Jenny McCarthy wasn't kidding around when she told TV Guide earlier this year that the clues on The Masked Singer were going to be harder than ever; indeed, even with glaring neon signs that Miss Monster was R&B diva Chaka Khan, the judges' council could not find the tractor in the haystack. They had one job! Must be nice.

Figuring out the identity of this week's performers, which include Frog, Mouse, Kitty and Taco, may not be much easier. In this exclusive clip of tonight's episode shared with TV Guide, Taco faced the judges and reveals a clue that's a big giveaway: he said he was a class clown in school. Taco has only been in one episode so far, but the best theories about his identity as of now are Tim Allen, Tom Bergeron and Bob Saget because of allusions to Toy Story and Last Man Standing (Allen) as well as VHS tapes and dad jokes (Bergeron and Saget, both AFV hosts.)

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Now, if you look closely at that "run" Taco attempts when guest judge Gabriel Iglesias said he wanted a bite (:05), those do look like the graceful moments of a man well-acquainted with dancing like DWTS host Bergeron. But a quick firing up of the old Google machine turns up plenty of instances where Allen has called himself a class clown, and since Allen is in the Fox family on Last Man Standing it's most likely that of the all aforementioned theories, Allen is the snack inside that hard shell. Case closed!

We're dying to know who it is, but we imagine if we call up Tim Allen now, he'd just say it's "nacho business."

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