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It's Tia vs. Bekah in This The Bachelor: The Women Tell All Sneak Peek

Bekah the sex kitten's claws are coming out

Liam Mathews

You know what they say: hurt people hurt people. And because Bekah was hurt by Tia during The Bachelor, she's striking back at Tia in this exclusive sneak preview of The Bachelor: The Women Tell All.

During their group date in Tuscany in Week 7, Tia undermined Bekah by going to Arie and telling him that she didn't think Bekah was taking the process seriously enough and wasn't ready for marriage, unlike her, who was already deeply in love with him. Arie sent Bekah home shortly thereafter. Arie had his own doubts about young Bekah, and hearing what Tia had to say seemed to give him the push he needed to decide to send her home.

So Bekah and Tia's reunion during the Women Tell All is understandably tense, and Tia has to defend her choice to throw Bekah under the bus.

"There were just some things that were said that made me concerned for Arie and for his heart in this whole thing," she tells Chris Harrison as Bekah nods her head sassily, like "can you believe this?"

Tia then turns to address Bekah directly, saying, "And when Jaqueline went home, you said, 'It makes me wonder if I'm here for the right thing."

Tia, The Bachelor: The Women Tell All

Tia, Seinne and Bekah, The Bachelor: The Women Tell All

Paul Hebert, ABC

"I didn't say that at all," retorts Bekah, accurately. "I said, 'I still have some doubts,'" which Tia concedes. "Clearly you didn't have any problem going for it right away after one day.

"And here's another thing you said," Bekah continued. "You talked about relationship experience. You have no idea about my relationship experience. I have fallen in love before with men who have treated me like a queen, and you yourself admitted that you've only fallen in love with a------s before. So maybe you're the one that's lacking in real relationship experience."

Whoa whoa whoa, potheads are supposed to be chill!

The Bachelor: The Women Tell All airs at a special time this Sunday, Feb. 25 at 8/7c on ABC. The Bachelor airs at its regular time Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.