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JAG Season 3 Episodes

24 Episodes 1997 - 1998

Episode 1

Ghost Ship

Tue, Sep 23, 1997 60 mins

A skeleton is discovered inside the aircraft carrier on which Harm's father served during the Vietnam War. Falcon: Rex Linn. Sibby: Richard Portnow. Andy: Larry Manetti. Millie: Marcy Kaplan. Dr. Burger: Jon Menick. Harm: David James Elliott. Mac: Catherine Bell.

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Episode 2

The Court-martial of Sandra Gilbert

Tue, Sep 30, 1997 60 mins

A top female pilot is accused of disobeying an order---to cease her affair with a married enlisted man, and a Congresswoman is determined to ensure the pilot's fair treatment as a potential court-martial looms. Gilbert: Elizabeth Mitchell. Rep. Latham: Anne-Marie Johnson.

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Episode 3

For The Good of the Service

Tue, Oct 7, 1997 50 mins

Harm and Mac prosecute a marine who admits that he disobeyed an order, resulting in civilian deaths. For the defense: their CO, Admiral Chegwidden (John M. Jackson). Mason: Ian Ogilvy. Antoinette Malidor: Pamala Tyson. Mac: Catherine Bell.

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Episode 4


Tue, Oct 14, 1997 60 mins

A pilot and his superior, Harm's former flight instructor, blame a downdraft for a crash that killed two civilians. But another witness says it was hot-dogging by the pilot. Hochausen: Gary Graham. Judd: David Koplan. Schiparelli: Sarah Silverman.

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Episode 5

King of the Fleas

Tue, Oct 21, 1997 60 mins

A disabled Vietnam vet confesses to Harm that he recently killed a Vietnamese man in Georgetown, and he also claims to have met Harm's father in a POW camp. Menkes: Kevin Conway. Coster: Michael David Lally. Harm: David James Elliott. Bud: Patrick Labyorteaux.

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Episode 6


Tue, Oct 28, 1997 60 mins

An accompanying jet loses visual and radar contact with a Navy Tomcat in the vicinity of the Bermuda Triangle. But land-based radar reveals an additional 12 minutes of flight before the plane's disappearance at sea. Yankee: Jim Fitzpatrick. Bubba: Darren Gray Ward. Mac: Catherine Bell.

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Episode 7

Against All Enemies

Tue, Nov 4, 1997 60 mins

A North Korean civilian airliner is downed by a U.S. test missile that apparently launched itself. Hubbard: David Purdham. Rockwell: James MacDonald. Tuppany: Marjorie Monaghan. Radioman Sullivan: Laurel Moglen. Capt. Houck (CAG): Tom Everett.

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Episode 8

Above and Beyond

Tue, Nov 11, 1997 60 mins

Witnesses say a SEAL was reckless and endangered the lives of his men in a rescue that may win him a nomination for the Medal of Honor. Douglas: Tico Wells. Wilkins: Guy Garner. Culbertson: Gregory Itzin. Hannah: Chris Burgard.

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Episode 9


Tue, Nov 18, 1997 60 mins

The Defense Security Division pulls JAG off the investigation of a collision between a Marine helicopter and an unknown aircraft; Mac receives a job offer from a civilian law firm. Palmer: Peter Murnik. Barret: Randolph Mantooth. Dalton: Larry Poindexter.

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Episode 10

People v. Rabb

Tue, Nov 25, 1997 60 mins

Harm is arrested for allegedly killing a Russian criminal who sold stolen documents pertaining to his father. But the real killer is a former KGB man also after the papers. Parlovsky: Vladimir Skomarovsky. Imes: Dana Sparks. Webb: Steven Culp. Mac: Catherine Bell.

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Episode 11


Tue, Dec 9, 1997 60 mins

A female ensign claims self-defense after killing a Turkish military attaché. But her claim is based solely upon her intuition. Ensign Lane: Kate Hodge. Hasan: Michael Saad. Imes: Dana Sparks. Yannis: Victor Touzie.

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Episode 12

Someone to Watch Over Annie

Tue, Jan 6, 1998 60 mins

At Andrews AFB, Harm's godson thinks he witnesses a murder, a fact confirmed by a subsequent attempt on his life. Josh: Will Rothhaar. Annie: Daphne Ashbrook. Harvak: Stephen Liska. Webb: Steven Culp.

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Episode 13

With Intent to Die

Tue, Jan 13, 1998 60 mins

Chegwidden decides to investigate the matter himself after findings confirm that his high-ranking mentor committed suicide. Schoenfeld: Norman Parker. Evelyn: Katherine Cannon. Whelan: Kent McCord. Allenby: Royce D. Applegate.

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Episode 14

Father's Day

Tue, Feb 3, 1998 60 mins

A tank driver is charged with dereliction of duty, which he attributes to his distraction over the custody battle for his infant son. Wetzel: Jaimz Woolvert. Marie: Olivia Burnette. Albanese: Pat Skipper. Bea: Kate Williamson. Billups: Mark Murphy.

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Episode 15

Yesterday's Heroes

Tue, Feb 24, 1998 60 mins

It is learned that the sinking of an alleged drug-running yacht was not a Navy accident but the work of a group of vigilantes, who continue to harass the yacht's users. Artemus: Ernest Borgnine. Wendell: Lou Myers. Harold: Dick Bakalyan. Mendoza: Nick Corri. Harm: David James Elliott.

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Episode 16

Chains of Command

Tue, Mar 3, 1998 60 mins

Mac's boyfriend defends a sailor accused of offering leniency for sex from an air-traffic controller after her admitted mistake. Douglas: Blake Lindsley. Sullivan: Steve Eastin. Ross: Bill Bolendar.

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Episode 17

The Stalker

Tue, Mar 17, 1998 60 mins

Mac's ex-boyfriend is shot and carjacked; Chegwidden's daughter visits; Mac and Harm defend a CPO accused of beating a prostitute. Sevalas: Forry Smith. Francesca: Giuliana Santini. Coster: Michael David Lally. Mac: Catherine Bell. Chegwidden: John M. Jackson.

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Episode 18

Tiger, Tiger

Tue, Mar 24, 1998 60 mins

Harm doesn't tell Annie that his sailing weekend with her son Josh is aboard a Navy frigate---which is later hijacked by Cuban terrorists planning to launch its missiles at Castro. Josh: Will Rothhaar. Annie: Daphne Ashbrook. Harm: David James Elliott. Bud: Patrick Labyorteaux.

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Episode 19

Death Watch

Tue, Mar 31, 1998 60 mins

Flashbacks recall the probe of the murder of Harm's Navy girlfriend, a ringer for Mac, who now tries to stop Harm from avenging the crime, despite an official conclusion to the case. Krennick: Andrea Thompson. Turkey: John Ashton. Lamb: Mark Kiley.

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Episode 20

The Imposter

Tue, Apr 21, 1998 60 mins

Harm is abducted by an operative seeking to silence a Marine officer Harm's set to prosecute for illegally supplying nerve gas. Palmer: Peter Murnik. Vickers: Sam Hennings. Gribaldi: Stephen Macht. Pasternak: James McBride.

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Episode 21

The Return of Jimmy Blackhorse

Tue, Apr 28, 1998 60 mins

A Navajo medicine woman disputes that remains found in New Zealand are those of her brother-in-law, a PFC declared missing during WWII. Coulter: Trisha Yearwood. Margaret: Betty Carvalho. Johnny: Frank Sotonoma Salsedo. Begay: Gregory Norman Cruz.

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Episode 22

Clipped Wings

Tue, May 5, 1998 60 mins

Political pressures come into play after a pilot clips a helicopter during a NATO exercise over Italian airspace, killing six civilians. Murphy: Joe Spano. Bobbi Latham: Anne-Marie Johnson. Arianna: Antonia DeNardo. Gordon: Charles Homet.

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Episode 23

Wedding Bell Blues

Tue, May 12, 1998 60 mins

On the night before his wedding, Bud, Harm and the Admiral land in jail, thanks to Bud's father, a retired Navy man with whom Bud has unresolved issues. Big Bud: Jeff MacKay. Mikey: Michael Bellisario. Lydia: Debbie McLeod. Harriet: Karri Turner.

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Episode 24

To Russia, with Love (Part 1)

Tue, May 19, 1998 60 mins

Harm heads to Moscow to find his father with the help of Mac.

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