Tim Allen

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Timothy Alan Dick
  • Birth Place: Denver, Colorado, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Comedian, Author
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Wed Oct 17 2:00pm
Home ImprovementBewitched(Season 8, Episode 6) CMT

When Wilson disappears, Tim suspects the woman he advised Wilson to dump---who claims to be a witch. Roberts: Richard Riehle. MacIntire: David Starzyk. Wilson: Earl Hindman. Jill: Patricia Richardson. Al: Richard Karn.

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Wed Oct 17 2:30pm
Home ImprovementNot-So-Great Scott(Season 8, Episode 7) CMT

Jill's new therapy patient confides an affair with a married man---Heidi's husband. Heidi: Debbe Dunning. Wendy: Hillary Danner. Scott: Mark Dobies. Marcy: Channing Chase. Jill: Patricia Richardson. Tim: Tim Allen.

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Wed Oct 17 3:00pm
Home ImprovementTim's First Car(Season 8, Episode 8) CMT

Tim wants to buy and restore his first car, which he finds at a junkyard. Meanwhile, Mark films Brad's video résumé for college. Larry: Dennis Burkley. Brad: Zachery Ty Bryan. Mark: Taran Smith. Tim: Tim Allen.

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Wed Oct 17 3:30pm
Home ImprovementMr. Likable(Season 8, Episode 9) CMT

To capitalize on his popularity, Al hires a manager---who gets him an acting role with Morgan Fairchild. Roy: Bobby Slayton. Erica: Courtnee Draper. Director: Ron Fassler. Al: Richard Karn. Mark: Taran Smith.

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Wed Oct 17 4:00pm
Home ImprovementThanks, but No Thanks(Season 8, Episode 10) CMT

Tim offers to house his separated brother (William O'Leary) and his two kids (Ashley and Lindsey Trefger) without discussing it with Jill and the boys first. Benny: Jim Labriola. Harry: Blake Clark.

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Wed Oct 17 4:30pm
Last Man StandingThe Force(Season 6, Episode 16) CMT

Mike and Vanessa pressure Eve to apply to college, and the school she finally chooses puzzles them. Meanwhile, Kyle and Mandy try to preserve the memory of Ed's recently deceased dog by having the animal stuffed.

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Wed Oct 17 5:00pm
Last Man StandingPrivate Coach(Season 2, Episode 16) WGNA

Mike gets Eve a private soccer coach, whom all the Baxter women find handsome and charming.

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Wed Oct 17 5:00pm
Last Man StandingShadowboxing(Season 6, Episode 22) CMT

Season 6 finale: Mandy job shadows Mike and causes a dispute between Chuck and Joe, but her conflict-resolution skills differ from Mike's. Meanwhile, Kristen and Eve invite Vanessa to their kickboxing class so she can blow off some steam.

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Wed Oct 17 5:30pm
Last Man StandingThe Fight(Season 2, Episode 17) WGNA

Bill McKendree taunts Mike and his family at a baseball game, and Ryan impresses Mike with how he handles the situation. Elsewhere, Mandy is deprived of modern technology, so she resorts to using an old ham radio and makes some faraway friends.

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Wed Oct 17 6:00pm
Last Man StandingCollege Girl(Season 2, Episode 18) WGNA

In the second-season finale, Mandy gets into two colleges and selects a party school. Meanwhile, Kristin takes stock of her life and runs into an old coworker who's found success; and Eve's neighbor assists her with her junior ROTC contest.

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Wed Oct 17 6:30pm
Last Man StandingBack to School(Season 3, Episode 1) WGNA

In the third-season opener, Mike assists two loyal customers who need to gear up for their annual moose hunt. Meanwhile, Mike tries to convince Kristin and Ryan to transfer Boyd out of a bilingual school.

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Wed Oct 17 7:00pm
Last Man StandingCircle of Life(Season 2, Episode 6) WGNA

Mike brings home a duck he hunted, but Kristin objects to exposing Boyd to such violence. Boyd then refuses to eat meat, prompting Mike to help his grandson understand the circle of life.

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Wed Oct 17 7:30pm
Last Man StandingPutting a Hit on Christmas(Season 2, Episode 7) WGNA

Mike wants to give Vanessa a stress-free holiday without their daughters and grandson, so he tries to send the kids away for Christmas. Meanwhile, Ed goes turkey hunting and shoots a bald eagle by mistake.

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Wed Oct 17 8:00pm
Last Man StandingBullying(Season 2, Episode 8) WGNA

Eve gets suspended for calling a classmate a bad name, and Mike is shocked the school classifies this as bullying. Elsewhere, Ryan finds employment, and then he purchases a motorcycle, which disappoints Kristin.

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Wed Oct 17 8:30pm
Last Man StandingAttractive Architect(Season 2, Episode 9) WGNA

Mike informs Outdoor Man's longtime architect that he may lose his job to a youthful, pretty replacement. Meanwhile, Vanessa gets a promotion at work, but she worries that it was based on beauty and not merit.

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Wed Oct 17 9:00pm
Last Man StandingThe Help(Season 2, Episode 10) WGNA

The Baxters' hiring of a new housekeeper brings with it questions of immigration, which ultimately lead Ed to check the green-card status of employees at Outdoor Man. Meanwhile, Kristin comes up with a clever moneymaking plan.

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Wed Oct 17 9:30pm
Last Man StandingMike's Pole(Season 2, Episode 11) WGNA

Patriotic Mike hangs his prize U.S. flag in the yard, inspiring 14-year-old Eve to contemplate enlisting in a Junior ROTC program, which doesn't quite fly with her mother. Later, an encounter with a female soldier at a VFW leaves a mark on the aspiring you (more…)

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Wed Oct 17 10:00pm
Last Man StandingQuarterback Boyfriend(Season 2, Episode 12) WGNA

Mike gives a job to Mandy's new beau, the star quarterback at her school, and Mandy soon realizes he's not a star off the field when he displays a poor work ethic. Meanwhile, Kristin is confused about her relationship with Ryan.

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Wed Oct 17 10:30pm
Last Man StandingWhat's in a Name?(Season 2, Episode 13) WGNA

Mike discovers that Boyd's last name has been changed and is no longer Baxter. Meanwhile, the Baxter gals revive their old singing group and make a Valentine's Day music video, which they hope will go viral.

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Wed Oct 17 11:00pm
Last Man StandingBuffalo Bill Day(Season 2, Episode 14) WGNA

Outdoor Man celebrates Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show with a skit directed by Mike, featuring Ed and Eve in starring roles. Meanwhile, Mandy flirts with Kyle, who remains unaware of her interest in him.

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Wed Oct 17 11:30pm
Last Man StandingBreaking Curfew(Season 2, Episode 15) WGNA

Mike plays mind games with Mandy after he sees her sneaking into the house following a late night out with Kyle. Elsewhere, Kristin doesn't want her son to know that she's dating his dad again.

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Thu Oct 18 2:00pm
Home ImprovementPloys for Tots(Season 8, Episode 12) CMT

Neither her dad nor her Uncle Tim can resist Claire (Lindsey Trefger) when she throws a tantrum to get her way. Marty: William O'Leary. Ed: Dom Irrera. Jill: Patricia Richardson.

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Thu Oct 18 2:30pm
Home ImprovementChop Shop 'til You Drop(Season 8, Episode 13) CMT

A "Tool Time" salute to used cars helps Brad pick out his first vehicle, which is promptly stolen and stripped. Thelma: Kathryn Joosten. George: Mike Grief. Carl: Brent Hinkley. Al: Richard Karn. Brad: Zachery Ty Bryan.

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Thu Oct 18 3:00pm
Home ImprovementHome Alone(Season 8, Episode 14) CMT

Budding author Tim imagines appearing with Oprah Winfrey, Leeza Gibbons and Jay Leno as he procrastinates starting his book, for which the advance has already been spent. Nobu: Gedde Watanabe. Kenny: Thomas Bankowski. Tim: Tim Allen.

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  • Birth Name: Timothy Alan Dick
  • Birth Place: Denver, Colorado, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Comedian, Author