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1 Season
Originally slated as a mid-season replacement, the NBC sitcom Kristin was held up for release until June 5, 2001. Tony-winning Broadway musical star Kristin Chenoweth starred in this semi-autobiographical effort as Kristin Yancey, a starry-eyed Oklahoma gal who heads to the big city in hopes of a showbiz career. After a series of desultory auditions, Kristin lands a job as personal assistant to go-getting real estate developer -- and notorious rogue -- Tommy Ballantine (Jon Tenney). Under a legal cloud because of past incidents of sexual harassment, Tommy has hired Kristin precisely because he finds her completely unappealing, and because she staunchly adheres to the sort of high moral values that he detests. In the prescribed sitcom fashion, Kristen is surrounded (practically engulfed) by wildly eccentric, ethnically stereotyped co-workers: no-nonsense Latina assistant Santa Clemente (Ana Ortiz), flippant black bike messenger Tyrique Kimbrough (Dale Godboldo), and Italian handyman Aldo Bonnadonna (Larry Romano, then pulling double duty as a regular on King of Queens). Kristin was packaged by the same people responsible for Frasier and The Cosby Show.
2001 TVPG Comedy, Other

Spitting Image

Created by Peter Fluck, Roger Law, and Martin Lambie-Nairn, the legendary British comedy series Spitting Image can be described, albeit inadequately, as a puppet show for grown-ups. Using huge rubber puppets and marionettes, all adorned with the grotesquely caricatured faces of international celebrities, the series mercilessly skewered the Rich and Famous of every political and ideological stripe. Singled out for an inordinate amount of satirical persecution were the members of the Royal Family, although the series was just as unsparing in its attacks of Ronald Reagan, Fidel Castro, Mikhail Gorbachev, and other eminently lampoon-able authority figures. Launched as a half-hour program in 1984, the series ultimately expanded to 45 minutes, chalking up 141 episodes. In addition, nine Spitting Image specials aired between 1986 and 1996; alas, the quality of the writing diminished as the program remained on the air, at least so far as its most fervent fans were concerned. Telecast by Central Television, Spitting Image was never formally syndicated to the United States, though tantalizing vignettes of the series popped up on such American news programs as 60 Minutes, spawning a home-grown imitation from the studios of Sid and Marty Krofft titled D.C. Follies.
1984 TVMA Comedy, Other


2 Seasons
A romantic-comedy series that charts the humorous highs and lows of an unmarried couple.
54   Metascore
2011 TV14 Comedy, Other

Stark Raving Mad

1 Season
A broad sitcom about a fastidious editor working with an eccentric horror writer who has a tendency to pull morbid practical jokes.
1999 TVPG Comedy, Other

The Six O'Clock Follies

Failed military sitcom about soldiers at the Armed Forces Vietnam Network who broadcast the evening news to American troops stationed in Saigon during 1967. 'M*A*S*H' was still going strong on CBS, but, memories of the Vietnam War still raw, audiences found nothing funny about this series and it was axed after five episodes.
1980 Comedy, Other

It's a Man's World

Four young men live on a houseboat called the Elephant on the Ohio River. The group consisted of college student Tom; his buddy Wes; Wes's kid brother Howie; and Vern, a carefree guitarist.
1962 Comedy, Other

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