America's Next Top Model America's Next Top Model

Dag, Tyra, make up your mind. Are you against bullying or not? Earlier this season, er, cycle, La Banks tackled the headline-dwelling issue of bullying by having her mini-minions photographed with words that hurt painted all over their bodies. Whether or not the concept was hypocritical (after all, this show is all about being judged), props must go to ANTM for at least trying to be part of the solution.

Then last night they kind of blew it all to hell. By recruiting a gaggle of professional models to dish out backstage abuse to the remaining contestants during a Zac Posen show, Top Model stooped to just the sort of mean-girl antics that Miss Jay actually told the pros to unleash on the newbies.  Did they really need to be insulted, shut down and psyched out like that, right before hitting the catwalk? Sure the challenge was meant to help the ladies develop thicker skin, but we're pretty sure being constantly called "dreckitude" by Andre Leon Talley in his ridiculous duvet-cover cape coats is character-building enough. What we're not sure about is what Top Model is trying to say. Shouldn't everyone be treated with respect and kindness? Or is it OK to bully someone who has great cheekbones and a shot at the cover of Italian Vogue?

What did you think of this nasty little twist?  

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