The most dramatic — no seriously — season of The Bachelorette has ended in an engagement!

Monday's finale began with Kaitlyn introducing her family to both Nick and Shawn. First up was Nick, who had to convince Kaitlyn's family that he was more than a guy returning for extra time in the spotlight. "She took me totally off guard that Nick is one of her final two," Kaitlyn's mom said. Kaitlyn soon explained that she didn't think she'd be so attracted to him, but that she and Nick can never keep their hands off of each other. (You think?) Nick certainly didn't have the easiest family meeting as Kaitlyn's mom immediately asked about his past, but he seemed to quell her fears by sharing - with tears rolling down his face! — how deeply he felt for her daughter.

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Shawn was up next, and Kaitlyn's family immediately warmed up to him, although her mom pressed him on his jealousy. To make things a tad more awkward, Kaitlyn's mom also brought up how she knows Shawn knows that Kaitlyn and Nick had sex, but he handled it well when he said, "I understand that we weren't in an exclusive relationship... and I'm so confident with what we have." Kaitlyn's sister, meanwhile, declared she was on Team Shawn and added, "You're already connected."

On their final one-on-one date, Nick and Kaitlyn shared time together on a boat - fully clothed though! - before a romantic night in. In his bedroom, he gave her a photo from their first solo date along with a poem of how he felt at that time. "When I look at Nick I know I'm in love," she said after.

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For Shawn's final date, he and Kaitlyn had a picnic but Kaitlyn seemed very quiet and conflicted, which jangled Shawn's nerves. "Now, after talking to her... I'm starting to get a pit in my stomach," Shawn admitted. That night, the tension eased up as the two joked about the season and pondered about their future. "Tonight is what we needed," Shawn later said before sharing his gift - a jar filled with things from all their dates!

On the morning of the engagement, both men met with Neil Lane and chose their respective rings. Nick's moment was a bit more awkward considering his history with Neil:

Although Nick made it to the final rose ceremony, he wasn't lucky his second time around. The moment was made worse when Kaitlyn stopped him moments before he was about to get down on one knee. "I hope you have no regrets and I hope it works out for you," he eventually said as Kaitlyn cried through the rejection. "I'm sorry," she finally said before she walked him out. Nick, fittingly, tossed the engagement ring in the limo:

That left Shawn as the final man standing. "You went from being this girl on TV my sisters thought I could be a good match with to being an incredible woman I can't live without," he said. "I fall more and more in love with you every time I see you... I love you so much, Kaitlyn." And the feelings were clearly mutual. "Truth is you light me up and you make me laugh and most importantly you allow me to be myself," she said. "I've made some mistakes. A lot of mistakes. And I have to be honest with you and tell you the truth... I never want you to question what you have ever again because I am completely yours. I love you with all of my heart."

With that, Shawn got down on one knee and she, of course, said, "Yes!"

(By the way, 47 percent of users voted that Kaitlyn should choose Shawn with 22 percent voting for Nick and a whopping 32 percent wanting neither men!)

At the "After the Final Rose" broadcast, it was a Bachelorette first where the final two men came face-to-face. "This isn't awkward at all," Chris Harrison joked. Shawn explained he felt "there was something off" about Nick and that they never clicked. Nick, who had just owned up to the fact that both men "weren't the best versions" of themselves at times on the show, admitted his frustration with not getting the time of day from Shawn. "I'm a human and wear my heart on my sleeve... but I was never jealous of anyone in particular," Shawn added. In the end, it was a pretty calm conversation between two men who despised each other throughout the season, and there was even a handshake to start! "I'm so upset that we both took away so much from our relationship with Kaitlyn... [because] there were so many good moments that weren't shown because they wanted to get this big feud between us, and it's disappointing," Shawn said, summing it up well.

What did you think of The Bachelorette finale? Check back for our video interview with the happy couple! For now, check out our hilarious video with Kaitlyn: