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The Bachelor's Chris Harrison: Britt Blew It on the Group Date

Can she redeem herself?

Robyn Ross

Britt's reign as the front-runner on this season of The Bachelormight be coming to an end.

On the first episode of a two-parter, the remaining women joined Chris in his home state of Iowa, where the group date ended in major dramatics. Coming off of her secret alone time with Chris last week, Britt was none too happy when Kaitlyn received the week's group date rose. And even though Britt called Chris out on it in front of everyone -- and later told the girls at home she was going to leave -- the episode ended before showing the rose ceremony and the results of Britt's temper tantrum.

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In Part 1 of our chat with host Chris Harrison, he offers his thoughts on Britt's blow-up, why he thought Whitney's hometown date featured the most genuine moment of the season, and why his Andi Dorfman interview during "Chris Tells All" was "brutal."

What did you think of all the interviews shown on "Chris Tells All"?
Chris Harrison:
The real interview was the Andi interview. It was heart-wrenching and brutal to sit there, and it was even harder to watch back. It was probably the toughest interview I've done. [Hopefully] people will see Andi as the person I fell in love with and got to know [because] it was the most heartfelt and genuine [interview]. She was madly in love with this guy and she's not OK right now. I asked her about the timing [of the breakup announcement] and she said that trip was a test. They were obviously having trouble, but they thought being back around everyone who was there when they fell in love would inspire them and remind them what was good. They went home and realized, "Why aren't we planning a wedding?" Chris and Des are on cloud nind and they weren't, so it pushed them off the bridge. A couple days after, they decided. I felt terrible, but I'm glad to know the timing.

On first episode of the two-parter, Whitney and Chris had an amazing date. I'm kind of surprised by how far along they are in their relationship.
There is no discernible reason why they should be so comfortable around each other, but they are. I don't know if it's because they just have chemistry, but whereas Britt and him can't keep their hands off of each other, they have this undeniable ease and friendliness. When his friends showed up, it was almost like she knew them too. She just seems to fit, and you'll see more of this in her hometown. One of the sweetest most genuine moments -- and I don't even mind giving it away -- is when Chris stops her to ask who he'd get permission from because she doesn't have a mom or dad. So he says, "If I get to that point who would I go to?" What a thoughtful, sweet man to think of it. It says a lot about him.

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The group date is where the drama went down. Are you surprised by Britt's actions? Harrison: At this point, group dates are done. No one wants to be on it. It's not even a group date anymore because it's three girls he has relationships with. It is uncomfortable. It's interesting because Britt knows what she signed up for, but did she really? I think she got into this and didn't realize how strong her feelings would be and how difficult to then see him give attention to whomever. Britt doesn't realize how almost rude she's being to Kailtyn when she said what she said on that group date. I know where it's coming from. There's no malice intended, but still it was a tough position to put Chris in [and] it was a awkward position to put the girls in. There's a time and a place, and Britt blew it. She really did.

Can she redeem herself?
I always feel like Britt will redeem herself. At the end of the day, she'll give him that look and kiss him and it's over. They have this combustible chemistry [where] everything seems to be OK and Chris is putty in her hands. So, heading into the rose ceremony, I fully thought she'd reconcile and fix it.

Will Britt make it to hometown week? The Bachelor continues on Monday at 8/7c on ABC and check back after the episode for Part 2 of our chat with Harrison.

Watch a sneak peek of the episode: