s New York. The world is changing and so is the music industry. Richie Finestra, the president of the record-label American Century Records, struggles to keep up with the transition in music from rock n' roll to disco, hip hop and punk. He must find his lost spark if he wants to save his company and his fractured personal life before it is too late.
71   Metascore
2016 TVMA Drama, Music

The Corner

1 Season
The toll that drugs and crime have taken on an economically-depressed African-American neighborhood in Baltimore paints the backdrop for this miniseries produced for and initially aired by the premium cable network HBO. Gary McCullogh (T.K. Carter) was once a hard-working man with an education and a solid career, but after succumbing to the lure of heroin, Gary has lost his job, home, and wife -- and now steals whatever he can find to support his habit. Gary lives with his girlfriend Fran Boyd (Khandi Alexander), who is also addicted to heroin. While she's all too aware of the pitfalls of her life and wants to clean up, she has trouble getting medical help and her willpower is too weak for her to kick the habit by herself. Fran's 15-year-old son DeAndre (Sean Nelson) has seen enough of his mother's troubles to be wary of using drugs, but while he would prefer to stay on the straight and narrow, dealing crack is one of the few job options open to him in his neighborhood, especially after his allergy to seafood causes him to lose a job in a restaurant. The Corner was based on the book of the same name by Edward Burns and David Simon, which examined one year in a real-life Baltimore neighborhood; Simon collaborated on the teleplay with David Mills, and noted actor Charles S. Dutton directed.
90   Metascore
2000 TVMA Drama, Other

Catherine the Great

1 Season
The life of the Russian empress (1729-96) is chronicled by examining her tumultuous reign, foreign policy, and love affair with military leader Grigory Potemkin.
61   Metascore
2019 TVMA Drama, Other

Artists' Specials

1 Season
Fictionalized encounters between famous artists and children, designed to entertain and educate young people.
1999 TVY7 Drama

The Undoing

1 Season
A successful therapist's life unfolds on the eve of her first book release.
64   Metascore
2020 TVMA Drama, Suspense, Other

White House Plumbers

1 Season
This Series tellls the story of how Nixon's political saboteurs & Watergate masterminds accidentally toppled the Presidency they were zealously trying to protect.
62   Metascore
2023 TVMA Drama, Other

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