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The Bachelorette: Why Was Becca So Upset About Colton Dating Tia?

Are they still cool?

Liam Mathews

One of the dramatic twists in the second episode of The Bachelorette was that Colton, one of this season's two football players, confessed to Becca Kufrin that he briefly dated Tia Booth, another woman from Arie's season. They spent a weekend together in January before he was cast on the show (but perhaps when he decided to audition for the show).

Becca was more upset about this than you would expect. She seriously considered sending Colton home over it. She lost sleep thinking about it. But what's the big deal, right? It was one weekend, and it's not like Colton and Tia got particularly intimate, if Colton is telling the truth about being a virgin. Besides, Becca and Tia already dated the same guy at the same time. Becca even got engaged to him.

So that leads to the thought that maybe there's some bad blood between Becca and Tia. Maybe Becca was upset that this guy dated her bitter rival, on some "at least I never slept with Lumbergh" bitterness tip.

But Becca and Tia are good friends. They hang out in real life a lot.

Tia was there when Becca was announced as the Bachelorette on the season finale of The Bachelor. Unless they had a falling out in the two weeks or so between that night and when this episode was taped, they're good. They haven't posted anything together in a couple of months, but Becca's been busy. Tia did have beef with Bekah with a K, though.

The thing that's really bothering Becca about Colton dating Tia is the fact that Colton dated someone else from the show and then went on the show himself almost immediately after that, and that maybe he thought Tia was going to be the Bachelorette. He's not here for Becca because he'd rather be with Tia. But maybe Becca is thinking even more cynically than that, and maybe she's wondering if he's just here to date someone famous. He used to date Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman. It seems like he wants to be in a high-profile relationship, and Becca probably suspects that he's just here to build his brand.

Whatever it is, we'll get to the bottom of it when Tia makes an appearance next week.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.