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Ben Casey Season 3 Episodes

33 Episodes 1963 - 1964

Episode 1

For This Relief Much Thanks

Mon, Sep 9, 1963 60 mins

Casey is drawn into the personal problems of a youth badly beaten by his father. Landros: Oscar Homolka. Jason: Scott Marlowe. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Thompson: Paul Richards.

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Episode 2

Justice to a Microbe

Wed, Sep 18, 1963 60 mins

Protected by metal shields, an operating team tries to remove radioactive material from a construction worker. Casey: Vince Edwards. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Rosario: Robert Loggia. Gregory: James Caan. Maggie: Bettye Ackerman.

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Episode 3

With the Rich and Mighty, Always Little Patience

Wed, Sep 25, 1963 60 mins

Casey's patience is taxed by a wealthy and willful patient who upsets hospital routine with her incessant demands. Casey: Vince Edwards. Barker: Fred Beir. Miller: Frank Aletter. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Jonathan: David Bond.

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Episode 4


Wed, Oct 2, 1963 60 mins

Sammy Davis Jr. plays a baseball star who finds his loss of an eye less disturbing than his black doctor's bitter antiwhite outbursts. Martin: Greg Morris. Casey: Vince Edwards. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Belmont: Ken Lynch. Doris: Isabelle Cooley.

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Episode 5

If There Were Dreams to Sell

Wed, Oct 9, 1963 60 mins

A negligent mother, a sickly grandfather and an absent father all weigh heavily on an 11-year-old girl. Casey: Vincent Edwards. Collie: Suzy Somers. Jean Smith: Kay Medford. Murdock: Cecil Kellaway. Hoffman: Harry Landers.

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Episode 6

Echo of a Silent Cheer

Wed, Oct 16, 1963 60 mins

Part 1. Physical culturist David Masterson refuses to consent to a lifesaving---but physically impairing---operation for his son. Casey: Vince Edwards. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Larry: Beau Bridges. Cathy: Carolyn Kearney. Laura: Carole Wells. Maggie: Bettye Ackerman.

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Episode 7

Echo of a Silent Cheer

Wed, Oct 23, 1963 60 mins

Conclusion. David Masterson sues County General, claiming that Casey's "unauthorized" operation on his son caused permanent paralysis. Casey: Vince Edwards. Larry: Beau Bridges. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Lynch: Edward Asner.

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Episode 8

Little Drops of Water, Little Grains of Sand

Wed, Oct 30, 1963 60 mins

Casey probes conditions in a nearby factory after a worker is hospitalized with symptoms that point to lead poisoning. Casey: Vince Edwards. Swing: Harry Townes. Reenee: Norma Crane.

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Episode 9

Light Up the Dark Corners

Wed, Nov 6, 1963 60 mins

A nurse fights her growing affection for a sea captain suffering from terminal cancer. Cassidy: Richard Basehart. Casey: Vince Edwards. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Deenie: J. Pat O'Malley.

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Episode 10

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Wed, Nov 13, 1963 60 mins

Ricardo Montalban plays a killer whose confession under sedation places an ethical burden on Maggie (Bettye Ackerman). Casey: Vince Edwards. Waller: James Best. Eberhardt: Logan Ramsey.

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Episode 11

Fire in a Sacred Fruit Tree

Wed, Nov 20, 1963 60 mins

Intern Richard Connell's girlfriend is shaken by two reports: she's pregnant, and she's suffering from a brain tumor. Connell: Dean Jones. Anna: Ella Jacobson. Casey: Vince Edwards. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Vida: Svea Grunfeld. Nick: Nick Dennis.

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Episode 12

Dispel the Black Cyclone That Shakes the Throne

Wed, Nov 27, 1963 60 mins

An aging diva pins her hopes of continuing her career on a dangerous eye operation. Directed by Vince Edwards (Casey). Clarissa: Mary Astor. Polly: Eileen Heckart. Roper: Wilton Graff. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Bender: James Dunn. Ann: Luana Anders.

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Episode 13

My Love, My Love

Wed, Dec 4, 1963 60 mins

Stricken with multiple sclerosis, a doctor finds his marriage threatened by his growing affection for a fellow MS patient. Tess: Anna-Lisa. Casey: Vince Edwards. June: Anjanette Comer. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Rogers: Robert Harland.

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Episode 14

From Too Much Love of Living

Wed, Dec 11, 1963 60 mins

Casey tries to straighten out an emotional tangle involving a doctor seemingly unmoved by his wife's suicide attempt. Casey: Vince Edwards. Eileen: Barbara Rush. Pryor: Mark Richman. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Catherine: Ruth White.

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Episode 15

It's Getting Dark...and We Are Lost

Wed, Dec 18, 1963 60 mins

Casey is baffled by an 11-year-old accident victim who mumbles in Latin and German. Penny: Ann Jillian. Slim: Robert Webber. Fletcher: Gene Lyons. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Maggie: Bettye Ackerman. Hoffman: Harry Landers.

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Episode 16

The Last Splintered Spike on the Old Burlesque Wheel

Wed, Dec 25, 1963 60 mins

Casey treats a carnival dancer who suffers from an undetermined malady---and an acute lack of self-respect. Dede: Maggie McNamara. King: George Grizzard. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Nurse Wills: Jeanne Bates. Hoffman: Harry Landers.

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Episode 17

The Light That Loses, the Light That Wins

Wed, Jan 1, 1964 60 mins

Dana Andrews plays a neurosurgeon tormented by self-doubt and a recurring nightmare. Doris: Peggy McCay. Casey: Vince Edwards. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Bell: Ray Galvin. Maggie: Bettye Ackerman.

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Episode 18

I'll Get on My Ice Flow and Wave Goodbye

Wed, Jan 8, 1964 60 mins

After emergency treatment, an elderly man refuses to tell anyone who he is. Harmon: Charlie Ruggles. Casey: Vince Edwards. Kirgo: Joseph Buloff.

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Episode 19

The Only Place They Know My Name

Wed, Jan 15, 1964 60 mins

Casey faces a problem of ethics with a derelict who offers to sell one of his eyes to a zoologist. Simmons: Phil Harris. O'Hara: Michael Higgins. Casey: Vince Edwards. Christine: Bek Nelson.

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Episode 20

There Was Once a Man in the Land of Uz

Wed, Jan 22, 1964 60 mins

Casey is hesitant about removing a blood clot from Larry Franklin's brain---and perhaps with it Franklin's religious visions. Larry: Robert Walker. Edward: James Gregory. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Harper: Royal Dano. Holly: Leslie Wales.

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Episode 21

One Nation Indivisible

Wed, Jan 29, 1964 60 mins

Casey directs a nationwide search for a rare type of blood needed by a young accident victim. Susan: Susan Gordon. Ellen: Ann Carroll. Maggie: Bettye Ackerman. Smith: Joe Turkel.

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Episode 22

Goodbye to Blue Elephants and Such

Wed, Feb 5, 1964 60 mins

A rape victim feigns a memory blackout: she fears that the truth will cause a rift with her fiancé. Casey: Vince Edwards. Maggie: Bettye Ackerman. McKay: James Callahan. Bovers: Paul Lambert.

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Episode 23

The Bark of a Three-Headed Hound

Wed, Feb 12, 1964 60 mins

Two men confined to the same hospital room---and in love with the same woman---make a wager on who will survive. Hansen: Bradford Dillman. Stone: Jeffrey Morris. Casey: Vince Edwards. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Elaine: Sally Kellerman.

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Episode 24

The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Wed, Feb 19, 1964 60 mins

Robert Culp plays a veteran who refuses to take an anesthetic for the removal of a bullet lodged in his leg. Casey: Vince Edwards. Li: Pilar Seurat. Jonathan: Richard Evans. Taylor: Milton Selzer.

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Episode 25

A Falcon's Eye, a Lion's Heart, a Girl's Hand

Wed, Feb 26, 1964 60 mins

Casey is summoned before the hospital board of inquiry for permitting an unlicensed doctor to perform surgery during an emergency. Halloran: Harry Guardino. Janiss: Tom Troupe. Bolton: Edmon Ryan. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Jensen: John Zaremba.

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Episode 26

The Lonely Ones

Wed, Mar 4, 1964 60 mins

Casey helps a lonely nursery-school teacher battle her alcoholic habit. Julie: Jill Ireland. Suzie: Cherylene Lee. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Claire: Betsy Jones-Moreland. Nurse Wills: Jeanne Bates.

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Episode 27

Keep Out of Reach of Adults

Wed, Mar 11, 1964 60 mins

A spiritualist believes he can treat his wife's headaches with "natural forces," although medical tests indicate a brain tumor. Gwen: Geraldine Brooks. Casey: Vince Edwards. Taylor: Ward Wood. Maggie: Bettye Ackerman.

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Episode 28

Dress My Doll Pretty

Wed, Mar 18, 1964 60 mins

An 11-year-old, hospitalized with a serious head injury, urges her hysterical mother to allow Casey to operate. Gloria: Sheree North. Kenneth: Mike Kellin. Emily: Betsy Hale. Barringer: Jesse White. Maggie: Bettye Ackerman. Zorba: Sam Jaffe.

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Episode 29

Onions and Mustard Seed Will Make Her Weep

Wed, Mar 25, 1964 60 mins

Guilt and sympathy bind Casey to the young widow of a writer for whose death he feels responsible. Zorba: Sam Jaffe.

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Episode 30

Make Me the First American

Wed, Apr 1, 1964 60 mins

A stoic Indian with a painful terminal ailment becomes a symbol of courage to a young man resisting lifesaving surgery. Whistler: Frank de Kova. Sean: Burt Brinckerhoff. Daniel: Mario Alcalde. Casey: Vince Edwards. Hoffman: Harry Landers.

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Episode 31

Heap Logs and Let Blaze Laugh Out

Wed, Apr 8, 1964 60 mins

A businesswoman suffering from a terminal illness commits all of her company's resources to the search for a cure. Casey: Vince Edwards. Bullard: Charles Robinson. Laura: Gail Kobe. Geray: Strother Martin.

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Episode 32

For a Just Man Falleth Seven Times

Wed, Apr 15, 1964 60 mins

Lew Ayres plays a doomed man estranged from his family, who flees the hospital for a final fling. Casey: Vince Edwards. Dierdre: Lee Grant. Ellen: Sharon Farrell. Elizabeth: Virginia Gregg. Ferguson: John Lodge.

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Episode 33

The Evidence of Things Not Seen

Wed, Apr 22, 1964 60 mins

A critically ill priest who has begun to doubt his own faith---tries to help a girl who defied her father to marry an atheist. Marie: Katharine Ross. Casey: Vince Edwards. Harry: Joby Baker. Costeau: Ben Wright. Zorba: Sam Jaffe.

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