Tyra Banks Tyra Banks

Almost everything Tyra Banks says is nonsense, but she really outdid herself on Thursday's episode of Good Morning America. Sitting down with Robin Roberts, Banks immediately started spouting off about her upcoming young-adult novel Modelland, which sounds exactly what you'd get if you crossed Harry Potter with America's Next Top Model. Within 30 seconds, she was using the made-up word "Intoxibellas" and describing the single, giant golden eyebrow she was wearing as a "smize" (which is Banks' made-up portmanteau that means "smiling with your eyes"). Maybe a smize is what you use to smize in Modelland? It's one of those noun-verbs (like "iron" or "Swiffer"). At least Banks' nonsense is versatile!

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Also discussed is her stint at Harvard Business School, for which she claims she was forced by those in charge at the university to live in the dorms (an extremely unscientific Twitter survey suggests that she is lying about this). She talks about the upcoming all-stars cycle of ANTM, which she says will prepare her alumni not for modeling but celebrity in general. Finally, and most ridiculously, she talks about wanting to be the new Walt Disney and openly envisions a theme park inspired by the Modelland book trilogy. Quick! Freeze her cryogenically before she can say anything else!

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Watch the nonsense unfold below: