Brittani Brittani

A confrontation on Wednesday night's episode of America's Next Top Model sent one hopeful into what she characterized as a "panic attack." All cycle, nerves have been frazzling (two of the contestants separately used the word "breakdown" to describe their emotional state on last week's episode), but we hadn't seen anything like this before.

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It started when Brittani was asked about comments she'd made about the perpetually difficult and brow-furrowed Alexandria during this week's photo shoot (11:26 in the first video below). When the judges took Brittani to task for expressing her opinion of a "co-worker," Brittani became flustered, fled the judging room (an ANTM first!), collapsed into a child's pose, drank from a giant jar and sobbed unlike any other contestant in ANTM's history. A gasping Britani eventually rejoined the panel to face more wagging fingers.

In the process, we learned a couple things. First, when panel deliberations cut to more backstage bickering between Brittani and Alexandria (2:32 in the second video), we were introduced to the dingy conditions the women are held in. It looked like the nurse's office of a school that had been ravaged by zombies; RuPaul's Drag Race's Interior Illusions lounge it ain't. Second — another first! — we actually saw the voting process (with everyone on the panel except for Tyra Banks pushing for Brittani to stay.)

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When Brittani at last received her photograph, she was further admonished by Tyra: "I have a serious issue with how these judges voted, but let me tell you something about America's Next Top Model. I vote last. It doesn't rest on me. So if it was just a monarchy ... you would be going home."

But if Tyra votes last and often is the deciding vote, then it does rest on her! Leave it to Tyra to see an emotional breakdown and respond with a breakdown in logic.

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