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JAG Season 4 Episodes

24 Episodes 1998 - 1999

Episode 1

Gypsy Eyes

Tue, Sep 22, 1998 60 mins

Conclusion. Chegwidden goes to Russia after an air crash is reported to have killed Harm and Mac, who are aided by gypsy siblings (Eric Zivot, Natasha Pavlovich). Alexei: Allan Kolman. Falcon: Rex Linn. DePalma: Cliff DeYoung. Mac: Catherine Bell. Chegwidden: John M. Jackson.

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Episode 2


Tue, Sep 29, 1998 60 mins

Terrorists take over the Sudanese embassy while Mac and Harm are inside on a mission to learn who's responsible for the kidnapping of a Sudanese pacifist. Moshak: Vince Ricotta. Dubotu: Ben Guillory. Shohala: Michael Chinyamurindi. Admiral: John M. Jackson.

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Episode 3


Tue, Oct 6, 1998 60 mins

Harm and Mac are in Japan as observers in the rape trial of an ensign, a case made more difficult by comments to the press from the defendant's CO. Fessenden: Muse Watson. Guitry: Sean Murray. Kitamura: Yuji Okumoto. Higashimori: Mako.

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Episode 4

Going After Francesca

Tue, Oct 13, 1998 60 mins

Chegwidden's daughter is kidnapped in Italy, where a Navy officer faces a court-martial for stealing Stinger missiles for sale to Iran. Marcella: Barbara Carrera. Vittorio: Ray Laska. Luscino: Jim Pirri. Cade: Anthony Tyler Quinn. Chegwidden: John M. Jackson.

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Episode 5

The Martin-Baker Fan Club

Tue, Oct 20, 1998 60 mins

A psychotic veteran's suicide prompts a murder charge against the fellow patient who prevented him from taking his prescribed medication. Roscoe: Kevin Conway. Oakley: John Wesley. Mike: John Hostetter. ADA:Franc Luz. Mac: Catherine Bell. Harm: David James Elliott.

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Episode 6

Act of Terror

Mon, Oct 27, 1997 60 mins

Harm tries temporary insanity in his defense of a Marine who shoots a captured terrorist---on live TV. But some wouldn't mind a degree of lenience for the vigilante act. Barry: Michael Weatherred. Ressler: Tina Lifford. Bertram: Barry Corbin.

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Episode 7

Angels 30

Tue, Nov 3, 1998 60 mins

After clipping an attacking Iraqi MiG instead of firing at it, a top gun has no explanation for his inaction, then stuns everyone by resigning. But his ultimate account is even more surprising. Rice: David Lee Smith. Slider: James Parks.

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Episode 8

Mr. Rabb Goes to Washington

Tue, Nov 10, 1998 60 mins

A report claims American troops used chemical weapons against expatriate Americans during the Gulf War, and Harm is drafted to help in hearings on the matter. Bobbi: Anne-Marie Johnson. Delaporte: Barry Jenner. Christopher: Joe Lando. Morrison: John Schneider. Harm: David James Elliott.

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Episode 9

People v. Mac

Tue, Nov 17, 1998 60 mins

Mac and her former CO---and lover---are arrested for the murder of a man who threatened to reveal their past and thus sink her career. Chris: Joe Lando. Farrow: Ben Murphy. Brumby: Trevor Goddard. Turpin: Chuck Vennera. Mac: Catherine Bell.

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Episode 10

The Black Jet

Tue, Nov 24, 1998 60 mins

Harm's former roommate is held for trial in Iran after his plane is downed by mechanical failure. But he covertly implies there's more to the story when Mac and Harm arrive to defend him. Keeter: Michael McGrady. Kazzari: Eddy Saad. Minister: Erick Avari.

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Episode 11

Jaggle Bells

Tue, Dec 15, 1998 60 mins

Mac's preteen student seeks to spend Christmas, and more, with her; a psychiatrist arrested for DUI salvages Harm's holiday; Bud and Harriet prepare to play Santa and elf for hospitalized kids. Chloe: Mae Whitman. Lt. Parker: Susan Haskell.

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Episode 12

Dungaree Justice

Tue, Jan 12, 1999 60 mins

A bartender who was beaten up by three sailors IDs one attacker, whose buddy's loose lips give Harm and Mac a clue to a cryptic comment regarding the motive. Meanwhile, Bud's brother wants out of his enlistment commitment. Lopez: Mercedes Colon. Hendrix: A.T. Montgomery. Olin: Christopher Dean Johnston. Colbert: Tom Schanley. Bud: Patrick Labyorteaux. Harriet: Karri Turner. Mac: Catherine Bell. Harm: David James Elliott.

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Episode 13

War Stories

Wed, Jan 13, 1999 60 mins

Bud's inexperience concerns a client, who is charged with involuntary manslaughter after three deaths result from his disobeying an order; Chegwidden becomes a movie consultant during his vacation, leaving Harm in charge. Risnicki: Alex Carter. Fran: Alyson Reed.

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Episode 14

Webb of Lies

Tue, Feb 9, 1999 60 mins

While investigating the death of CIA friend and nemesis Clayton Webb, Harm learns an imposter is serving time for an assassin who twice tried to kill Harm. Candella: William R. Moses. Palmer: Peter Murnik. Jordan: Susan Haskell. Mrs. Webb: Claudette Nevins.

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Episode 15

Rivers' Run

Tue, Feb 16, 1999 60 mins

A SEAL (Montel Williams) is accused of killing a 14-year-old boy during a training exercise. The victim is the nephew of a fugitive bomber. Grenin: Marty Rackham. Yarrow: Ernie Lively. Toobin: Richard Speight Jr.

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Episode 16

Silent Service

Tue, Feb 23, 1999 60 mins

Mac and Harm board a submarine to learn why it went off course, and hear a reference to a "curse," followed by a fatal accident and an outbreak of hepatitis. Flager: Tom Amades. Hodge: Joel Gretsch. Eustis: Lennie Loftin. Mac: Catherine Bell. Harm: David James Elliott.

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Episode 17

Nobody's Child

Tue, Mar 2, 1999 60 mins

Trisha Yearwood guest stars as forensic pathologist Teresa Coulter, whom Harm summons to help in the investigation of the brutal murder of a child with no ID or apparent family. Hawkins: Vyto Ruginis. Mrs. Springs: L. Scott Caldwell. Ms. Rawlings: Jane Daly. Dar-Lin: Aysia Polk.

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Episode 18


Tue, Mar 30, 1999 60 mins

Harm and Mac investigate why a carrier in the Persian Gulf enforcing the no-fly zone experienced a complete power outage. Yarborrough: Jack Conley. Newman: David Graf. Sherkston: Jon Pennell. Hollis: James O'Shea. Capt. Makaway: Michael Gaston.

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Episode 19


Tue, Apr 13, 1999 60 mins

Following his promotion to full lieutenant, Bud's first case is defending his estranged father, a retired Master Chief. He's been accused of scamming Navy property---by a convicted felon. "Big Bud": Jeff MacKay. Dobie: Larry Brandenburg. Mikey: Michael Bellisario.

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Episode 20

Second Sight

Tue, Apr 27, 1999 60 mins

Mac seethes with anger as she visits her estranged dying father; Harm learns that his night-vision problem was misdiagnosed, and that a procedure may restore it---or further limit his ability to fly. Deanne: Conchata Ferrell. Father Genaro: Michael Tucci.

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Episode 21

Wilderness of Mirrors

Tue, May 4, 1999 60 mins

Harm hesitates to tell his psychiatrist girlfriend that he's having visions---of his father. Meanwhile, the Admiral prepares to argue in front of the Supreme Court. Jordan: Susan Haskell. Mago: Peter Murnik. Admiral: John M. Jackson. Bud: Patrick Labyorteaux.

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Episode 22

Soul Searching

Tue, May 11, 1999 60 mins

Chegwidden joins Webb in Rome on a covert mission to rescue a kidnapped CIA operative who's influenced both their lives. Decker: Sean Masterson. Amati: John Mariano. Det. Bigi: Tony Noakes. Teresa: Jo Champa. Senator Jim: Jeff Doucette. Fawkes: Harry Danner.

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Episode 23

Yeah, Baby

Tue, May 18, 1999 60 mins

There's lots of lawyers, but no doctor in sight when Harriet goes into labor at the office; Harm requests to return to flight status, news that pleases neither the Admiral, Mac nor Jordan (Susan Haskell). Harriet: Karri Turner. Tiner: Chuck Carrington. Chloe: Mae Whitman.

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Episode 24


Sat, May 29, 1999 60 mins

As he ponders leaving JAG, Harm picks up the trail of Charlie Lynch, who masquerades as an officer to find Dar-Lin, the twin sister of the girl he killed. Lynch: Erik Todd Dellums. Dar-Lin: Aysia Polk. Jordan: Susan Haskell. Holland: Joan Pringle. Rawlings: Jane Daly.

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