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Here's Why Bachelor Nation Was So Unhappy With Nick Viall's Finale

Nick chose Vanessa, but that's not what the people wanted

Liam Mathews

The finale of Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor was Monday night (Mar. 13), and the two-time Bachelorette runner-up finally found his soulmate, in Canadian special education teacher Vanessa Grimaldi.

But instead of being happy for him, Bachelor fans on Twitter reacted with disappointment and hostility. The majority of people tweeting wanted him to have picked runner-up Raven Gates, who they thought was a better fit for Nick, and a nicer person than the more challenging Vanessa.

The critical tweets started while Nick was breaking up with Raven and continued through Nick and Vanessa's uncomfortable interview with Chris Harrison, where they looked unhappy together as the host grilled them about their relationship.

(Raven will be on Bachelor in Paradise this summer.)

It's hard to pinpoint exactly when Bachelor Nation turned on Vanessa. She was very popular early in the season, but as the season went on, people became less enthused about her. The turning point was probably the episode in Bimini where Vanessa complained about not getting the affirmation she needed from Nick because he was dating other women, which showed a lack of awareness about the show she's on. The show is literally about one guy dating a bunch of girls. And she didn't seem to ever understand it, as the complaints continued until the very end. During "After the Final Rose," she admitted that she didn't understand what she was getting into, and watching it back she saw how clueless she came off.

Still, it became clear pretty early on that Vanessa was going to win. That frontrunner status, combined with her somewhat demanding personality made the easygoing Raven seem even more likable. Nick and Raven seemed to have more fun together, and Raven took Nick's indecision and occasional callousness in stride in a way that Vanessa did not. Add in the fact that Rachel, not Raven, was chosen as the Bachelorette while the season was still airing, and there was a feeling among fans that Raven was not getting love she deserved.

But in the end, there was no Mesnick moment, and Nick got engaged to Vanessa. We'll see how their relationship goes. And we'll see Raven on Bachelor in Paradise this summer.