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Ben Casey Season 4 Episodes

31 Episodes 1964 - 1965

Episode 1

August Is the Month Before Christmas

Mon, Sep 14, 1964 60 mins

Lelia Farr becomes strangely evasive about her son's medical history after an injury reveals that his blood won't clot normally. Jane: Stella Stevens. Casey: Vince Edwards. Flora: Jessica Walter. Albert: Ted Bessell.

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Episode 2

A Bird in the Solitude Singing

Mon, Sep 21, 1964 60 mins

Anne Francis portrays an accident victim who is brilliant but cynical, and habitually drunk because of a facial birthmark. Jane: Stella Stevens. Casey: Vince Edwards. Eddie: Buck Taylor. Maggie: Bettye Ackerman.

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Episode 3

But Who Shall Beat the Drums?

Mon, Sep 28, 1964 60 mins

After years of study, a graduate student is determined to prevent a critical illness from postponing his doctoral exams. Dr. Emil Vrolic: Eduard Franz. Casey: Vince Edwards. Laurie: Susan Bay. Hancock: John Anderson. Jane: Stella Stevens. Zorba: Sam Jaffe.

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Episode 4

Autumn Without Red Leaves

Mon, Oct 5, 1964 60 mins

An artist recovers from a mild stroke in every respect but one: he's left colorblind. Susan: Collin Wilcox. Casey: Vince Edwards. Jane: Stella Stevens. Rogers: Ben Piazza. Hoffman: Harry Landers.

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Episode 5

You Fish or You Cut Bait

Mon, Oct 12, 1964 60 mins

Jane Hancock's increasing influence on Casey and Dr. Rogers begins to create problems for both physicians. Jane: Stella Stevens. Rogers: Ben Piazza. Kate: Virginia Eiler. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Hancock: John Anderson.

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Episode 6

For Jimmy, the Best of Everything

Mon, Oct 19, 1964 60 mins

Jimmy Reynolds is an ambitious doctor with a chip on his shoulder and an unusual patient on his hands: a closemouthed victim of a brawl who has several perplexing symptoms. Anita: Lee Grant. Casey: Vince Edwards. Morris: Malachi Throne. Callahan: Steven Marlo. Davis: Hari Rhodes.

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Episode 7

A Man, a Maid and a Marionnette

Mon, Oct 19, 1964 60 mins

Casey wades through a bewildering assortment of imagined ailments to find a young hypochondriac's real source of trouble. Jerry: Tim McIntire. Dawson: Van Johnson. Helen: Marsha Hunt. Amy: Indus Arthur. Nick: Nick Dennis.

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Episode 8

A Woods Full of Question Marks

Mon, Oct 26, 1964 60 mins

This critically praised drama about the problems of deaf children focuses on an ll-year-old who is unable to communicate. Hutsinger: Dane Clark. Casey: Vince Edwards. Mrs. Nicholson: Ellen Corby. Emily: Nancy Rennick. Zorba: Sam Jaffe.

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Episode 9

A Thousand Words Are Mute

Mon, Nov 9, 1964 60 mins

Pippa Scott portrays a 28-year-old professor whose struggle to recover from a stroke is hampered by her doting colleagues and her feeling of helplessness. Peters: Robert Sampson. West: Tyler McVey. Casey: Vince Edwards. Mrs. West: Harriet McGriffin. Dr. Wagner: Elizabeth Fraser.

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Episode 10

Money, a Horse and Knowledge of Latin

Mon, Nov 16, 1964 60 mins

Adulation turns to scorn when Hoffman works with Dr. Arnold Swanson, a popular author who traded his scalpel for a pen. Hoffman: Harry Landers. Casey: Vince Edwards. Zorba: Sam Jaffe.

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Episode 11

A Disease of the Heart Called Love

Mon, Nov 23, 1964 60 mins

Shelley Winters as a middle-aged divorcée whose dull life changes abruptly when she learns she's pregnant---and seriously ill. Stevens: Milt Kamen. Casey: Vince Edwards. Ferrara: Harry Davis.

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Episode 12

Kill the Dream, but Spare the Dreamer

Mon, Nov 30, 1964 60 mins

At a veterans' hospital, Casey clashes with a neurosurgeon who devotes more time to his patients' morale than to surgery. Greene: Darren McGavin. Helen: Peggy McCay. Appleton: Allan Melvin. Fuller: John Harding.

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Episode 13

Courage at 3 A.M.

Mon, Dec 7, 1964 60 mins

A young biochemist, unable to withstand the pain of cancer, begs Casey to perform a dangerous pain-killing operation. Casey: Vince Edwards. Dryfus: Booth Colman. Axelson: Lloyd Gough. Turner: Whit Bissell. Hoffman: Harry Landers.

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Episode 14

This Wild, Wild, Wild Waltzing World

Mon, Dec 14, 1964 60 mins

A disabled woman saved from suicide is pulled from despair and self-pity by a lonely puppeteer (Robert Loggia). Casey: Vince Edwards. Laura: Carol Seflinger.

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Episode 15

A Boy Is Standing Outside the Door

Mon, Jan 4, 1965 60 mins

A teenage cerebral-palsy victim is pushed toward the breaking point by his family's conflicting attitudes toward his illness. Mrs. Crain: Elsa Lanchester. Irene: Maureen O'Sullivan. Casey: Vince Edwards.

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Episode 16

Where Does Boomerang Go

Mon, Jan 11, 1965 60 mins

George Hamilton as an expatriate Australian veterinarian with a penchant for telling tall tales and doling out gratuitous medical advice. Casey: Vince Edwards. Luke: Bob Random. Berger: Norman Fell.

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Episode 17

Pas de Deux

Mon, Jan 18, 1965 60 mins

Casey risks an international incident when he spirits a Russian ballerina away from her troupe. Tina: Susan Oliver. Brewer: Harvey Lembeck. Dimitri: Alfred Ryder. Scott: Dan Tobin.

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Episode 18

Every Other Minute It's the End of the World

Mon, Jan 25, 1965 60 mins

Years of neglecting her insulin shots may cost a diabetic her eyesight unless she consents to a dangerous operation that has never been tried on a human. Casey: Vince Edwards. Mueller: Francis Lederer. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Kline: Dennis Robertson.

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Episode 19

A Rambling Discourse on Egyptian Water Clocks

Mon, Feb 1, 1965 60 mins

Casey's patient is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge about almost everything---except what's wrong with his marriage. Ellen: Barbara Barrie. Casey: Vince Edwards. Tom: Walter Koenig.

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Episode 20

When I Am Grown to Man's Estate

Mon, Feb 8, 1965 60 mins

A perplexed Casey treats a calculating 11-year-old who toys dangerously with self-induced epileptic seizures. Dwight: Roddy McDowall. Colin: Donald Losby. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Mrs. McMasters: Madeleine Sherwood.

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Episode 21

A Dipperful of Water From a Poisoned Well

Mon, Mar 1, 1965 60 mins

Casey's patient is a rugged warehouseman who has worked himself to exhaustion in a vain attempt to buy his selfish family's love. Boone: Hans Conried. Mrs. Boone: Viveca Lindfors. Carla: Joanna Frank. Casey: Vince Edwards. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Sean: Mark Sturges.

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Episode 22

A Little Fun to Match the Sorrow

Mon, Mar 8, 1965 60 mins

Casey takes a dim view of a new resident physician (Jerry Lewis), an irrepressible clown preparing to enter neurosurgery. Casey: Vince Edwards. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Karen: Dianne Foster. Sullivan: James Best. Maggie: Bettye Ackerman. Hoffman: Harry Landers.

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Episode 23

Minus That Old Rusty Hacksaw

Mon, Mar 15, 1965 60 mins

Feeling obliged to his parents, a neurosurgeon considers abandoning his specialty for a lucrative general practice. Victoria: Gloria Swanson. Charlie: Joe De Santis. Casey: Vince Edwards.

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Episode 24

Eulogy in Four Flats

Mon, Mar 22, 1965 60 mins

Casey makes a house call on a stubborn recluse who enjoys being pampered by his neighbors. Baker: Lee Tracy. Casey: Vince Edwards. Monte: Tom Drake. Ellen: Donna Anderson.

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Episode 25

Three Li'l Lambs

Mon, Mar 29, 1965 60 mins

Casey must tailor his approach to the individual problems of each of three neurosurgeons placed in his charge. Reid: Nick Adams. Claire: Marlo Thomas. Troy: Norman Alden. Clarke: Carroll O'Connor. Shaeffer: William Arvin. Tina: Kathy Kersh.

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Episode 26

A Slave Is on the Throne

Mon, Apr 12, 1965 60 mins

Jack Klugman as a surgeon who tries to cover up a personal problem by showering affection on both his wife and his mistress. Jeanne: Pippa Scott. Casey: Vince Edwards. Hoffman: Harry Landers. Felice: Nancy Berg.

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Episode 27

Journeys End in Lovers Meeting

Mon, Apr 19, 1965 60 mins

Red Buttons is cast as a teacher haunted by the premonition that his wife's intense headaches portend her death. Casey: Vince Edwards. Julie: Antoinette Bower. Maggie: Bettye Ackerman.

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Episode 28

The Day They Stole County General

Mon, Apr 26, 1965 60 mins

In this tale, a grateful con man decides to furnish an office for Casey---with equipment filched from the hospital. Penny: Sharon Farrell. Casey: Vince Edwards. Nick: Nick Dennis.

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Episode 29

Did Your Mother Come From Ireland Ben Casey?

Mon, May 3, 1965 60 mins

Casey's latest patient is a leprechaun---or so Timothy MacMurrough claims. Casey: Vince Edwards. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Nurse Wills: Jeanne Bates.

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Episode 30

From Sutter's Crick and Beyond Farewell

Mon, May 10, 1965 60 mins

An aging charlatan is the only person who can reach a little orphan who has withdrawn into a world of silence. Danny: John Megna. Casey: Vince Edwards. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Gregg: Ted Gehrig.

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Episode 31

A Horse Named Stravinsky

Mon, May 17, 1965 60 mins

Casey probes the gray area between medicine and psychiatry while helping Dr. Joe Taylor, whose wife suffers from seizures. Taylor: Percy Rodrigues. Danielle: Eartha Kitt. Zorba: Sam Jaffe. Potofsky: Everett Sloane.

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