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The Bachelor Host on Kelsey's Exit: I've Never Seen a Celebration Like That!

Find out why you haven't seen the last of her!

Robyn Ross

This season, The Bachelor's two-on-one date was one for the books as both women women were left stranded in the badlands.

On Monday night, Kelsey "recovered" from her "panic attack" only to be given the feared two-on-one date alongside Ashley. But while both went into it confident they'd receive a rose, it wasn't long before Chris was forced to mediate between the two. Between Ashley's hysterics and Kelsey being called fake in the house, Chris made the decision viewers were hoping for and kicked both to the curb.

Was Kelsey's Bachelor panic attack real? Host on the widow's controversial tactics

Also in the episode, Becca had her first solo date with Chris, which ended with a rose. But will she reveal to him she's still a virgin? And will Britt's hot and heavy relationship with Chris soon implode? Below, host Chris Harrison spills on the dramatic episode and shares why you haven't seen the last of Kelsey just yet.

Last week, you weren't positive how Kelsey would be received. What do you think now?
Chris Harrison:
There are not a lot of sympathetic feelings toward Kelsey, and I think it's the way she carries herself and the way she speaks to people. It's such a condescending tone and arrogant manner. I know she's well educated, but the fact that she tries to show that all the time comes off cold. Even the panic attack seemed calculated. So, this episode didn't help anything. No matter what public opinion is, the girls had enough. They were done. Britt is the only one. Britt's playing a different game than everybody right now, so I don't think she minds much.

Samantha and Mackenzie ultimately got eliminated, which didn't seem to matter at all. Harrison: I think the big question of the rose ceremony is: Who was Samantha?

Becca and Chris had a great date, but he doesn't know she's a virgin. Will that come up? Harrison: Eventually it will come up, yes. She's a sweet, wonderful girl, but is she too much of a little girl for Chris? She's nervous around him, and it's all cute and adorable, but I don't know if a 30-year-old man is looking for that. So, they might be in different places right now. He really likes her, but it will come up.

The Bachelor's Chris Harrison: No one cares that Ashley is a virgin (except Ashley)

I loved the group date, but poor Chris isn't not a singer.
He has a horrible voice! For a dancer and singer, he makes for a very good farmer.

And of course Britt had to be good.
Harrison: Right? I don't think anyone saw that coming. I thought at least she'll suck at singing, but turns out she's gorgeous and can sing. Carly, you expected, and she was really good, but I didn't see that coming with Megan. Kaitlyn, let's face it, was the cop out which is totally what I would do. When I watched, I was like, "That's my girl." That's where I would've bailed too. I was even proud of Jade. That is a real fear: To sing on-camera and in front of everyone is horrifying.

Did you think it was unfair of Chris to sneak in time with Britt during the date and then later on?
It's not unfair because the whole thing is for this to work and it's working. But at the same time, I felt horrible for the girls because they're having a wonderful time, feeling good about themselves and it's not just anybody. It's Britt, a constant thorn in their side. As soon as someone thinks they're doing well, Britt comes back and takes over the entire show. But she's not doing anything wrong. It's what she's supposed to do. But I get it. And the fact that they disappeared for an hour to do the Big and Rich concert while the other girls were sitting there? It was this big balloon that popped right in front of them. I wonder if it had been, say, Whitney if they would've been as upset.

Which brings up to the intense (and awesome) two-on-one.
Harrison: We haven't had a two-on-one date in a couple of seasons because it needs to make sense. This season set itself up for it. Honestly, I thought because it's hard enough to say goodbye to one of them that he would bring back one. But I wasn't even sure who. When the date just disintegrated, he was done and couldn't have gone out of Badlands fast enough. When he sold out Ashley to Kelsey that was interesting. [She was] like a high school girl running around trapped in the Bachelor mansion.

The best part was when he told Kelsey he let Ashley go and she had this wry smile and. And he's like, "Well, I'm breaking up with you too." It was an unbelievable moment. I have to give it up to Ashley who said, "I get it -- you have a masters. I do too I just don't have to use the big words you do." I was like, "Good for you." I know we give Ashley a hard time, but I was impressed how she handled herself with Kelsey. I felt like Ashley was the girl who sacrificed herself for the team. But when she walked off and came back, I was like, "Make it stop."

The Bachelor: Where are they now?

Back at the house, the girls seemed upset at first that Ashley was given the boot.
Harrison: I don't think they were upset about Ashley -- they were upset that they thought it meant Kelsey was staying. There are little moments when the Bachelor or Bachelorette doesn't even know what's hanging in the balance back at home and that the decision they're making on a date has a ripple effect throughout the rest of the season. This was one of them. If Kelsey had come back, it absolutely would've caused issues. It was a tipping point which sends a message that he's serious about this as we are. I've never in the history of the show seen a celebration like that when someone left. They were popping corks, dancing. It was unbelievable!

Sundayis the first night of a two-parter. What can you tell us?
We sit down with Chris for the "Tell All," but we also talk to Kelsey, who's the most controversial figure this season by far. We get her take on everything, and it's like she went through a different experience than what we saw. She said, "I don't have a problem with these girls, I don't know why they would have one with me," and "I don't know where it went wrong, it was a misunderstanding." I guess it is denial, of what happened. I enjoy [interviewing someone] more [in this situation] than "Women Tell All" because I got her to myself and I can go a little deeper without the girls rolling their eyes like caged animals ready to attack.

What about the other episodes?
Harrison: We [start] with a rose ceremony. We're also in Des Moines, and he takes the girls home and they get to see Arlington, which is a big test and a big hurdle. Everyone says, "Oh, I'll go to a farm," but will you? When you see it will you actually go? So, this is a big step to see what they're talking about it.

And the promo also teases Jade's Playboy reveal and "Britt like you've never seen her before."
Harrison: Jade reveals her secret about the fact that she's done Playboy. With Britt, when you have an emotional relationship that's hot and heavy, it's going to explode in some way. The highs are high and the lows are super low. So, from here on out, it gets even more wild.

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