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2 Seasons
A full-time police detective becomes a part-time landlord when he inherits his murdered landlady's building---along with her ferocious little dog---in this interesting dramedy. It followed John Ritter's nine-year run as Jack Tripper on 'Three's Company' and its weak spin-off 'Three's a Crowd.' Ritter won an Emmy for 'Three's Company,' and was nominated for 'Hooperman.'
1987 Comedy

The Peter Potamus Show

Peter Potamus is an animated television series produced by Hanna-Barbera. The main segment featuring Peter Potamus and his diminutive sidekick So-So the monkey. Peter is big, purple, and friendly, dressed in a safari jacket and hat. Episodes generally consisted of Peter and So-So exploring the world in his hot air balloon, which was capable of time travel at the spin of a dial. When faced with a precarious situation, Peter uses his Hippo Hurricane Holler to blow away his opponents. The second segment, Breezly and Sneezly, featured a polar bear named Breezly Bruin and his friend Sneezly the Seal who used various schemes to break into an army camp in the frozen north, while trying to stay one step ahead of the camp's leader Colonel Fuzzby. The final segment, Yippee, Yappee and Yahooey, featured three dogs named Yippee, Yappee, and Yahooey who work for the King, a short, complaining ruler who is often on the receiving end of their antics.
1964 TVG Travel, Comedy, Other

The Faculty

1 Season
A divorced vice principal deals with assorted problems at a junior high school where the teachers seem as clueless as the students.
1996 Comedy, Other

Me & Mom

A criminologist and her socialite mother team with a tough ex-cop to form a detective agency.
1985 Drama, Comedy

The Tony Randall Show

A year after 'The Odd Couple,' Tony Randall played a widowed Philadelphia judge. After a year on ABC, the sitcom moved to CBS and lasted one more season before being canceled.
1976 Comedy, Other

The Charmings

2 Seasons
A twisted sitcom take on the Grimm fairy tale in which Snow White winds up in suburban California with Prince Charming and their kids. As the parents get jobs and the kids enroll in school, the wicked stepmother Lillian continues to plot revenge with the help of her magic mirror.
1987 Comedy, Other

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