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The King of Queens Season 7 Episodes

22 Episodes 2004 - 2005

Episode 1

Lost Vegas

Wed, Oct 27, 2004 30 mins

The seventh season begins with Doug trying to build up credit with Carrie by taking her to a spa, in the hopes that she will let him go to Las Vegas for a weekend with the guys.

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Episode 2

Dugan Groupie

Wed, Oct 27, 2004 30 mins

Doug fears that Carrie will have less time for him now that she has a job that she loves, which could lead to a promising career. Not to be outdone, Doug tries to get a promotion at work.

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Episode 3

Furious Gorge

Wed, Nov 10, 2004 30 mins

Carrie wants Doug to attend an over-eaters support group, but he goes to a class for men in abusive relationships instead, where he is told that it's Carrie's anger that causes him to overeat.

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Episode 4

Entertainment Weakly

Wed, Nov 24, 2004 30 mins

Doug grows jealous when a new driver gets more laughs at lunchtime than he does; Carrie gets a new assistant who proves to be very efficient.

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Episode 5

Name Dropper

Wed, Dec 1, 2004 30 mins

Carrie is determined not to let Doug or Arthur embarrass her when the two attend a party at her office, but that's wishful thinking. Also: Spence's mother moves into Spence and Danny's apartment.

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Episode 6

Off-Track Bedding?

Wed, Dec 8, 2004 30 mins

Doug becomes worried when his neglected mother starts spending time with Arthur while his dad attends a model-train convention.

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Episode 7

Silent Mite

Wed, Dec 15, 2004 30 mins

Doug's Christmas shopping and Yuletide cheer take a holiday after his wallet goes missing at the mall and he has to cancel all of his credit cards. Phil: Jon Simanton. Don: Dana Michael Woods. Det. Perry: Bruce Fine.

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Episode 8

Awed Couple

Wed, Jan 5, 2005 30 mins

Doug and Carrie go to great lengths to find a new couple to hang out with after Deacon and Kelly start spending time with another family.

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Episode 9

Cologne Ranger

Wed, Jan 12, 2005 30 mins

Doug is determined to continue wearing a new cologne even though Carrie hates it, and the two prepare to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Arthur sneaks Spence and Holly into a movie theatre in an effort to pay off money he owes them.

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Episode 10

Domestic Disturbance

Wed, Jan 19, 2005 30 mins

Carrie hires a non-English-speaking maid after she realises that she now makes more money than Doug, two things that irritate him to no end. To get back at her, he hires his own maid, who turns out to be not exactly made to order.

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Episode 11

Pour Judgment

Wed, Jan 26, 2005 30 mins

Doug attends a bartending school and gets a job working at a bar; Arthur runs for president of the senior centre and tries to get Deacon to help him secure the black vote.

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Episode 12

Gym Neighbors

Wed, Feb 9, 2005 30 mins

Neighbour Lou Ferrigno offers to help Doug and Carrie lose weight by putting them through a rigorous exercise program; Arthur tries to confront Dick Clark about a prize he never received after appearing in 1976 on "The $10,000 Pyramid".

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Episode 13

Gorilla Warfare

Wed, Feb 16, 2005 30 mins

Carrie recalls what Doug said to her when they were dating that made her want to marry him, but then she learns a horrifying truth about that night; Danny falls for Holly after his girlfriend breaks up with him.

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Episode 14

Hi, School

Wed, Feb 23, 2005 30 mins

Doug visits his old high school and reminiscences with his former football coach (Burt Reynolds); Arthur temporarily loses his sight and hearing. Brandon: Patrick Levis. Mike: Charles Duckworth. Suzie: Mandy Musgrave. Kim: Annie Abrams.

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Episode 15

Deconstructing Carrie

Wed, Mar 2, 2005 30 mins

Carrie is discouraged about her looks as she faces her 35th birthday so Doug gets construction workers to hoot and holler at her as she passes by in hopes of cheering her up. Also, Arthur tries to come up with a perfect gift for his daughter. Hector: Angelo Pagan. Vince: Jackie Flynn. Nils: Bas Rutten. Gus: Mark Colson.

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Episode 16

Black List

Wed, Mar 16, 2005 30 mins

Doug becomes jealous when Deacon starts hanging out with a new friend and takes drastic measures to win him back; Carrie is blacklisted by a nail salon because of her demanding behavior. Sue: Steffiana De La Cruz. James: Derick Alexander. Connie: Karen Maruyama. Bob: Jay London. May: Natsuko Ohama. Kim: Karen Yum.

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Episode 17

Wish Boned

Wed, Mar 30, 2005 30 mins

Doug wins two tickets to the NCAA men's championship basketball game in St. Louis and reluctantly agrees to take Arthur with him. Big mistake. Joe: Dakin Matthews.

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Episode 18

Van Go

Wed, Apr 6, 2005 30 mins

Carrie convinces Holly that she needs her help with her office makeover just so she can use Holly's van for the supplies. Meanwhile, Doug is frightened by an intimidating waitress who wants to fight him when he calls her a name. Deacon: Victor Williams. Holly: Nicole Sullivan. Arthur: Jerry Stiller.

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Episode 19

Ice Cubed

Wed, Apr 13, 2005 30 mins

Doug, Carrie and Arthur are each stranded in different locations during a snowstorm. Doug is invited to wait out the storm with a Japanese couple, until he starts giving them advice. Meanwhile, Carrie finds shelter in a church and Arthur is forced to stay with Holly, much to her dismay since she has a date coming over. Carmen: Yvonne De La Rosa. Owen: Michael Worth. Father McDaniel: Nick Bakay.

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Episode 20

Catching Hell

Wed, Apr 20, 2005 30 mins

Carrie entertains a female client at a Mets game and invites Doug along, but she soon regrets it after he has a run-in with the woman; Arthur hosts a dinner party, but he's upstaged by Holly's gay uncle (Hal Linden). Joyce: Concetta Tomei. Sylvia: Amy Stiller. Barksdale: Gerry Black.

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Episode 21

Slippery Slope

Mon, May 9, 2005 30 mins

In order to get a plasma TV, Doug has to trick Carrie into attending a weekend getaway at a ski resort, where they must listen to sales pitches for time-shares. Spence and Danny also attend, posing as a gay couple. Anna: Kerry O'Malley. Steve: Rob Boltin. Tammy: Michelle Nordin.

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Episode 22

Buy Curious

Wed, May 18, 2005 30 mins

Doug and Carrie buy a deceased neighbor's house, believing they can sell it quickly for a huge profit. Meanwhile, Arthur agrees to participate in a drug trial, but is afraid of possible side effects, so he slips the medication into Veronica's coffee each day to see what happens to her. Veronica: Anne Meara. Himself: Lou Ferrigno.

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