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CookIn with Mark Moriarty

2 Seasons
2020 Drama, Family


4 Seasons
A true-crime series.
2016 TV14 Documentary, Reality, Family, Other


Making some adorable animals out of clay.
2018 Family, Educational, Other

The Thundermans

4 Seasons
The adventures of a suburban family with superpowers, including teenage twins who are polar opposites: one is cheerful and the other is a dark villain. Phoebe and Max, both twins, are opposites in personalities. But they share a secret with their family. The teens, their parents, and siblings are a bunch of superheroes. Phoebe is the good-natured boy who wants to use his powers to good purpose while max aspires to be the supervillain. Phobe and Max share the same powers, freeze breath and moving objects through telekinesis. The family keeps their extraordinary powers under wraps mostly as they want to lead a normal life.
43   Metascore
2013 TVG Family, Comedy, Action & Adventure, Science Fiction, Other

Greatest Bond

Three brave veterans who have returned home are met with service dogs who do an incredible job negating the battle scars and trials of the veterans by providing love, loyalty, and support.
2020 TVPG Documentary, Family, Other

The Rocketeer

1 Season
A girl becomes superhero the Rocketeer, who flies with a rocket-powered jet pack and fights evil.
2019 TVY Family, Comedy, Action & Adventure, Other, Science Fiction

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