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My Babysitter's a Vampire

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Vanessa Morgan
Matthew Knight
Atticus Mitchell

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Werewolves in America

Stories of hybrid beasts are reported across America. Included: A man-wolf preys on unsuspecting drivers on a country road; a shape-shifting werewolf protects the swamps in the bayou; and a blood-thirsty manimal confronts a man in Michigan.
2016 TVPG Horror, Other

Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids

The spiders Miss Spider and Holley marry and hatch five spiderlings. When one of them, Squirt, discovers a lost chicken egg, he goes on adventure to return it to his mother.
2003 Horror, Other

2009 Scream Awards

The fourth annual awards show saluting horror, sci-fi and fantasy genres in entertainment. Director George Romero receives the Scream Mastermind Award, presented by Quentin Tarantino. Appearing: Tobey Maguire; Megan Fox; Hugh Jackman; Liv Tyler; Eliza Dushku; and Elijah Wood. Footage from "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" and a tribute from the cast of "The Big Bang Theory" are featured. Taped at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.
2009 Horror, Other

American Horror Story: Coven

3 Seasons
A violent horror story set at a school for witches in New Orleans.
2013 TVMA Drama, Horror, Suspense, Other

Gregory Horror Show

This surreal computer-animated horror comedy show from Japan takes place in Gregory House, a "hotel for lost souls." Each short three-minute episode is about a different inhabitant of the hotel, each of whom represents a fear of something, such as evil doctors or malicious children. While part horror and part comedy, Gregory Horror Show manages to carry through messages of tolerance and introspection beneath its bizarre exterior. For instance, one story tells of a businessman who is tormented by the frightening features of Gregory House and realizes how important his family is to him. He returns to them, only to have further work ahead of him in separating his new wild imagination from reality.
2001 Horror

Night Stalker

1 Season
The ABC sci-fi/horror/thriller series Night Stalker was not so much a remake of the cult 1974 series Kolchak: The Night Stalker as it was a "reimagining" of the earlier show -- at least according to the series' producer, X-Files alumnus Frank Spotnitz. Stuart Townsend stepped into the old Darren McGavin role as maverick journalist Carl Kolchak, whose mission in life was to alert the world of various and sundry paranormal, supernatural, and extraterrestrial activities -- only to be made the fool each week when evidence substantiating his stories of ghost, monsters, spacemen, etc. mysteriously disappeared. Instead of answering to an acerbic, disbelieving editor (the role played by Simon Oakland in the original show), Kolchak verbally sparred, "Mulder and Scully" fashion, with his erstwhile partner, doubting reporter Perri Reed (Gabrielle Union). And whereas the "old" Kolchak was merely trying to make a living and restore his journalistic reputation, the "new" Kolchak was motivated by the unsolved murder of his wife -- which he claimed was at the hands of supernatural forces, but which the authorities suspected was his own handiwork (a dash of Fugitive there). The weekly, 60-minute Night Stalker premiered September 29, 2005.
48   Metascore
1999 TVPG Drama, Horror, Suspense, Other

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