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The Bachelor's Chris Harrison on Jade's Playboy Reveal: That Was Awkward

Plus: Who said I love you?

Robyn Ross

The Bachelor viewers have known about Jade's Playboy past for a while now, but for Chris Soules it was quite the shocking reveal during hometown dates.

On Monday's episode, Jade, Whitney, Kaitlyn and Becca each took Chris to their hometowns, where some introduced their families and others showed off their impressive careers. For the Nebraska native, it was time to finally tell Chris about her nude modeling past. But if it that wasn't a big enough bomb to drop, Jade proceeded to show Chris both pictures - and video - from her shoots. Despite Chris' overall positive and non-judgmental response, Jade was ultimately sent home.

The Bachelor's Chris Harrison: Britt blew it on the group date

Check out this week's interview with Chris Harrison to get his thoughts on how Jade and Chris handled the Playboy news and how Becca's virginity will take over as "the elephant in the room" during next week's fantasy suite dates. Plus: What did Harrison think about the two "I love yous" said?

Are you shocked that Chris sent Britt home?
Chris Harrison:
I wonder if Britt played the game out a little bit too far. Was this a ploy to get Chris to grovel and beg and take her back? She didn't realize she had pushed him too far and was disrespectful. Chris really doesn't take lightly to the way she acted and I think it backfired. I'm not saying she was completely fooling him and was trying to pull one over on him, but I think she thought deep-down she wasn't going to leave. I think he was shocked and disappointed and amazed at how quickly she fell. I don't think we've ever had a girl fall so far so fast on the show. She was No. 1 far and away and has always held a special place in his heart, and for him to just toss her away like that -- she really upset him. If it was a play, it was a tactical error for sure.

What do you think of Britt as the next Bachelorette?
Harrison: We definitely want to wait until "Women Tell All" and the finale [to make a decision], but Britt would give us a good Bachelorette. She's beautiful, she's articulate; it would be very emotional and the guys would be very happy. She's definitely a candidate for sure.

What about Carly?
Harrison: I love Carly. She almost wanted it too bad. The thing I love about Carly, but I see why she ends up as the best friend, is she's funny and deprecating. Carly got a little mean at Britt towards the end, but I get it, she's bitter towards the pretty girl and she admitted it. It's heartbreaking when you hear her, but a lot of women will empathize with it, which makes her relatable. She's so frickin' funny. I really love Megan too; she wasn't as relatable, but is so damn funny, whether intended or not.

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Becca had the first hometown date and her family immediately brought up her lack of experience. Do you see her and Chris working?
She's sweet, she's kind, she's easy to be around, so it's the kind of girl Chris really likes. She's a little bit like Whitney in that way. He likes the small town, simple, easy to get along with girls. If you notice, all the crazy drama and the over-the-top girls are gone. But Becca also comes off very young. She talks about never being in love before. Her family, I don't know if they meant to bury her, but saying you've never seen her with a man, she's never held hands before, she's not intimate, those have got to be red flags for Chris. He's a [33]-year-old man. The virgin thing aside, being with someone who hasn't been loved before and doesn't know what they're looking for is a scary proposition for someone who's going to find someone and take them back to Iowa. It's difficult and a tall order for her.

Whitney and Chris had a great hometown date. She managed to be cheeky with her fertility job, but without pulling a Shawntel.
Harrison: You can tell she's very involved in her job and she takes a lot of pride in it and he could see that. Obviously, she played it up with the "magic room," which was funny. As bad as the whole Kimberly talk went later, I don't think it was a bad moment. I respected how her sister handled it by saying, "My sister is not one of three or four. When she's the one, call me, and I'd be happy to give my permission. But until then, no." I like that; that's how I would be with my daughter.

Did Chris ask marriage permission for anyone else?
Harrison: He asked permission in other hometowns too and sometimes we show it and sometimes we don't. With that it was such a moment because he asked her and then Kimberly wasn't quite sure about her answer.

Next up was Kaitlyn. Do you really see a connection between them?
I don't see a connection between Chris and rhythm. He is the worst singer, dancer, rapper -- he's so horrible. But Kailtyn and he have had an interesting relationship since Day 1. He sees something in her and did from the first moment they hung out. She's the anti-Britt and I often see the Bachelors fall in love with different women who represent different things. Britt had that beauty and emotion, whereas Kaitlyn is just fun and he doesn't have to try or think around her. Chris isn't the "hey, look at me" guy, so he likes a girl who will be like that, and she's crazy for both of them and he loves that because it's crazy in a good way. They have a special bond and I don't think it's just kid-friendly stuff. He really adores her.

Like Whitney, she also said "I love you," using a billboard to do it!
I don't know if Kaitlyn ever said I love you; that was a billboard with a heart. I feel like that's cheating, so ill give it a half I love you. Whitney, I think, might've said it out of fear. I think she loves him, but I was worried she said it because she was worried about the damage her sister had done. She said in that interview, "I feel like now I need to tell him because of that," and maybe she's not lying by any means, but her hand felt forced into going ahead and admitting it.

Which brings us to Jade and her Playboy reveal.
I was surprised it took so long for to tell him. It's one of those things that when you have something to get off your chest and are waiting for the perfect time, well, there's never a perfect time. All of the sudden you're at hometown dates and no one has said anything, so now it seems like an even bigger deal. I loved his response and Chris handled it better than she did explaining it. You can tell it's something she's dealt with. It's not whether it's regretful, bad or good, that's for whoever to judge, but you can tell it weighs on her because it's probably affected relationships and I'm sure it's affected her family. To have this guy she likes, I know she was very leery of it. But when she took it a step further and said, "Do you want to look at the pictures?" That was awkward. I don't want to see naked pictures of a girl I just started dating with her sitting right next to me. How do you react to that?

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Are you surprised that, in the end, he kept Becca over Jade?
Harrison: No, he sees potential with Becca. If you notice, he and Jade didn't have much chemistry. It seemed almost forced; they don't seem to melt into each other's arms. Jade's the last one to go where he was forcing it.

Next week are the fantasy suite dates and Becca hasn't actually told him yet she's a virgin. Do you think he knows?
Look, he doesn't know now, but when he finds out, it's not a shock. If you can't see that coming, you're a fool. But she does tell him in the fantasy suite.

What else can you tease?
Harrison: The setting of Bali is just spectacular. It's a very pivotal date because there are so many questions out there. Is Kaitlyn's love real? For Becca it's not her being a virgin, but can she be the woman he needs? He's starting to worry about that. So it'll be interesting to see if they have that dynamic together and that was weighing very much on his mind. There's a lot of pressure on both of them, it's the elephant in the room, and that's all they're thinking about the entire date.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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