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Ben Casey Season 5 Episodes

26 Episodes 1965 - 1966

Episode 1

War of Nerves

Mon, Sep 13, 1965 60 mins

Despite mounting opposition, Casey prepares to use a new and unproved operation on two critically ill men. English: Leslie Nielsen. Sally: Marlyn Mason. McDaniel: Jim McMullan. Ann: Antoinette Bower. Freeland: Franchot Tone.

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Episode 2

O, the Big Wheel Turns by Faith, by Faith

Mon, Sep 20, 1965 60 mins

Problems for Casey: a malpractice suit, the resignation of a valuable doctor, a baffling paralysis case. Janet: Davey Davison. Marsh: James Farentino. Spaulding: Stephen McNally. Freeland: Franchot Tone. McDaniel: Jim McMullan.

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Episode 3

A Nightingale Named Nathan

Mon, Sep 27, 1965 60 mins

A cantor believes that his loss of voice is punishment for blasphemy. Fanny: Barbara Turner. Casey: Vince Edwards. Stearns: Don Marshall. Sally: Marlyn Mason. Zorba: Sam Jaffe.

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Episode 4

Run for Your Lives, Dr. Galanos Practices Here

Mon, Oct 4, 1965 60 mins

Casey is caught in a philosophical battle between a doctor and his father, an aging Latin American revolutionary. Fernando: Nehemiah Persoff. Arthur: Michael Ansara. Robert: Bob Random. Freeland: Franchot Tone. Sally: Marlyn Mason.

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Episode 5

Because of the Needle, the Haystack Was Lost

Mon, Oct 11, 1965 60 mins

Casey runs afoul of Dr. Hagar Brandt, a member of the board of directors---which will be deciding Casey's future at the hospital. Edith: Ann Harding. Casey: Vince Edwards. Sally: Marlyn Mason.

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Episode 6

What To Her Is Plato?

Mon, Oct 18, 1965 60 mins

Casey and Hoffman are baffled by a patient who has neither funds nor friends---and is unable to sign her name. Ruth: Julie Sommars. Casey: Vince Edwards. Hoffman: Harry Landers. Sally: Marlyn Mason. Al: Bernie Kopell. McDaniel: Jim McMullan.

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Episode 7

Francini? Who Is Francini?

Mon, Oct 25, 1965 60 mins

Casey turns detective when everything from a flower pot to a TV vanishes from his ward. Francini: Gabriel Dell. Molly: Pippa Scott. Sally: Marlyn Mason. Freeland: Franchot Tone. Maggie: Bettye Ackerman. McDaniel: Jim McMullan.

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Episode 8

Then, I, and You, and All of Us Fell Down

Mon, Nov 1, 1965 60 mins

A famed missionary is brought to the hospital with symptoms that completely baffle the pathologists. Jordan: Brian Bedford. Casey: Vince Edwards. Maggie: Bettye Ackerman. Jack: Steven Marlo.

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Episode 9

No More, Cried the Rooster: There Will Be Truth

Mon, Nov 8, 1965 60 mins

The disciplined life of an intern proves too confining for a young man who reluctantly became a doctor to honor a family tradition. Mr. Lee: Benson Fong. Casey: Vince Edwards. Laura: Linda Lawson. Phelps: Malachi Throne. Ann: Antoinette Bower. Blake: Walter Reed.

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Episode 10

The Importance of Being 65937

Mon, Nov 15, 1965 60 mins

Afraid his illness will cost him his job, a self-righteous and friendless policeman checks into County General under an alias. Dora: Linda Gaye Scott. Casey: Vince Edwards. Laura: Linda Lawson. Hoffman: Harry Landers.

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Episode 11

When Givers Prove Unkind

Mon, Nov 22, 1965 60 mins

A tycoon promises a large contribution to the hospital if his daughter is allowed to work with Casey (Vince Edwards). Claudia: Linda Marsh. Freeland: Franchot Tone. Taylor: Wilfrid Hyde-White.

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Episode 12

The Man From Quasilia

Mon, Nov 29, 1965 60 mins

Casey has no use for an incompetent South American intern who is struggling to polish his medical skills. Teresa: Barbara Luna. Taylor: Wilfrid Hyde-White. Hoffman: Harry Landers. Laura: Linda Lawson.

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Episode 13

Why Did the Day Go Backwards?

Mon, Dec 6, 1965 60 mins

Casey takes on the hospital administrators---and the Mafia---to get the case history of a badly beaten girl. Taylor: Wilfrid Hyde-White. Delia: Lainie Kazan. Laura: Linda Lawson. Davis: Curt Conway.

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Episode 14

You Wanna Know What Really Goes on in a Hospital?

Mon, Dec 20, 1965 60 mins

A muckraking journalist enters the hospital as a patient to gather material for an exposé of both County General and Ben Casey (Vince Edwards). Barbara: Sally Kellerman. Freeland: Franchot Tone. Hoffman: Harry Landers. Maggie: Bettye Ackerman.

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Episode 15

If You Play Your Cards Right, You Too Can Be a Loser

Mon, Dec 27, 1965 60 mins

Casey tries to determine whether a bride's brain injuries are the result of a fall---or a beating by her husband. Carter: David Jones. Maggie: Bettye Ackerman. Mary: Yvonne Craig. Dyboski: Otto Waldis. Laura: Linda Lawson.

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Episode 16

In Case of Emergency, Cry Havoc!

Mon, Jan 3, 1966 60 mins

Casey pulls all stops to convince a woman her husband's life depends on immediate surgery, and not a miracle drug she read about. Leona: Geraldine Brooks. Casey: Vince Edwards. Benbrook: Henry Beckman. Mrs. Graham: Virginia Gregg.

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Episode 17

Meantime, We Shall Express Our Darker Purpose

Mon, Jan 10, 1966 60 mins

A hit-and-run driver, a delinquent and a priest exert conflicting pressures on Casey (Vince Edwards). Kendrick: Alfred Ryder. Father Ingram: Robert Burr. Bobby: Peter Lazer. Maggie: Bettye Ackerman.

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Episode 18

For San Diego, You Need a Different Bus

Mon, Jan 17, 1966 60 mins

Dane Clark portrays a crusader who can render himself unconscious at will, and would rather die than divulge any details of his medical history. Casey: Vince Edwards. Granger: Sidney Blackmer. Betty: Judi Meredith. Nellie: Ann Elder.

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Episode 19

Smile, Baby, Smile, It's only 20 Dols of Pain

Mon, Jan 24, 1966 60 mins

Casey intervenes when a settlement worker resorts to addictive drugs to kill the pain of facial neuralgia. Casey: Vince Edwards. Granger: Sidney Blackmer. Freeland: Franchot Tone.

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Episode 20

Fun and Games and Other Tragic Things

Mon, Jan 31, 1966 60 mins

A brain-tumor victim, fed up after a four-year search for a cure, swears off hospitals and sets out to enjoy her last year of life. Casey: Vince Edwards. Ann: Dolores Sutton. Granger: Sidney Blackmer.

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Episode 21

Weave Nets to Catch the Wind

Mon, Feb 7, 1966 60 mins

Iron-willed Anna Medalie hides the symptoms of her serious illness in a last-ditch attempt to keep her son tied to her apron strings. Casey: Vince Edwards. Granger: Sidney Blackmer. Betty: Judi Meredith. Nurse Wills: Jeanne Bates. Carla: Indus Arthur. Andy: David Ladd.

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Episode 22

Lullaby for a Wind Up Toy

Mon, Feb 14, 1966 60 mins

An unwed teen accident victim refuses to undergo a lifesaving operation that may kill her unborn child. Blaney: Jack Carter. Casey: Vince Edwards. Janice: Brooke Bundy. Granger: Sidney Blackmer. Carla: Indus Arthur. Artie: Murray MacLeod.

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Episode 23

Where Did All the Roses Go?

Mon, Feb 21, 1966 60 mins

A skilled nurse inexplicably turns nervous and inefficient when her daughter comes to the hospital as a student nurse. Gail: Kim Darby. Casey: Vince Edwards. Sutter: Joe Maross. Owen/Oren: Sherwood Price. Hoffman: Harry Landers.

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Episode 24

26 Ways to Spell Heartbreak: A.B.C.D..

Mon, Feb 28, 1966 60 mins

Casey tries to find a medical explanation for the violent behavior of a third-grader who nearly killed his teacher. Ralph: Jack Weston. Floyd: Christopher Harris. Brooks: Peter Haskell. Oren/Owen: Sherwood Price. Nick: Nick Dennis.

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Episode 25

Pull the Wool Over Your Eyes, Here Comes the Cold Wind of Truth

Mon, Mar 14, 1966 60 mins

Casey gets entangled with two patients who indulge in self-diagnoses and self-pity. Joan: Juliet Mills. Brewster: Robert Lipton. Brooks: Peter Haskell.

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Episode 26

Then, Suddenly, Panic!

Mon, Mar 21, 1966 60 mins

The ebullience of a dancer dissolves into fear when she must undergo the same surgery that has left another patient paralyzed. Pat: Kathryn Crosby. Casey: Vince Edwards. Maggie: Bettye Ackerman. Whelan: Gavin MacLeod.

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