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YOU Season 3 on Netflix: Trailer, Casting, Premiere Date, and Everything Else to Know

Joe and Quinn's marriage has already hit the rocks

Amanda Bell
Penn Badgley, YOU

Penn Badgley, YOU


The creepy adventures Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) will continue in YOUSeason 3, which is set to premiere next month. Joe is married, for better or worse, to his Season 2 obsession Love (Victoria Pedretti) and the couple is trying to start over in an idyllic suburban town, but with these two psychopaths on the loose, it is unlikely the town will stay sleepy and pleasant. 

Following the shocking events of YOU Season 2's finale, which saw Joe Goldberg setting his sights on his new neighbor just after it seemed he'd found his true match, Joe's very existence is about to change. But will the slightly reformed cyberstalker fall back into his deadly old habits? Let's take a look at everything we know about YOU Season 3 so far.

Latest News

It's time for Joe and Quinn to go to couple's therapy in the bloody trailer for YOU Season 3. Netflix released the gory clip on Friday, Sept. 17 which showed Joe and Quinn's body count rising as Quinn inevitably discovers that Joe has been back on his stalker game. We also get a real glimpse at Madre Linda, the new neighborhood that Joe and Quinn have settled into with their newborn son, Henry, and all of the people who have unknowingly just entered the toxic couple's spiderweb. 

Premiere Date

YOU Season 3 will officially be released on Friday, Oct. 15 on Netflix. 

Production on Season 3 began in November 2020. Netflix made the announcement with a cheeky warning that everyone should stay at least six feet away from Joe Goldberg under any circumstances. 

It will be 10 episodes long. The new season, like each of the first two, will consist of 10 episodes.


Scott Speedman is joining the fun. Per Deadline, Felicity alum Scott Speedman is joining the twisted story in Season 3. He'll play Matthew, "a successful CEO, husband, and uncommunicative father. He's reserved, at times mysterious, and has a tendency to be withdrawn, all of which masks a deep well of emotion underneath." Perhaps he'll be related to Joe's new mystery neighbor? Speedman joins Travis Van Winkle and Shalita Grant as new Season 3 series regulars. 

So is Tati Gabrielle. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's Tati Gabrielle will join Season 3 as a regular, playing Marienne, a "smart, no-nonsense librarian who doesn't let much get by her" as she keeps a close eye on the neighborhood. Underneath it all, Marienne is hiding personal struggles as she tries to create a better life for herself and her child.

Another new addition is Scott Michael Foster. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend alum Scott Michael Foster will play Ryan, a local television reporter, who is popular in the local community, according to Entertainment Weekly. His character is also a single father who battled addiction, but he still has secrets. His "controlling, calculating demeanor" makes it sound like Ryan and Joe Goldberg have some things in common. 

At least three stars are coming back. Once again, Badgley will be back as Joe Goldberg, and the streaming service has also confirmed that Victoria Pedretti will reprise her role as Love Quinn. This news probably won't surprise fans who've made it through Season 2. In the finale, Joe learned that Love was more like him than he thought -- a dynamic that's sure to be explored more in Season 3 -- and the two settled into a new home for a more tranquil (and, hopefully, murder-free) life together with a baby girl on the way.

Saffron Burrows will also return as Love's mother, Dottie. Interestingly, Burrows is joining the season as a series regular, so it sounds like Dottie is going to play a pretty big role in the upcoming ten episodes.

Michaela McManus has been cast as the mystery neighbor Joe was spying on at the end of Season 2, whose name is Natalie. Though she's married to a successful and powerful man, Natalie sees through the shallow society surrounds her, and leads a secret life that Joe will be working hard to learn more about.


The pandemic will make it into the storyline. Whether or not the show's premiere date is affected by the coronavirus shutdowns, co-executive producer Greg Berlanti has revealed that the new season will address COVID-19 somehow. He told The Hollywood Reporter, "You're in a pact with your audience where you have to deal with real-life sh--." While Berlanti admitted that there is an "escapist element" to the series, the challenge for the creatives of the show is to "find our own narrative way to deal with what the world is dealing with and for the audience to find some sense of connection in that."

The behind-the-scenes team will return, too. Both Berlanti and co-creator Sera Gamble will be back to oversee the new season, and Gamble will continue to serve as showrunner.

The new neighbor is going to play a role. Although details about the plot of YOU Season 3 have not been revealed, Netflix has hinted that the season will address the most burning question after Season 2: the identity of the new woman Joe was eyeing across the fence in the final sequence. In a tweet accompanying the announcement of Season 3, the show's official social media channel teased, "See you soon, neighbor." 

There are a whole lot of other new faces joining the cast. YOU's universe is expanding with a group of new characters in Season 3. Shannon Chan-Kent Christopher O'Shea, Christopher Sean, Bryan Safi, Mackenzie Astin, Ayelet Zurer, Ben Mehl, and Jack Fisher are all set to appear as recurring guest stars.

A third book may or may not factor in. YOU's first season, which originally debuted on Lifetime, was based on Caroline Kepnes' 2014 book of the same name, while YOU Season 2 was based on her 2016 sequel, Hidden Bodies. Kepnes is currently working on the third novel in the series, and the author has confirmed that she's "almost done" writing the story. It remains to be seen whether or not Kepnes' new book will serve as the backbone for Season 3, but at least in the literary version of events, Kepnes has said we'll see Joe hit the library more in the next leg of the story.

There may be even more YOU ahead. Kepnes is writing a fourth book in the series and Gamble has indicated that there may be plenty of story left in this series. As Gamble told The Hollywood Reporter, "We have a lot of stories still to tell. I am not scared at all of saying that we definitely could follow Joe for several more seasons."

YOU Seasons 1 and 2 are now available to stream on Netflix.

Victoria Pedretti and Penn Badgley, YOU

Victoria Pedretti and Penn Badgley, YOU

Beth Dubber/Netflix