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The 8 Most Awkward Moments of Nick Viall's Bachelor Finale

The cringiest moments of the final episode and "After the Final Rose"

Liam Mathews

And just like that, another season of The Bachelor is on the books. As a plurality of TVGuide.com readers predicted, Nick Viall asked Vanessa Grimaldi, the 29-year-old teacher from Quebec who won America over with her brunette good looks and outspoken personality, to marry him, and she said yes, allowing Nick to avoid being embarrassed at the final rose for a third time.

Raven Gates, the 25-year-old boutique owner from Arkansas who had never had an orgasm until Nick took her to the fantasy suite, was the runner-up, tearfully getting dumped by Nick when he told her he has so much love for her, but he doesn't know if he's in love. It was sort of an odd finale, because a lot of work was done trying to make it seem like he was going to pick Raven, and he had a lot more fun with Raven. Things with Vanessa seem heavy all the time.

The question now is are Nick and Vanessa going to last? Are they more Sean and Catherine or Josh and Andi? It's tough to say! They talked a lot during "After the Final Rose" about how hard it's been and how they've fought a lot.

​Vanessa Grimaldi and Nick Viall, The Bachelor

Vanessa Grimaldi and Nick Viall, The Bachelor

Terhi Tuovinen, ABC

It kind of doesn't seem like they like each other very much. There are surely pleasant moments we haven't seen (in addition to the ones we have see), but Nick and Vanessa have disagreed almost every time we've seen them together, and it sounds like they don't get along great in private, either. Vanessa always seems to be mad at or disappointed in Nick. Of course, the biggest reason why he likes Vanessa seems to be that she has a big personality and is very direct with him about her feelings and is always willing to call him out. This could go either way for them as their relationship progresses. Her honesty could help them get through conflicts by confronting them head-on, but if they're unwilling to compromise -- which they might be -- those conflicts will be unsolvable. Like if she decides in the end she's not willing to move away from her family to be with Nick -- a totally fair decision -- that's going to be a dealbreaker. Nick's not moving to Canada. But if she wants to be a celebrity too, maybe they can figure it out.

Nick's career is going to come first. We don't know what's going to happen to Nick after Dancing with the Stars, but that will be his fifth time as a cast member on an ABC reality show. He's a television personality now, and he's never been disingenuous about his desire for fame. I think Nick always believed that he could get a meaningful relationship out of The Bachelor, but that was more of a bonus than a goal. It remains to be seen whether he can have it all.

And the things they were saying ("baby steps" toward planning a wedding doesn't bode well) and their body language don't inspire a lot of confidence.

Below are the last awkward moments of Nick Viall's stint as the Bachelor.

8. Nick's family and Raven made me sad
Nick's parents and siblings came out to Finland to meet the finalists -- Vanessa for the first time, and Raven again. Raven met Nick's parents and little sister Bella back toward the beginning of the season when the show went to Nick's hometown. So it was a little sad watching them all hang out with Raven. It was also sad because all they did was talk about the other two times Nick had has heart broken. Even Bella, who's like 11, was like "he's had so much heartbreak." Lighten up, guys. It's like you're trying to scare this girl away. Nick's poor family is so beaten down by this show. They need to go to Bach-Anon. I felt saddest for Bella, since Bella got to know and like Raven a little bit. Nick was like "you guys are best friends," but Nick's not choosing for Bella, so.

​Santa Claus, The Bachelor

Santa Claus, The Bachelor

Terhi Tuovinen, ABC

7. Santa Claus
Things took a very weird turn when Nick took Vanessa to meet Santa Claus. "Nice to meet you, I'm Nick," said Nick. Vanessa made the connection that Santa Claus means believing in something greater than yourself, but that's a stretch to get past the fact that two adults were hanging out in Santa's cabin with no children around. Also, this was filmed during the Christmas season, but it's March now.

6. Nick kissing Vanessa while she's sobbing
Their relationship started with him kissing her while she was puking, so why not?

5. The amount of time Nick spent talking about how he got his heart broken
It's been a thing all season, but if there was ever a time to stop looking backward and start looking forward, it was now. But Nick could not stop thinking about Andi and Kaitlyn (he never thinks about Jen, but that's fine). If you took a shot every time somebody made a reference to Nick getting his heart broken, Nick would have tried to kiss you because of the puke in your mouth.

​Nick Viall and Raven Gates, The Bachelor

Nick Viall and Raven Gates, The Bachelor

Terhi Tuovinen, ABC

4. Raven is Han Solo
"I'm going to miss you." "I know." (This is awkward for Nick, because he just eliminated a girl who's cooler than a polar bear's toenails.)

3. Raven isn't confident about Nick and Vanessa's chances
During "After the Final Rose," Chris Harrison asked if Raven thought Nick and Vanessa were going to get married, and Raven had a pretty spectacular non-answer. "I think that Nick and Vanessa are both passionate people," was the first line and gist of her answer. She said that she could hear church bells in their future, but she was just being nice. I'm surprised she didn't say "bless their hearts." She should run for office. She's already great at avoiding questions.

​Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi, The Bachelor

Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi, The Bachelor

Terhi Tuovinen, ABC

2. Nick and Vanessa's uncomfortable interview
First Vanessa solo and then Nick and Vanessa together sitting down with Chris Harrison just felt off. Like things weren't good. Chris Harrison's questions were kind of harsh, Nick and Vanessa seemed tense and uncomfortable, and they just kept talking about how hard it's been. It gave me a squirmy sensation.

1. The "historic" thing that Chris Harrison kept teasing would happen on After the Final Rose was... weird and dumb
"It's going to be the most dramatic and shocking moment in Bachelor history ever," Chris Harrison promised at the top of the show. At the end, he brought out the next Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay and told her "The Bachelorette starts right now." He was going to introduce her to some of the guys who'll be trying to win her heart. Stagehands wheeled out fake trees and a canvas backdrop of the driveway of Bachelor Mansion. Four guys came out. The first guy was really handsome, at least. And Eric from Baltimore is the early favorite. But the third guy said "I'm ready to go black, and I'm never going back." It was really disappointing and awkward. Rachel didn't know what to do. It felt like they were taking away a piece of Rachel's experience away from her. Why did they spoil her first night for her? Why do they keep spoiling stuff with Rachel? Are they going to make her meet these guys again? We're not going to remember these guys, so they're definitely going to have to reintroduce them to us, the viewers, in a few months.

Okay, guys, that's it. Out with a whimper, not with a bang. The Bachelorette starts filming this week. See you again in May.